FOR SALE: Disk drive for Braille Lite. Asking $150 or best offer. Contact Roger at (510) 849-3537.

FOR SALE: MAGic 8.0 with 9.0 programming CD, authorization diskette, and print manual. Never used; only opened once, to check contents. Best offer. Contact Donna at (845) 651-9171.

FOR SALE: IBM Think Pad laptop Pentium II 300 mHz, 128MB memory, 20 GB hard drive, 15-inch wide-screen display, CD read-write drive, and Windows 98, Microsoft Office 2000 Professional, JAWS for Windows 4.5, ZoomText 8.12.1, Window-Eyes Professional. Comes with shoulder-strap carrying case. Asking $450 plus insurance and shipping. Braille 'n Speak 2000 with all current updates, rarely used. Asking $425. Will consider trading BrailleNote 30 for any model PACmate. Call Braden at (785) 267-0500 or (785) 969-6639.

FOR SALE: Type 'n Speak, hardly ever used. Braille Index basic braille printer. Call Pat at (905) 680-0064, or e-mail [email protected]

FOR SALE: BrailleNote QT32. Comes with KeySoft 6.11, Spanish, French and German multilingual software. Asking $3,500. Alva braille display in excellent condition. Asking $3,500. IBM computer, 10 years old. It has a parallel port and two serial ports (one male and one female). Asking $500 or best offer. Contact Josh Kennedy at [email protected] or call (610) 858-5204.

FOR SALE: CCTV with 8-inch monitor, magnifies up to 20 times. Price negotiable. Many other items, including magnifying glasses that come with an instructional booklet, magnifying sheets with stands, and more. Contact Elaine at (718) 520-0176.

FOR SALE: ACT desktop PC with 512MB of RAM, 1.4-gig processor, 40-gig hard drive, CD-ROM drive, CD burner, floppy drive, 4 USB ports, two serial ports, one parallel port, 2 PS2 ports, 56K modem, Ethernet, Windows XP Home, JAWS for Windows, Kurzweil 1000 with 8 AT&T Natural Voices for reading, Fine Reader 7.0 Professional installed, 15-inch monitor, HP Deskjet 5550 printer, keyboard, and speakers included. If a program license transfer is desired, the buyer pays for it, as well as shipping. Shipping cost determined by ZIP code, shipping method, and insurance. Asking $900 or best offer. PayPal payments preferred. E-mail LuAnn at [email protected], or call (610) 858-5202.

FOR SALE: Braille Lite 40 with double speed processor, portable floppy drive, maintenance and new battery during the past year. Summer 2002 revision. Four megs of flash memory. May be used as a note taker or braille display. Auxiliary serial and disk drive cables. Asking $1,000 plus shipping, sold as is. Sorry, no credit card or PayPal. Contact Joe Fallin at [email protected]

FOR SALE: Galileo reader with manual. Asking $200. Call the Center for the Blind at (661) 322-5234 and ask for Sandy.

FOR SALE: 2 Double Talk LT external units, $50 each, including shipping. Please contact Sharon Jackson at [email protected] for shipping information.

FOR SALE: Full-color Spectrum 20" CCTV with high contrast CRT monitor; utilizes tilting screen mechanism for maximum comfort and visibility. Features a smooth riding table, large enough to accommodate a book or magazine. New, never used, in box. Asking $1,950 or best offer. Telesensory Chroma Plus SVGA, in perfect working condition (camera and moving table only), monitor is not included but can be easily hooked up with any computer monitor. Includes cables and manual. Asking $650 or best offer. Send an e- mail message to [email protected]

FOR SALE: Telesensory CCTV with 14-inch monitor. Asking $800 or best offer. Contact Elizabeth Mickens at (931) 670-5919.

FOR SALE: Hall braille writer, in good condition, $300. Four-line pocket slate with stylus, $1. Health Rider exercise machine, in good condition, $200. Computer desk with built-in power strip and chair. Contact Robert Ranney in braille, print, or on tape at 5422 W. Wells St., Milwaukee, WI 53208.

FOR SALE: Book Port. Comes with case, software, ear buds, 128 MB card, 1 GB card, sheet with button instructions, USB port cable, and cassette instructions. Asking $250. Money order only. Contact Steven Kimbrough by e-mail, [email protected], or on his cell phone, (281) 413-5755.

WANTED: JAWS software, version 5.0 or higher. Contact Krista via e- mail, [email protected], or via phone at (904) 629-0416.

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