Social networking opens a range of possibilities for non-profit organizations, from increasing awareness of issues to promoting membership and yes, even fund-raising. ACB is proud to join the ranks with our new Twitter page.

What is Twitter? Twitter is a social networking site that allows people and organizations to send very short messages, up to 140 characters, giving updates about activities, shortened web site URLs or links, announcements and other information. These messages are not meant to replace e-mail or other types of communication.

At a glance, someone who "follows" or subscribes to ACB's Twitter page can learn about legislation, go to web site links for convention registration or e-mail someone about his/her state ACB chapter project.

The board of publications has put together a small task force, led by our Twitter administrator, Natalie Beyers. We are assisted in the ACB national office by Barbara LeMoine and Eric Bridges, who will be posting legislative and advocacy items. Paul Edwards and Jenine Stanley of the BOP will be communicating with our chapters, affiliates and committees to feature their news items.

The wired world has spawned a whole new set of terms, and Twitter is no exception. Re-tweeting means to repost something one has seen on someone else's Twitter page. In our case, it means resending great posts from our members, chapters and affiliates with Twitter pages of their own. This helps us to cover events and share even more activities of ACB.

Our Twitter page represents only the ACB national office. Contributions from state and special-interest affiliates or ACB committees are strictly voluntary.

In upcoming issues of "The Braille Forum," Natalie and Jenine will talk about how to use Twitter, from the beginner level to advanced users. If you'd like to follow us, just go to

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