by Carol Ann Ewing

Oh me, oh my, already spring 2006 is here. The spring indicates a new beginning as we see the trees leaf, smell the flowers bloom and hear the birds sing. It is a season of activity for everything, including you and me, as we shed the dormant winter coat of rest with energy and excitement, ready to spring forward. May I encourage you to be active, exceptionally active, in anything and everything you deem important.

Remember, family is first. Then look to the community, county, state and/or national level to place your efforts. Let everyone around you know life is exciting and you are a participant in making things happen. You are valuable and everyone who sees you needs to know it. So, make your plans to spring forward with giant steps as you give others courage and excitement about the different experiences or seasons life offers. They may not have your visual problem, but your being out and about will give them courage to lengthen their stride just as you are doing. Probably, the thought will be "if that blind person can do it, so can I." Along your path, try the "Don't Worry, Be Happy" philosophy packaged with an infectious smile as you stroll through this gorgeous season. I trust you can tell I am a bit excited about this season and the many new beginnings it brings. This spring offers me a new beginning, too, as I was elected to fill the vacant ACB board slot. It is my pleasure to be of service. Top of the day, or better yet, top of the season to you and yours.

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