by Ed Bradley

Have you ever wanted to go to the national convention of the American Council of the Blind? If you have never been to one, this is your chance of a lifetime!

The 2006 convention will take place in Jacksonville, Fla., from July 8 through 15. The Durward K. McDaniel Fund Committee offers you the chance to throw your name into the hat from which two lucky winners will be selected to receive an all-expense-paid trip to the convention this summer.

The McDaniel First-Timers' Contest brings two new people -- one from each side of the Mississippi -- to each national convention, where their leadership skills will have a chance to blossom and grow. Anyone who has never been to the national convention can apply for the Durward McDaniel First-Timers Awards. All you have to do is write a short letter saying why you would like to attend and how you think it will benefit you and your state chapter. Then ask your president to write a letter of recommendation for you and send it to the national office. The deadline is April 15, 2006.

Send your information to the Durward McDaniel Fund Committee, c/o American Council of the Blind, 1155 15th St. NW, Suite 1004, Washington, DC 20005. The committee will be in touch with the winners and make all of the arrangements. We look forward to getting many folks wanting to be our winner, so get to work and send in your letters.

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