Women's Concerns Committee

Chair: Lori Scharff

Monday, July 11 - Bonanza B

7:45am Sunrise Exercise
Leslie Spoone, certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor, Orlando, FL; co-sponsored by Recreation Zone

4:15pm Self-Defense Mega No Maki, Part 1 - $12, $15
The Enabling Safety Project is a self-defense program designed specifically for people who are blind or visually impaired. Stephen Nicholls, program originator, and Kate DeMoss, licensed instructor, present a hands-on teaching forum including Q&A and physical techniques to be used by people who are blind as part of self-defense.

Tuesday, July 12 - Bonanza B

4:15pm Self-Defense Mega No Maki, Part 2 - $5, $8
Part 1 participation recommended. Stephen Nicholls and Kate DeMoss return for additional training using the Mega No Maki system. In addition, explore the possibility of becoming a licensed instructor in the Enabling Safety program of blind self-defense.

Wednesday, July 13 - Bonanza B

7:45am Sunrise Exercise
See Monday for details.

4:15pm Women's Circle - $8, $10 – Alpine
The impact of nutrition and weight. A confidential discussion for women only focuses on the impact of weight, self-esteem, and making changes in your life. Linda Porelle, Licensed Social Worker, San Francisco, CA and Marlaina Lieberg, Burien, WA

Thursday, July 14 - So Pac C

7:00am Sister Power: a Breakfast for Women - $22, $25
Facilitated by Ann Brash, La Grange, IL. Panelists Donna Pomerantz, President, California Council of the Blind, Pasadena, CA and Lori Scharff, Malverne, NY discuss decisions they have made in their lives to promote change and improve their lives.

5:45pm Pilates - Bonanza B
Led by Leslie Spoone and co-sponsored by the Recreation Zone