FOR SALE: Wheat grass juicer, brand-new, still in box. Asking $200 including shipping. Toshiba laptop with 15" screen, 250-gig hard drive, 3 gigs RAM, Windows XP, JAWS 7.10 and ZoomText 8. Asking $925 (includes shipping). Call Luis at (818) 220-6256.

FOR SALE: Imp voice organizer with tutorial, charger, new batteries and carrying case. Asking $75. Rarely used APH Handi-Cassette recorder/player with an AC adapter and extra battery packs. $75 or best offer. Alva 20-cell braille display that needs a new battery; asking $150. The new battery costs $185 plus shipping from Vision Cue. For more information, call Elizabeth at (850) 345-0822.

FOR SALE: Open Book 8.0 with all software and tutorials in all media. Black-and-white scanner comes with it for free, as well as cable and software for scanner. Asking $700. Will accept check or money orders in Canadian or U.S. funds. Contact Nancy at (319) 217-8385 or e-mail [email protected]

FOR SALE: PAC Mate with 20-cell braille display, in excellent condition. Comes with cables and manuals. Asking $1,000. Contact Marc Marino at (815) 477-7721 or e-mail [email protected]

FOR SALE: CCTV with 17" screen. Five years old. Asking $600. Must pick up (Lake Worth, Fla.). Contact Lenny at (561) 433-8894.

FOR SALE: PAC Mate BX 20 with detachable 20-cell braille display. Has SS Edit, calendar, stopwatch, calculator, scientific calculator, help system, Bluetooth; uses flash cards and Internet cards. Comes with manual on CD and braille quick-start book, case and all cables. Asking $1,700 (negotiable). Contact Annamarie Huie at (870) 365-8477.

FOR SALE: Perkins braille writer with cover; in excellent condition. Asking $275. Will ship by UPS (insured). Contact Bill at (719) 547-1611 or by e-mail, [email protected]

FOR SALE: IBM typewriter (standard keyboard). Asking $50; buyer pays shipping. Call (515) 332-1459.

FOR SALE: Talking scientific calculator, series 300. Brand-new; only used briefly. Asking $250. Olympus digital recorder with talking menus. Records 240 hours. Asking $80. Contact Arturo at (805) 385-3438.

FOR SALE: VERA stand-alone reading machine. Asking $400; will trade for any braille notetaker and braille printer, or laptop with braille display. Talking microwave. Asking $150; will trade for any piece of braille equipment or braille writer. Contact Melody at (856) 896-4313.

FOR SALE: Handi-Cassette II cassette recorder. Has batteries but no charger. Call Volly Nelson at (912) 557-3682 (no calls after 10 p.m. Eastern, please), or write to him at 115 Cole Ln., Reidsville, GA 30453, or e-mail him, [email protected]

FOR SALE: Panasonic cordless telephone with three handsets, 6.0 mHz, answering machine, and talking caller ID. Brand-new. Asking $95. Olympus digital voice recorder model SN4100; can record up to 144 hours. Comes with USB cable to connect to computer. Asking $60. Desktop computer with 500-gig hard drive, Windows XP Professional, JAWS, ZoomText, and Microsoft Office. Wi-fi ready. Asking $400. Toshiba laptop with 15.4-inch-wide screen, 3 gigs RAM, 250-gig hard drive, Windows XP, JAWS and ZoomText. Asking $850 or best offer. Contact Luisa at (626) 419-0113.

FREE TO GOOD HOME: Rhonda Williams will give away a complete New Testament of the King James Bible in perfect condition. 20 braille volumes. Will be sent free matter for the blind. Contact Rhonda at [email protected]

WANTED: Braille labeler, braille watch, braille vibrating alarm clock, braille adding machine, braille encyclopedia, braille dictionary, braille games, slate and stylus, braille recipe books, braille books, braille printer, braille paper with three-hole punch, pocket slate with stylus and notebook attached, board slate, braille compass, and portable IBM Braille typewriter. Call Melody at (856) 896-4313.

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