Easy Fund Raiser for Your Affiliate

Doesn’t that sound great? It doesn’t involve much time or effort, which is especially appealing to special-interest affiliates that do not meet frequently. What do you have to do? Sign up for the Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) program. Up to one-half of your monthly contribution can be designated for an affiliate of your choice. Those payments are then mailed quarterly to affiliates. Be sure to let the Minneapolis office know if the person who receives these funds has changed.
Monthly contributions of at least $10 can be deducted from a checking account or covered by a charge card. So there are no payments to mail or having to get someone to write a check. Be sure to inform ACB if your account information changes!
There are two ways to begin making monthly gifts: 1) Visit www.ACB.org, tab to the Donate Now button and then tab to the Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) Program, or 2) call or e-mail Lori Sarff at the ACB Minnesota office, phone (612) 332-3242, e-mail lsarff@acb.org. Either way, it’s easy to start giving or to increase a monthly contribution.
Volunteering at the MMS table during convention is another way you can help. We share information on the program there, and can fill out forms if someone on duty is able to do so. The MMS table is located next to the Mini Mall, so there is plenty of traffic. During quiet times you can browse the Mini Mall, too – I’ve picked up some things that way. Your help and support are greatly appreciated!
— Kathy Brockman