April 1, 2004, Board Meeting Minutes

American Council of the Blind
Board of Directors Meeting
April 1, 2004

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Gray at 8:40pm.

Mr. Charlie Hodge sat in for Mr. Mike Duke. Mr. Jim Olsen and Ms. Melanie Brunson were also on the call.

President Gray reviewed the evening’s agenda for the Board: Roll Call. Add Mr. Leonard DuBoff to the call and go into executive session. Resume open board meeting. Other items.

Roll call was taken by Secretary Donna Seliger. Mr. Annunzio was absent.

Motion 1: Dr. Bradley moved to adopt the agenda. On a voice vote, the motion carried.

At 8:45pm the ACB board of Directors went into executive session.

The open meeting resumed at 10:27pm Central Standard Time.

President Gray reported that during the executive session, we discussed in detail the use of the name www.braille-free-press.org and a variety of possibilities for ensuring that that name remains the property of the American Council of the Blind. We passed a motion expressing a hope of being able to settle the situation amicably as long as the settlement occurs in a timely manner.

Ms. Bazyn spoke about the scholarships. There are two small scholarships which may cost more for ACB in the long run to bring students to the convention to receive such scholarships. No decision was made.

Mr. Olsen stated a time-share in Cancun had been donated to ACB for its use one week a year. The only requirement is that ACB pay the maintenance fee of $550 a year.

Motion 2: Mr. Charlson moved that we accept the donation of the time-share and pay the annual fee of $550. The motion carried on a voice vote.

Mr. Trott reported that so far as he knew raffles are permitted in Alabama.

Motion 3: Mr. Charlson moved to place the subject of registration of names on the next agenda. The motion carried on a voice vote.

It was suggested that this Board might talk about what we might like to recommend for moving the convention forward.

Motion 4: Mr. Edwards moved that we hold at least two telephone conference calls between now and convention. On a voice vote the motion carried.

April 21st at 6:00pm PDT was chosen for the next meeting of the Board of Directors with a two-hour time limit.

Motion 5: Dr. Bradley moved to adjourn. The motion carried and the meeting ended at 11:15pm Central Standard Time.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Seliger, Secretary