by Debbie Hazelton, ACB Radio Public Relations

In the spirit of ACB Radio’s 10th birthday celebration, we want to extend thanks to our participating vendors and a gift to our affiliates!

What a celebration it was! Born on December 1 at 0:00 UTC. We decided to begin airing ACB Radio's most memorable replays from that date throughout the month, and to begin the actual celebration the last week of the month, to culminate on New Year’s Day! In true birthday style, plenty of gifts of appreciation were given.

Special thanks to the following vendors for their generous gifts:

Serotek Corporation - a license to System Access, and a year of access to the SAM network,

GW Micro – a BookSense and a copy of Window-Eyes or an SMA,

Independent Living Aids, thanks to Mainstream broadcaster Stephen Guerra – a clock radio,

Lynn Cooper – one complete and two mini image consulting sessions,

All In Play – one 1-year, two 3-month and three 1-month memberships,

Blind Adrenaline - two 1-year and two 6-month memberships,

Debbie Hazelton - two aromatherapy gift box product assortments,

Blind Mice Mart – an assortment of Christmas ornaments and trinkets,

Fancy Pants Bakery did a beautiful job of baking its cookies and frosting them with “ACB RADIO” in braille. They were given to broadcasters and others as appreciation of support and involvement. Visit

All In Play has a good-will offering for any affiliate wishing to take advantage of the opportunity. Add their link,, to your affiliate web site, and any membership that comes through this link will result in an extra $5 for your affiliate. Thank you All In Play!

Thanks to an anonymous donor, we now are members of the International Association of Audio Information Services. This membership will enable ACB Radio to more easily network with a variety of content providers and other broadcasters. During 2010, you can expect much new content and programming to come to ACB Radio, as well as opportunities for some of our content to be heard on radio reading services. This means that ACB Radio will be gaining much more exposure while we strengthen our listener base, adding new programming to our schedule.

We encourage and anticipate more streaming of affiliates, new shows and new broadcasters from within our community. Listen for more artists and music to be added to the Café stream. And watch and listen for a makeover to the Treasure Trove stream, as old-time radio grows with content and promos soon to be managed from in-house!

We appreciate the good working relationships we have with all contributors. They stepped up to give as good-will team players.

Now in its second decade, we are proud, and anticipate many projects and partnerships with an array of talent and creativity as ACB Radio continues to grow as your station, your mouthpiece of ACB, and “the voice of the blind community!”

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