by the Auction Committee

If raising $18,884 in one night isn't reason enough to hold another ACB Benefit Auction, then maybe it's the fun and excitement which occurred throughout the first event, the wonderful items which were donated and purchased by winning bidders and the knowing that we can do it all again, maybe just a little bigger and better.

That's right, the auction committee is busy at work preparing for our second annual ACB Benefit Auction to be held in Louisville, Ky. on Wednesday, July 9, in conjunction with the ACB convention, but we can't do it without you!

So your first instruction is to keep that night of July 9 available so that you can actively take part in the bidding, buying and supporting of our national organization. Then the next order of business is for you to go to your local chapters, state or special-interest affiliates, businesses which you frequent often, family members who have connections with businesses, and begin gathering items for our auction. We want everything from electronics, household goods, theme baskets, special foods, tickets for a concert, sporting event or show, gift certificates for goods or services, trips, sports memorabilia, and the list goes on. Please use your imagination.

Whether you will be at convention or not, your contribution to the pool of auction items will help immensely. This is a great way for everyone to get involved in raising funds for the American Council of the Blind. All contributors will be recognized throughout the auction.

If you have items to donate for the auction, please send the pertinent information, including item description (color, size, expiration date, etc.), company name and contact information and retail value, to Cindy Van Winkle, (360) 698-0827 or [email protected] Information should be sent by June 15.

We encourage folks to bring their auction items with them to the convention; there will be a designated place to leave these items upon arrival. However, if you need to make arrangements to ship items ahead of time or have any questions about the auction, please contact Brenda Dillon, auction committee chair, at (615) 874-1223 or [email protected]

Now here's to one of the most exciting nights of the upcoming ACB convention. Let's raise our voices with big bids and in the process, raise lots of funds for ACB.

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