NABT Convention Program Helps You Plan for Retirement

Does the downturn in the economy have you too depressed to listen to the news? Are you worried about your own personal finances? Are you overwhelmed thinking about what your own retirement will be like? The National Association of Blind Teachers will sponsor a program, “Planning for Retirement,” at this year’s annual convention addressing these concerns.

The featured speaker will be Michael Garrett. It is likely that you may know Michael as a member of the ACB board of directors. In his professional life, however, he has worked for a quarter of a century in the financial services industry. For virtually all of this time, he was a stock analyst for J.P. Morgan & Co. While he cannot provide individual advice during the program, he will present an excellent overview of the fundamentals involved in planning for retirement. Topics to be covered include: how much should you be saving for retirement, how long can you expect your savings to last, how much can you safely spend in retirement, and how soon can you retire? In addition, attention will also be given to retirement goals, taxes, life expectancy, and more.

The program is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. The pre-registration cost is $5; waiting until convention will cost you $10. Space will be limited. A financial planner would charge $150 or more for the same information, so this is a real bargain. Whether you are a teacher, lawyer, or just an average guy, you need to be educated regarding your financial well-being. This is one session you won’t want to miss.

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