At first glance there does not seem to be a connection. We all know that ACB does a lot of advocacy on the national level. Its one of the major priorities, and there are certainly enough areas that need attention.

ACB does an excellent job providing scholarships to many students, advocating for accessible household appliances in this digital age and finding ways to make quiet cars that can be heard by people who are blind and visually impaired. It is important to have accessible information on TV screens such as emergency warnings and audio description. The annual July convention is one highlight of the year for attendees there are major expenses to put on this wonderful event.

So these are just a few examples showing that ACB is out there working for all of us. If each member helps a little bit, just think of the good work that could be done! Right now less than two percent of ACB members participate in the Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) program.

Unfortunately, membership dues do not cover everything an organization does. Our payments barely pay for the cost of publications, like "The Braille Forum." So that leaves salaries, operating expenses and advocacy -- to be covered in other ways. That is where the MMS program and other contributions are so important.

Please join with me and others and help both ACB and your state affiliate by signing up for the MMS program. Monthly donations can be withheld from your credit card or bank account. Information and the sign-up form can be found on ACBs web site,, or by calling the Minnesota office toll-free at 1-800-866-3242. If there is a change in your credit card or bank account information, please also call the Minnesota office.

A steady monthly source of income helps plan for financial expenses and the future. ACB staff can also let people in the community know that our own members are supporting the organization; that is very important to many donors. We appreciate your contributions!

-- Kathy Brockman

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