by Charles S.P. Hodge

As the weather tantalizes us with the beginning of spring, my thoughts turn to summer and the upcoming ACB national convention in Orlando, Fla., where life membership plaques will be awarded to the 2009 class of new life members. At last year's national convention in Louisville, Ky., 15 people were honored with life membership plaques, bringing the total of life members to 280.

While life membership dues are admittedly significant at $1,000, these dues can be paid in five annual installments of $200 each, which amounts to 55 cents per day, less than you'd pay for a can of soda. Life membership dues are really within the means of most ACB members, and as a fully paid-up life member myself, I call upon individuals to seriously consider becoming life members.

We are within reach of surpassing the 300 life member milestone if we can obtain a strong response to this appeal. I challenge the leaders of our affiliates and local chapters to dig down deep to honor a member of your own organization by giving that special person a life membership plaque at the convention this July. With a solid consortium of loyal and committed individuals and affiliated organizations leading the way by their example, ACB will stand tall through achieving the goal of at least 300 life members as well as leading the way by responsibly addressing the issues which impact upon or are of interest to people who are blind or visually impaired. I truly hope to welcome a new class of at least 20 new ACB life members in Orlando. If we just put our collective minds and energy toward achieving our dreams and goals, the sky is the limit within an energized ACB.

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