FOR SALE: Pac Mate TNS with 56K modem. Asking $900, including shipping within the United States. If interested, please contact Stacey Robinson at (615) 274-2916 (no collect calls, please, and don't call any later than 9 p.m. Central time) or via e-mail, [email protected]

FOR SALE: Serial DECTalk Express in excellent working condition. Asking $350 or best offer. Contact Shen at (650) 291-8667 or e-mail [email protected]

FOR SALE: Multimedia desktop PC for copying CDs, DVDs and more. Pentium 4 with 2.4 GHz processor, 512 meg RAM, 120-gig hard drive, 52x CD/DVD-RW drive, 3.5-inch floppy drive, integrated video, Sound Blaster Live card, network and broadband ready, 56K modem, keyboard, scroll mouse, MS Office Pro and Windows XP Home edition. Asking $900 including shipping. For information, call (631) 805-7267.

FOR SALE: PacMate Type 'n Speak and Braille 'n Speak, unused, asking $950 each. Braille Lite Millennium 40-cell for $2,500. PowerBraille 80 for $2,850; PowerBraille 40 for $1,630; Alva 280 84-cell for $720. Juliet interpoint braille embosser for $1,400; Blazer for $750; and Versapoint for $450. Aladdin CCTV for $950. Telesensory portable unit with 2 batteries for $290. E-mail [email protected] or call Jay Sarl at (801) 358-7783.

FOR SALE: Clearview 317 in excellent condition; hardly used. Asking $1,000 or best offer. Contact Elaine at (772) 283-7129.

FOR SALE: Perkins brailler in excellent condition, $285. Classic Braille Scrabble, $48. Better Homes and Gardens Casserole Cookbook, three hardcover braille volumes, $19. Other assorted paperback cookbooks. Call (806) 359-9276 or e-mail [email protected] Prices are negotiable.

FOR SALE: PacMate, refurbished, two years old. All original material provided except headphones, which are standard Walkman headphones. Currently under warranty. $800. Call Debra at (703) 322-9690 or e-mail [email protected]

FOR SALE: Braille Lite 40 with 2002 software updates, in good working order. Asking $1,250 or best offer. For more information, contact Rodney Neely via e-mail, [email protected], or by phone, (703) 319-0881.

FOR SALE: One reconditioned braille writer with hinged hard cover. Asking $450. More than 60 Insul-gauges with two custom-made wooden jewelry cases, two Medi-coolers, and two additional freezer trays for the inside of the coolers. Asking $125 for the whole package, or $5 per gauge. Contact Robert Ziegler at (763) 537-8000.

FOR SALE: Type 'n Speak. Comes with all utilities; hardly used. Contact Pat at (905) 684-0064 or e-mail [email protected]

WANTED: Used CCTV in good condition. Contact Gigi Weinberg at [email protected] or (845) 657-2749.

WANTED: Braille Note with a 32-cell braille display and a Perkins- style keyboard. Willing to trade an external modem with a serial cable and charger that can connect to a Braille Lite. Contact Anita Everett in braille at 710 St. Andrew's Drive, Apt. #18, Wilmington, NC 28412, or via e- mail at [email protected]

WANTED: Small Boze wave radio without the CD player. Willing to pay in installments. Call Walter at (661) 833-3663.

WANTED: Pocket dictionary and/or pocket encyclopedia. Call Don Petty at (405) 330-8727, or e-mail [email protected]

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