by Debbie Hazelton

There is yet more to celebrate since the ACB Radio 10th birthday celebration. Though one vendor listed previously did not participate, two more added their prizes to the list of 28 prize drawings. Carroll Tech Center has donated full tuition to one of its training classes. And Code Factory donated a copy of Mobile Speak 4 to one lucky recipient.

Here are the winners whose names were drawn. We hear that some have not claimed their prizes and hope they will step up and claim their prize.

Light-up arm band: Pratik Patel, Tom Shill, Elizabeth Bowden, Jim Denham, Carla Hayes, and Albert Anderson

Six-month membership to Blind Adrenaline: Charles Crawford and Steve Holmes

One-year membership to Blind Adrenaline: David Mitchell and Pam Quinn

Debbie Hazelton's aromatherapy: Constance Griesmer and Marcia Moses

Mini consulting session with Lynn Cooper: Catherine Turner and Melissa Fass

Full image consulting with Lynn Cooper: Ann Mauro

AM/FM clock radio from Independent Living Aids: Debbie Granger

One-month membership to AllInPlay: Jessie Rayl, Kurtis Delzer and David Russell

Three-month membership to AllInPlay: Bruce Toews and Debbie Downey

One-year membership to AllInPlay: James Snell

Fancy Pants Bakery cookie: Nancy Martin

Carroll Center course: Anthony Baechler

System Access with one-year membership to SAMNet: Robert Miller

Mobile Speak version 4: David Dell

Window-Eyes: Chris Coulter

Book Sense: Patti Johnson

Thank you to all of those who continue to support and spread the good word about ACB Radio! Listener figures continue to climb. New programming continues to be added to all of our five streams. We look forward to many new positive changes on the horizon.

For those with questions or comments, contact the ACB Radio managing director, Larry Turnbull, via e-mail,

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