2017 Walk Was Sparkling

Let the Sparks Fly on the First of July! That was the title of the lively song that on-site walkers woke up to before the actual 2017 ACB Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk. This song was written by Joshua Haza, the music teacher at the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind.
Once again, the team and individual fund-raising efforts were fierce. A total of 20 teams were signed up, and five of them were special-interest affiliates – a new record. The Florida Hurricanes raised well over $18,000, which makes them the top fund-raising team again. The Tennessee Mall Walkers finished a distant second with more than $3,600 raised. In third place was the West Virginia Walkers with just over $3,300. The president’s team also topped the $3,000 mark. The top special-interest team was the CCLVI Firecrackers, who raised more than $1,500. As of this writing, walk participants have raised $64,511 for ACB and its affiliates.
On behalf of the walk committee, thanks to everyone who played a part in making this year’s walk a huge success. Thank you to everyone who registered for the walk and worked hard at seeking donations. Thank you to those who made such generous donations. Thank you, Janet Dickelman, for your assistance with the logistics of the actual on-site walk. A great big thank-you to the Minnesota office staff for all of their hours in preparing the website, entering donations into the website, and for their willingness to help us in any way they could. Without all of you, this event would never be the biggest fund-raiser for ACB that it is. The $64,511 is the most that has ever been raised for the walk.  I hope more people will meet me in St. Louis for the 10th annual ACB Walk.
— Donna Brown