Women's Concerns and You

Are you a woman with a vision loss who is experiencing breast cancer or is a breast cancer survivor; is interested in tips on accessing fitness facilities; wants to learn more about Pilates; would like to participate in a discussion about empowerment, self-image and sexuality; or would welcome ideas about how to better organize your surroundings? The ACB Women's Concerns Committee invites you to check out its 2009 convention line-up.

Last year's health fair was well received and we are endeavoring to provide this service to all convention attendees again this year.

Also on Sunday, our friends Mary Mehn and Mary Sellers from Mammacare will be on hand to provide instructional materials in the arena of breast health, for early detection of breast cancer, along with information useful to breast cancer survivors.

Leslie Spoone, a woman with a visual impairment who owns a gym in Orlando, will speak on Monday afternoon about access to gym facilities and will also conduct group exercises for women on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

On Monday and Tuesday at 5 p.m. we are having joint sessions with the Recreation Zone, bringing back by popular demand Pilates with Lynn Peterson.

Wednesday at 2 p.m., the ACB Women's Circle, formerly "What Message Are You Getting from Me?," will feature a recording of a presentation from the Women's Forum at the World Blind Union as a basis for discussion about empowerment, self-image and sexuality.

On Thursday at 2 p.m., Judy Dixon and Susan Mazrui will do a session on Organization with A Flair, practical ideas for functional and aesthetic surroundings.

We hope that something in this list will catch your fancy.

-- Bernice Kandarian

Membership Committee to Discuss Strengthening Affiliates through Networking and Training

Please remember the upcoming ACB membership seminar at the ACB convention. This year, it will be held on Thursday, July 9, from 1:30 to 3 p.m. The title of the seminar is “Strengthening Affiliates through Networking and Training.” The panel topics will be the importance of leadership development and power in networking with others. We will have a short update on the ACB web site changes and introduce the affiliate that wins the Affiliate Growth Award. Door prizes will be given. We encourage each affiliate to send at least one representative to attend the seminar. Hand-outs will be available.

-- Ardis Bazyn

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