Georgia Council Celebrates Golden Anniversary

The Georgia Council of the Blind is very proud to be celebrating its golden anniversary in 2006. And Georgia invites you to attend the convention the weekend of Aug. 3-6 in Savannah. For more details, please phone Marsha Farrow at (706) 857-4221 or Alice Ritchhart at (912) 996-7223. We hope to see many of you in Savannah!

ACB of Indiana State Convention

The American Council of the Blind of Indiana state convention will be held Sept. 8 and 9, 2006 at the Ramada Inn, Columbus, Ind. Room rates are $79 per night plus 11 percent tax. This includes a hot continental breakfast. Reservations must be made by Aug. 8; call (812) 376-3051.

D.C. Council Promotes ACB's MMS Program

Following an outstanding presentation by an ADA communications specialist from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority at the April 1 meeting of the D.C. Council of the Blind, each member present received a surprise a pre-addressed envelope containing the forms needed to sign up for ACB's Monthly Monetary Support program. D.C. Council President Oral Miller explained that the program had been revised recently to enable ACB members and friends to give money monthly to ACB and an affiliate simultaneously; that at least 50 percent of the amount designated would go to ACB with the balance going to the affiliate selected; that the designated amount would be taken automatically from a bank account or charged to a credit card; that the money for the affiliate would be paid to it quarterly; that in most cases the banks do not charge a service fee against the accounts of the donors and that this system is the easiest way in the world for members and friends to give an affordable yet meaningful amount (such as $10 monthly) while multiplying the impact of a small donation enormously throughout the year by its painless repetition. The meeting ended with everyone being encouraged to sign up for the program and to urge their families and friends to do the same.

At this point, several dozen ACB members are taking part in this program, but this number should be in the thousands. Remember that a $10 monthly donation from just one-tenth of ACB's members would bring in approximately $300,000 yearly which could be used for "The Braille Forum," legislative and legal advocacy, ACB Radio, braille literacy, and countless other ACB and affiliate services. And, oh yes, the D.C. Council members who were not at the April 1 meeting were not forgotten; every member (including those living outside the metropolitan area) will receive a pre-addressed envelope containing the necessary forms and an appeal to join the affiliate president as a participant in the MMS program.

Many Thanks

Many thanks to all who participated in Rochester's 12 Days to Memorial Day Raffle! Since this was a local effort, the names of most of the winners will not ring a bell with you, but the daughter of one of our members, Kendra Haney, won the $100 one evening, as well as Norman Culver of Talladega, Ala., also an ACB member. Thanks again!

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