February 7, 2011, Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Publications

Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2011

The ACB Board of Publications met via teleconference on Monday, February 7, at approximately 9:10pm (EST). Members present were: Paul Edwards, Marcia Dresser, Judy Jackson, Jenine Stanley, and Ken Stewart. Ex Oficio members present were: Berl Colley and Bob Hachey; Absent: Ron Milliman and Larry Turnbull. ACB Staff/contractors present were: Sharon Lovering and Earlene Hughes.


Ken moved to approve the January minutes. The motion was seconded and approved.

Web Site Update:

Earlene Hughes reported on her work establishing the on-line dues function for the ACB web site. She asked the BOP to advise her as to where this application should appear on the current web site.

This membership form allows people to join as members at large, or as members of state or special interest affiliates but not join local chapters from the web site. The BOP had a number of questions about how such an application would hinder local chapters. Marcia will ask Ardis Basyn of the Membership Committee to attend the Mid Year BOP meeting to address questions about the process for this application.

The BOP advised Earlene to consult with Melanie Brunson regarding going forward with the deployment of the on-line application until after the Mid Year meeting.

Regarding the current site, Ken asked about an issue with archived editions of the Braille Forum. Earlene noted that the software used to zip the files, PK Zip, was causing some of the problems. Paul directed Sharon to find newer zipping software and use it in future.

Earlene reported that she has taken a web site accessibility course.

Drupal Report:

Earlene reported that though she has continued to add content to the test site, no work has been done on themes for the Drupal content processing software on the new web site since October, 2010. The theme used was changed but no further work has been done to set it up. Jenine will contact Mitch Pomerantz and Pratik Patel regarding this issue to express the BOP’s concern about the lack of progress in establishing the underlying infrastructure for the new web site.

Jenine will reconvene the BOP Web Site Task force to address style issues for documents such as the ACB Constitution and Bylaws.

Editor’s Report:

Sharon reported that all changes have been made to the large print cover and she is very pleased with the results.

The BOP discussed nominations of books for the Vernon Henley Media Award. All books must show a record of being published.

The ACB Board approved the BOP’s suggested Braille forum publication schedule of 10 issues, 9 at 32 large print pages and 1 of up to 48 large print pages.

Ken moved the 2011 publication schedule be as follows: January, February, March, April, May, June, July/August, September, October/November (Convention Issue) and December. The motion was seconded and adopted.

DAISY Report:

Earlene agreed to put DAISY versions of the 2010 and 2011 issues of the Braille forum on the current web site.

Berl reported that THE DAISY software training continues to take place and that recordings of the training will be made available.

ACB has purchased 2 copies of the DAISY conversion software. Ann Parsons will be converting 2009 and previous issues of the Braille Forum into DAISY format. Berl will be converting the board minutes.

New Idaho Affiliate:

There will be an organizing meeting in March. The meeting will be recorded and archived as a record for ACB and potential new members in Idaho.

Oral History Project:

Berl reported that interviews continue in the project with plans for a CD containing interviews with all living ACB presidents available at the conference and convention.

ACB Radio:

Paul reported that a management meeting was held in January. At the next management meeting time will be devoted to developing a marketing plan for ACB Radio including an ACB Radio Development Committee.

Social Networking:

Jenine reported that plans are underway to tweet from the Mid Year Presidents Meeting and Legislative Seminar with the tag, #midyr11, established to organize tweets.

Jenine noted that ACB is in desperate need of a Facebook page. She will be reconvening the Social Networking Committee to discuss this issue and possibly put up a basic page prior to the 50th Conference and Convention.

CCLVI Large Print Committee:

Ken reported that the large print standards will not be available until the national conference and convention.

Policy Manual:

Work continues on the Policy Manual. Sections should be completed prior to the Mid Year meeting. A decision on whether to have a short teleconference call on Monday, February 21 will be made based on completion of these sections.

Jenine agreed to write the section on the internet. Jenine and Ken offer to assist with sections on alternative formats.

Unfinished Business:

Ken stated concern that the BOP meeting was not mentioned in promotion of the Mid Year Presidents Meeting. Jenine agreed to write some promotional announcements for the Leadership List regarding this meeting and BOP presentations during the conference.

Jenine also agree to write a promo to the leadership list about the Hollis K. Liggett Award, urging affiliates to nominate their newsletters.


Ken asked about the possibility of listing term limits after board members names. Sharon will look into space considerations.

The BOP recommended that language on the front cover read that donations be sent to the Brooklyn Center MN office rather than the ACB treasurer by name. Sharon will consult with Melanie Brunson on this issue.

Pedestrian Handbook:

Paul noted that he has held a meeting with the ACB National staff and Barbara LeMoine will be working on this project in the area of formatting. The deadline for completion is May 1.

Mid Year Agenda:

We have asked Tom Mitchell to provide material detailing his rationale for changing the name of the Braille Forum. Marcia will check with him again for this material. The BOP will also hold an open discussion of the Candidates Page during the Mid Year meeting. All five members will take part in the presentation at the Presidents Meeting on Saturday, February 26 involving the future beyond cassettes.

Copyright Language:

Paul reported that the proposed copyright language Ken has questioned has been misplaced. Paul stated he would try to write something by the Mid Year meeting.

Next Meetings:

The BOP will meet if necessary regarding edits to the policy manual on Monday, February 21 at 9:00pm EST. The Bop will hold a regular open meeting during the ACB Mid Year Presidents Meeting on Friday, February 25 at 7:30pm EST.


Jenine moved to adjourn at approximately 12:05am EST. the motion was seconded and adopted.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jenine Stanley, Recording Secretary