FOR SALE: Large-screen Daewoo CCTV from Enable-Mart. Brand-new. Asking $1,200. Contact Robert L. Barry at (301) 788-8711.

FOR SALE: Perkins braille writer in excellent condition. Asking $350. Contact Leela by e-mail, [email protected], or call her at (323) 578- 9673.

FOR SALE: Honistec TV for computers, never used. Asking $60. It comes with a book, all cables, connections, and CD software. Will accept checks or money orders. Contact Nancy via e-mail, [email protected]

FOR SALE: Perkins braille writer, in good condition. Asking $250. Contact Rick Dalton at (724) 668-2836.

FOR SALE: Aladdin CCTV, color, with 12 monitor. Asking $500. Contact Kristine at (412) 421-7772. Prefer Pittsburgh area sales.

FOR SALE: BrailleNote mPower with 32-cell braille display, running the latest version of the Keysoft suite. It comes fully loaded with all of the standard software. Includes all accessories as well as an SMA for the next version of the software. If interested in this unit, please contact Aaron Bradley via e-mail, [email protected], or by cell phone, (856) 316-6130.

WANTED: I am looking for a Voice Mate or Voice Diary or Tap Memo. Contact Debbie Fillyaw at (207) 582-6241.

WANTED: 19-key keypad for Reading Edge. Contact Bob Groff at (501) 589-2886.

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