It has come to our attention that we are rapidly losing members of our community, friends and supporters of ACB. In order to honor these people whose lives have impacted us, in large and small ways, we are introducing a column called "Passings." In this column we will list brief obituaries of those who have passed away. Please see below for the format in which you may submit information about an individual, and the first submission.

Obituary Format

Please include as much of the following as possible when submitting material for this column. Submissions must involve dates no more than six months from intended date of publication.

Name (first, last, maiden if appropriate)

City of residence (upon passing)

State/province of residence (upon passing)

Other cities/states/countries of residence (places where other blind people may have known this person)


Date of death (day if known, month and year)


ACB affiliation (local/state/special-interest affiliates or national committees)


Rev. Maurice "Brock" Brockman passed away on Sept. 3, 2007 at the age of 85. He was a resident of Bloomington, Ind. Though a sighted individual, Brockman was active in ACB of Indiana, performing at various times the duties of treasurer, board member, and member of the ACB scholarship committee. He led various support groups and helped start a new local chapter; he also drove elderly and disabled to medical appointments. Brock had valiantly fought leukemia for the past three or four years.

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