by Brenda Dillon

Let's not let time get away from us! It is time now to begin thinking about the third annual ACB auction to be held on Wednesday night, July 8th, at the national convention in Orlando. Not only do we need for you to plan to attend the auction and support ACB through this great fundraiser, but we need your contributions of wonderful items to provide an array of fabulous things to bid on. Consider all the people you know and all the businesses you deal with, and request donations for this worthy cause. We can provide you with a sample solicitation letter. If you have a great idea for an item and have contact information, but just aren't comfortable making the appeal, pass it along to Brenda Dillon, auction committee chair, and she and the other auction committee members will handle it for you. You may call her at (615) 874-1223 or e-mail her at [email protected]

This year, we plan to implement some new strategies to expand the scope of the ACB auction and better manage the length of the event. We are looking at the possibility of having a combination of live auction, silent auction and even putting some items on an online auction service. The auction committee reserves the right to combine items to put together package deals, and will determine which items are best suited for the various auctioning methods.

Let's all work together, each state and special-interest affiliate, local chapter and individual member, to make this the best auction yet!

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