by Ardis Bazyn

Through the years, you were always a reminder of solid dedication. You dedicated your life to your family, your church, and ACB. You seemed to have a quiet strength. Even when you had many health issues, it was always hard to recognize how really serious they were. You did not let on to many exactly what you really thought about them. You would tell me what doctors had done, what procedures you'd endured, and what changes you had to make in your medications and such. However, you would do so with matter-of-fact tones so that I was left with a feeling that it was nothing serious. Also, I knew you had a strong faith in God and felt that was a comfort and hope for the future -- no matter what happened.

You had such a good sense of humor. When situations were intense on a budget call, board conference call, or at an in-person meeting, you would often give a cute quip or one-liner that would lighten the mood. You always had a joke to tell after any conversation. Even when you had much to do, you could always come up with a humorous remark and take time to chat.

You always made me feel confident about my position as treasurer. Whenever I had a question, you were willing to take the time to get the information for me. If you did not know the answer immediately, you would call back in a short time with the answer. You would be patient when I or other members of the budget committee asked questions about any figures. I will miss your quiet authority and willingness to serve our organization.

You were always bragging about your family and sharing family events. I could also tell your church was important to you. You would never override an important church event or family celebration. I respected you for that. You had no qualms about sharing your faith with any of your ACB friends. I feel privileged that I had the many occasions to get to know you.

I was especially flattered when you were one of the first ACB members to purchase copies of my first two books. You always wanted to encourage those who felt church and organization participation was important. You treated everyone you met with friendliness and respect and I appreciated your sincere and warm manner.

Jim, I will sincerely miss you, but I know you are in a better place. I can almost hear you saying "And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever." (Psalm 23) Goodbye for now.

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