FOR SALE: IRTI Study Station four-track player/recorder with many features. Asking $130. Connect Outloud screen reader, version 2.0. Asking $80. Key to grade three braille, handbook of braille contractions, and miscellaneous slates. Asking $50. Color identifier with tape manual. Asking $40. External amplified speaker for house phone with volume control and mute. Asking $25. Talking meat thermometer and liquid level indicator, $20. Talking Bible, Courier Contemporary English Version. Asking $50. All items like new. Money orders only. Items include shipping and insurance, and will be sent free matter for the blind. For more information, call Johnny at (803) 209-6690.

FOR SALE: N82 cell phones with K-NFB Reader. Used only once. Asking $1,100 plus shipping or best offer. Clarity CCTV, model CLSC15+. Deskmate plus CCTV magnifier with 15" LCD monitor and rechargeable battery pack. Asking $1,000 or best offer plus shipping. Contact Jywanza Maye at (347) 878-6293 or [email protected]

FOR SALE: Olympus digital voice recorder WS-110/WS-210S. Medcenter recording your medications reminder(s). Talking personal recording alarm clock. MAGic version 11 screen enlargement and speech program. Asking $400 plus shipping for the entire package of items. Contact Monty Cassellius at (715) 514-1619, or e-mail him, [email protected]

FOR SALE: PAC Mate, 5 years old, no braille display, but has everything else except earphones. Comes in original package. Asking $600 or best offer. Braille Blazer. Asking $300. Checks only. Will ship once check clears. Contact Mark Oswald at (925) 674-1264 or e-mail [email protected]

FOR SALE: Trekker Breeze GPS and maps. Asking $500. E-mail [email protected] or call (507) 281-8069.

FOR SALE: Perkins Brailler, large cell, brand-new condition. Includes dust cover. Asking $500. The University of Chicago Spanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary, braille edition. 27 volumes. Asking $150. Call Deanne at (619) 600-2501, or e-mail [email protected]

FOR SALE: Type 'n Speak, never used, in excellent condition. Asking $500 or best offer. Contact Joyce Stone at (530) 673-2348.

FOR SALE: Voice Sense with sense navigation, used very little. Asking $2,000. Contact Don at [email protected] or call (405) 470-6581.

FOR SALE: Used Perkins Brailler with dust cover in working condition. Asking $275 or best offer. Contact Vileen Shah via e-mail (preferred), [email protected], or phone (847) 647-6677.

FOR SALE: Franklin Merriam-Webster special edition Language Master, model LM-6000SEV. Brand new, still in wrapper. Asking $300, including shipping. For more information, call Gary at (228) 669-2408 or e-mail [email protected]

FOR SALE: Alva 23 in excellent condition. The braille cells are sharp. It has been refurbished. Comes with adapter, cables and manual. Asking $550 or best offer. Contact Joe at (803) 238-7498 or e-mail [email protected]

WANTED: DAISY player. I need it for a class. Contact Laurel at (919) 967-1285.

WANTED: Donation of Perkins brailler. Contact Tom Coburn at (260) 485-0409, or write him at 2100 Saint Marys Ave., Apt. #224, Fort Wayne, IN 46808.

WANTED: Old laptop in good condition. Contact Bob Groff at (501) 589-2886, or write him at 487 P.C. Circle, Quitman, AR 72131.

WANTED: Low-priced used but working Parrot Voicemates, or possible repair of old Parrot Voicemates by qualified person. Please contact B. Eric at [email protected] or (504) 214-1623.

WANTED: Old or unusual slates. I would especially like to get ones which produce micro Braille, or a full-page metal slate. Please call James at (410) 925-0707 or e-mail him, [email protected]

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