Fireworks, Celebration, and the Red, White and Blue

by Kenneth Semien Sr.

Calling All DKM First-Timers! 

We’re meeting in St. Louis for the 2018 DKM First-Timers Reunion!
The DKM First-Timers Committee is planning a blast of a time for all first-timers and our guests. This event will take place during the Wednesday, July 4th DKM First-Timers Reception. The highlight of the evening will feature the successes of DKM First-Timers, which coincides with this year’s theme, “Then and Now.” Begin making plans to be a part of this grand celebration. Witness the thunderous cheers as the roll call takes place, which begins with the one and only Durward K. McDaniel being acknowledged as our founding father and fearless leader. His legacy lives on through us.
With more than 40 DKM First-Timers being selected since the inception of the DKM First-Timers Program, we are definitely in a class of our own. Come out and meet us. You won’t regret it. Wear something red, white or blue, or red, white and blue too. We will gather for refreshments, introduction of the class of 2018, announce the winners of the gift card fundraiser drawing, and last but not least, we will honor 2018 DKM partners for contributing to and supporting the DKM First-Timers Program.
If you are an ACB member in good standing who is 18 or older, blind or visually impaired, and have never attended an ACB convention, we encourage you to apply to be considered for this great honor in 2018. Refer to the DKM article in the January issue of the Forum for all the details. If you have questions, send an email message to Kenneth Semien Sr., chair of the DKM committee, We hope you’ll meet us in St. Louis!