by Mike Godino

Many of us have been a part of the American Council of the Blind for a long time. ACB offers us the opportunity to share in a community of like- minded people living similar lives to our own. It works for us in its mission to expand opportunities and the independence for people who are blind or visually impaired. It's now time to begin thinking about ACB. The MMS program can make thinking easy. By giving through the MMS program, you would be thinking about ACB all year round without troubling your already busy schedules.

I ask you to think about all you receive from ACB and how much that assists you in your day-to-day living. Think about "The Braille Forum." This monthly publication offers you the opportunity to know what the organization has done and is doing -- and will do in the future. Think about the legislative work the organization does behind the scenes and all year long. Yes, we participate for one week during the year, but legislating is a year- round project and we as members must be called upon to support the organization we pledged to be a part of. Did I trigger some memories of safe and independent travel on rail systems? How about accessible paper currency? These efforts cannot be pursued without your assistance.

No organization can exist without the support of its members. I call upon you, the members of ACB, to join the MMS program to assist ACB in continuing its good work. We all joined ACB looking for something, and many of us have found that something. Let's show just how much we appreciate the work ACB does throughout the year by pledging a monthly donation through the MMS program to the organization we love and care about. As little as $5 up to whatever you feel you can give per month will go a long way in assisting ACB to do the work for the betterment of all people who are blind and visually impaired.

Call the office today and get the MMS application mailed or e-mailed to you today. Together we can change the world; alone we will wither and die. Please make that call right now to insure your participation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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