by Marcia Dresser

The ACB board of directors met by teleconference on Dec. 15, 2009. All board members were present, as well as staff members Melanie Brunson and Lane Waters.

President Mitch Pomerantz convened the meeting at 8:10 p.m. Eastern. Marlaina Lieberg moved and Kim Charlson seconded adoption of the agenda as reviewed by Pomerantz; this motion carried unanimously. A motion made by David Trott and seconded by Berl Colley to approve the minutes of the September board meeting was also unanimously adopted.

In his president's report, Pomerantz stated that nine applications for the position of managing director of ACB Radio were received, and that four candidates would be interviewed in the next several days. Due to increased work commitments, Ron Brooks found it necessary to resign as chair of the transportation committee. He will remain on the committee, and Alice Ritchhart will assume the chairmanship.

Treasurer Mike Godino presided over discussion of the proposed 2010 budget. On the revenue side, he stated that MMS funds have been steadily increasing each year. We have $130,000 worth of grant applications outstanding as a result of being much more active in that area. Jeff Thom made a motion, seconded by Colley, to lower the projected income from the auction from $22,000 to $20,000. Those voting in favor were Dillon, Lieberg, Colley, Farrow, Ruschival, Thom, Vloedman, Keith, and Sheehan. Those voting against were Charlson, Godino, Gray, Garrett, and Trott. The motion carried by a vote of 9 to 5. Colley made a motion, which Ray Campbell seconded, to raise the projected income from investments from $81,996 to $84,000; this was unanimously approved. Total projected revenue for 2010 was $1,369,183. Chris Gray moved and Campbell seconded adoption of the revenue side of the budget; the motion carried unanimously.

On the expense side, Godino stated that several difficult cuts needed to be made because of revenue reductions. It will be necessary to cut one Floyd Qualls memorial scholarship in 2010 because these scholarships come out of general unrestricted funds; four will be presented at $2,500 each. All issues of "The Braille Forum" will be 32 pages. All committees will receive reduced appropriations. An exception will be the membership committee because of an ongoing project to translate the ACB brochure into Spanish, and outreach work regarding the Idaho affiliate needs to be completed.

Total 2010 expenses were projected at $1,369,109. Lieberg moved and Thom seconded approval of the expense side of the budget; this carried unanimously. Gray moved and Lieberg seconded adoption of the 2010 budget in aggregate; this carried unanimously.

Gray moved and Campbell seconded that the national office send a token of ACB's esteem to long-time member and former "Braille Forum" editor Mary Ballard Stephens. This proposal was unanimously adopted. The meeting adjourned at 10:55 p.m.

The next meeting of the ACB board of directors was scheduled for Feb. 19 in Arlington, Va.

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