The contents of this column reflect the letters we had received by the time we went to press, March 15, 2005. Letters are limited to 300 words or less. All submissions must include the author's name and location. Opinions expressed are those of the authors.

In reply to Ed Eames

Kudos to Dr. Ed Eames for his letter to the editor in the February "Forum." He charges all of us to press every state's Department of Motor Vehicles to include more white cane law content in driver's license testing. That need was driven home to me, so to speak, in a recent conversation with a paratransit operator. He was totally unaware of the symbolism of a pedestrian displaying a white cane. Wow! I understand that paratransit drivers must be certified for a specialized class of license, a category demanding more rigorous, and frequent testing!

-- Ken Stewart, Warwick, N.Y.

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