by Ray Campbell

I have $15, give me $20. Sounds like an auction, doesn't it? Well, it is! The first annual ACB auction will be held on Wednesday evening, July 4, during the ACB national convention in Minneapolis. There will be something for everyone, so bring your cash, checkbooks, credit cards and those loud bidding voices.

What can I bid on, you ask? In large part, that's up to you. Talk to your state affiliates, local chapters, places you do business with, family and friends and see what you can get donated for the auction. All items should be worth a minimum of $25, but there is no upper limit to how much something can be worth. Some of the items we already will have up for bid include: a tin of homemade fudge from our executive director, Melanie Brunson; the ACB time share in Cancun; a luxurious week in a penthouse suite on St. Martin donated by Charlie Hodge; a 3-D portrait of Ray Charles; a music box from William Benjamin of the Piano Boutique; and a beautiful, jewelry-adorned purse.

Again, we need you to help us get additional items. The more we have to auction off, the more money ACB will make and the more fun we will have. While you can bring your items to the ACB convention with you, we ask that you notify us by no later than June 15 of what you plan to bring. Please provide a description of each item, its value, and a name, phone number and e-mail address (if available) for a contact person we can reach. Contact Carol Edwards by telephone at (936) 445-3241, or by e-mail at [email protected], with this information. The sooner you let us know about the items you'll be bringing, the more we can publicize in "The Braille Forum" to get everyone excited about the auction.

Let's all make the first annual ACB auction a big success. I'm sold, aren't you?

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