February 2, 2003, Board Meeting Minutes

American Council of The Blind
Budget Committee Report (Continued)

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Gray at 7:00pm Central Standard Time via conference call on February 2, 2003.

As all Board members were present except the secretary, President Gray proceeded to review the Budget Notes from the previous meeting on January 16, 2003.

President Gray went through the budget notes relaying the results to the Board as of the January 16 meeting.

Budget Note 1: Withdrawn. Long distance phone call amount of $200 as funds allow.

Budget Note 2: Adopted. BOP will not be provided funding for transportation, meals and lodging for mid-year, however, the BOP members are eligible for expenses outlined in this Budget Note the to attend ACB national convention.

Budget Note 3: Withdrawn. Salaries for personnel adjusted to meet median salaries of other non-profits.

Budget Note 4: Withdrawn. Renewal of contract with Mr. Jonathan Mosen for one year.

Budget Note 5: Withdrawn. Renewal of contract with Ms. Earlene Hughes for one year.

Secretary Donna Seliger arrived at 7:15pm.

The secretary was asked to take roll call. All Officers and Directors were present as well as Mr. Charlie Crawford and Mr. Jim Olsen.

Budget Note 6: The chair of the ACB Convention Committee is authorized to expend up to $1,000 on travel beyond those expenses incurred during the annual convention.

Motion 1: Mr. Charlson moved the adoption of Budget Note 2003-6. The motion carried.

Budget Note 7: The Resource Development Committee chair is authorized to expend up to $1,000 to conduct research and/or meetings. President Gray announced that Mr. Jerry Annunzio has been appointed as the chair of the Resource Development Committee.

Motion 2: Mr. Charlson moved to adopt Budget Note 2003-7. The motion carried.

Budget Note 8: Withdrawn. Professional staff to attend mid-year meeting. President Gray would like to replace Budget Note 2003-8 with amending language.

Motion 3: Mr. Charlson moved to change the language of Budget Note 2003-8 to “The Board authorizes the editor of the Braille Forum, the membership coordinator and the executive director to attend the mid-year board meeting.” The motion carried.

Budget Note 9: Withdrawn. Expenditure of up to $2,000 to send professional staff to attend Josephine Taylor Institute and C-SUN.

Budget Note 10: Adopted. To expend $6,000 to retain services of Mr. Dodge Fielding.

Ms. M. J. Schmitt announced that she had word from the Washington Council of the Blind that they will contribute $25,000 to ACB. President Gray reported that the Hawaii affiliate had donated $5,000.

Budget Note 11: Withdrawn. Funding of affiliate loans.

Motion 4: Mr. Pomerantz moved to reconsider Budget Note 11. The motion carried.

Motion 5: Mr. Charlson moved to amend the $9,000 to $3,000. The motion carried.

Ms. Ruschival offered a friendly amendment of $5,000. The maker and seconder of the motion both agreed.

Budget Note 12: State affiliates shall be responsible for all expenses when inviting a Board member, BOP member or Staff to speak at conventions. President Gray stated he would like to withdraw the note and invoke an ad hoc committee consisting of a couple Board members along with some affiliate people to work on a long-term policy.

Motion 6: Mr. Charlson moved to refer Budget Note 2003-12 to an ad hoc committee to be appointed by the President and to hold its meeting during Mid-Year to come up with specific language for consideration by the ACB Board of Directors during its Mid-Year meeting. The motion carried.

President Gray suggested that perhaps the committee could also have a subsequent conference call and have a proposal ready for the Board to vote on via US Mail by the end of February. The motion carried.

Budget Note 13: withdrawn. To cover expenses for honorariums and others to speak at the Legislative Seminar.

Budget Note 14: Adopted. This note pertains to funding attendees to the Legislative Seminar.

After reading Budget Note 2003-14, President Gray commented that he would like a motion to reconsider the item.

Motion 7: Mr. Annunzio moved to reconsider budget note 2003-14. On a roll call vote, there were nine affirmative and six negative votes. Those voting for were: Mr. Annunzio, Mr. Beatty, Dr. Bradley, Ms. Keith, Mr. Miller, Ms. Ruschival, Ms. Schmitt, Ms. Seliger and Mr. Speicher. Those voting against were: Ms. Bazyn, Mr. Charlson, Ms. Christensen, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Pomerantz and Mr. Sheehan.

Motion 8: Mr. Miller moved that ACB assist people to the extent of $100 per affiliate to attend the Legislative Seminar. . The motion carried.

Motion 9: Mr. Pomerantz moved to amend Motion 8 to change the amount from $100 to $300. On a roll call vote, there were eight affirmative and six no. Those voting in the affirmative were: Ms. Bazyn, Dr. Bradley, Mr. Charlson, Ms. Christensen, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Pomerantz, Ms. Ruschival and Ms. Schmitt. Those voting no were: Mr. Annunzio, Mr. Beatty, Ms. Keith, Mr. Miller, Ms. Seliger, Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Speicher.

Mr. Speicher asked the maker of Motion 8 if he would accept a friendly amendment of honoring the contents of the e-mail message sent to the leadership list from Ms. Pacheco advising ACB would cover two nights’ hotel for one room per affiliate.

Motion 10: Mr. Edwards moved to amend Motion 8 again to reflect two nights lodging for one room per affiliate rather than a flat amount. The motion carried.

Motion 11: Ms. Seliger moved to cancel the banquet at the Legislative Seminar. The motion carried.

Motion 12: Mr. Speicher moved that the Executive Director be authorized to set a registration fee that will cover the expenses of the Legislative Seminar. The motion carried.

The Board determined it would attempt to meet on Friday, February 7, 2003, 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time to complete the review of the Budget Notes.

President Gray announced that California Canes wishes to sell their glow in the dark canes through the ACB logo store. The retail amount would be $30 per cane and we would pay $24 per cane.

Motion 13: Ms. Christensen moved that ACB proceed with an agreement between ACB and California Canes. The motion carried.

The meeting ended at 9:10pm Central Standard Time.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Seliger, Secretary