Dear ACB Members and Staff,

On behalf of our entire family, we thank you for all of your phone calls, notes of encouragement and support you have shared with us in the past few months. Thank you for the wonderful remembrances in the April issue of "The Braille Forum" which was dedicated to his memory. We thank you especially for the honor that you bestowed on Jim by renaming the Distinguished Service Award the James R. Olsen Distinguished Service Award. And then awarding it to Jim at the convention was both humbling and appreciated. Working for the American Council of the Blind was a job that Jim always truly felt very proud of. We have established the James R. Olsen Scholarship Fund so that we will be able to further the education of blind and visually impaired students, something Jim felt very strongly about. Again, thank you.

Anna Olsen and family:
Sarah, Doug, Matthew and Megan Psick
Martha, Tait, Carli, Colby and Tait James Christensen

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