by Carol Ann Ewing

During the fall 2008, I received an unusual inquiry regarding a DKM First-Timers' Committee decision. May I assure you the DKM committee is packaged with kind, considerate, thoughtful, respectful, dedicated members who take the responsibility of selection seriously. It is my pleasure and honor to work with each member and I appreciate the effort extended to the selection process. With a desire to satisfy the inquiry, my investigation began at the beginning.

The Durward K. McDaniel Memorial Fund was approved by the board of directors at the fall 1995 board meeting. During the same meeting the First-Timers committee came to life. There would be two awards each year with both sides of the USA represented -- east and west, with the dividing line being the Mississippi River. Each year the First-Timers' Program begins and ends with a zero balance. Excess funds collected go into the Durward K. McDaniel Memorial Fund.

This year is no different. We need your personal and/or affiliate financial support! Please send those monies to ACBES, 6300 Shingle Creek Pkwy., Suite 195, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430, and mark it to the attention of the DKM First-Timers' account. We will do our part to keep expenses as low as possible. Please also plan to attend the DKM First-Timers' Reception, the Flamingo Fling, late Thursday afternoon. There you will have the opportunity to visit with the two first-timers as well as participate in a 50/50 drawing.

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