First in line walked into the café,
But a surprise there awaited us.
They were shorthanded, only three employees.
Unexpectedly, we caused a fuss!

The manager allowed only a few in -
Something about too many at one time.
Maybe she thought we'd scare the "regulars,"
Or something about dogs in the line.

She said some of us could enter -
Those of us without a dog.
But we cane people wouldn't do that.
Somehow, it just seemed wrong.

I was near the back so I'm guessing.
Bits overheard came my way.
Someone called the police -
An interesting start of the day!

One officer arrived there promptly.
Nodding to us, he strolled inside.
Then the officer called a backup.
The café manager was surely surprised.

I've no idea of their conversation.
The policemen came out with a grin.
They told us, "Enjoy your breakfast!"
And we, smiling, went on in.

We lined up and placed our orders.
We with some sight helped those with less.
We enjoyed the good food and the friendship,
And cleaned up when we made a mess.

Those employees, no doubt, will remember
That day, and what transpired in there -
The ADA and some immovable blind folks,
And the café boss' cry: "Dog hair in the air!"

-- Netagene Kirkpatrick

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