FOR SALE: Six standard Braille embossers. All in excellent working condition. Asking $300 each; sold as is. Please contact Amy at (574) 848- 7451 ext. 319 or e-mail her at [email protected]

FOR SALE: PAC Mate BX400. Has a Perkins-style keyboard, no braille display. In excellent condition, running firmware version 4.1. Comes with power charger, USB cable, carrying case, CD with user manual, and braille quick-start guide. Asking $900 plus shipping from Michigan; would be willing to meet anyone who lives close by to avoid shipping charges. If interested, contact Donna Goodin by e-mail, [email protected]

FOR SALE: Maestro PDA, in excellent condition; used one year. Comes with AC adapter, two connector cables, leather carrying case, ear buds, and compact flash card. Latest upgrades installed. Asking $600. Send inquiries to [email protected]; phone (816) 251-3588 (weekdays only).

FOR SALE: Talking calculator, $250. Talking microwave, $250. Contact Rosemir Rodriguez at (714) 267-3399.

FOR SALE: "The Purpose-Driven Life" in braille. $30 or best offer. "The Ultimate Talking Dictionary," best offer. Contact Adam Pobursky at (262) 728-6035.

FOR SALE: HP Scanjet 5100 scanner, in excellent condition. Asking $60. HP Deskjet printer, in excellent condition. $50. Eureka A4 portable personal notetaker with braille keyboard and speech output. In excellent condition. Comes with braille and cassette user's manual. Asking $300. Perkins brailler in excellent condition. Asking $200. Contact Dennis Farro at (803) 979-2720 or via e-mail, [email protected]

FOR SALE: Versapoint Duo interpoint braille printer for $975. Includes shipping and a box of 8 1/2 x 11 tractor-fed braille paper. Send e- mail inquiries to B.C. Starkson, [email protected]

FOR SALE: Telesensory Aladdin Pro+ with 14-inch black-and-white monitor. Magnifies from 4.5x to 50x. Asking $1,000 or best offer, plus shipping. Contact Christopher Nolte at (301) 218-9210.

FOR SALE: PAC Mate QX400. Comes with 56K compact flash card and compact flash wireless card, as well as a flash memory card. Asking $1,500 or best offer. Contact Maurice at (703) 517-9479 or by e-mail, [email protected]

FOR SALE: Type 'n Speak, June 2003 revision. In good working condition. Comes with case, AC adapter, and tutorial on cassette. Asking $175, including shipping. Contact Hal at (727) 735-0797. Leave message and I will call you back.

FOR SALE: Perkins Brailler with case for $250. The backspace key does not work. Vintage 1980 Braille Scrabble in good condition for $90. Alva 80- cell Braille display, $1,600. Serial and parallel ports only. Classco 500 talking caller ID for $13, 2 for $24. Classco 9900CW talking caller ID, $45. New Stackomatic Bandmaster 3-speed record player with changer, holds 10 stacked albums in wood case with CD player, AM/FM radio. $199. Franklin Electronic Dictionary, not accessible for a blind person, $65. Contact Lela at (325) 728-2229 or e-mail [email protected] Or you may write, in braille or type, no longhand, to Lela Behee, 1220 Vine St., Colorado City, TX 79512.

FOR SALE: Child's braille watch, $40. Color identifier, $100. External disk drive for Braille Lite and Braille 'n Speak, $100. Contact Roger at (510) 229-8035.

FOR SALE: Small Talk. Comes with case, charger, CD player/burner, and keyboard. Asking $1,200. Contact Rob Lewis at (410) 653-2498.

WANTED: Sharp Talking Time 1. Contact Robert Feinstein at (718) 627- 0713, e-mail him at [email protected], or write to him at 1750 E. 14th St., Apt. #2E, Brooklyn, NY 11229.

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