Friends-in-Art of ACB

President: Peter Altschul
Program Chair: Lynn Hedl
Registration: $8, $10

Saturday, July 9 - 1866

7:00pm FIA Board Meeting

Sunday, July 10 - Donner

1:30pm Let Your Garden Grow - $10, $12
Design your own garden using the five senses; handouts available. Elsie Monthei, Des Moines, IA

4:00pm FIA Mixer/Showcase Sign-up - $10, $10 - 1866
Sign up for a band rehearsal or Showcase audition slot, or just catch up with friends.

5:30pm Octet Rehearsal

Monday, July 11 - Night Club

1:15pm MIDI Workshop - $5, $6
Don't fear the Reaper. Learn about this affordable software that simplifies access for blind studio musicians. Gordon Kent, Washington, DC

3:30pm Showcase Audition and Rehearsal

9:00pm Prose and Poetry Reading - $4, $5 - Alpine
Writers are invited to read their original works to a receptive audience. Moderator: Carla Hayes, McMurray, PA

Tuesday, July 12 - So Pac D

12:15pm FIA Luncheon and Business Meeting - $23, $23
Wayne Piercy, student, Berkelee School of Music, Boston, MA discusses his use of technology and other accommodations in the study of music; description of a pilot summer student orientation which FIA helped the school develop and implement.

8:30pm Showcase of the Performing Arts - $12, $15 - Night Club
Outstanding program of ACB talent. Showcase ticket also includes FIA Cabaret.

10:30pm Showcase Cabaret - $7, $10
Enjoy the show, or take a turn at performing. Open mic; band or piano accompaniment available. Lots of great door prizes; must be present to win.

Wednesday, July 13 - 1866

1:15pm MIDI Workshop - $5, $6
One-on-one chance to take Reaper software for a test drive. Gordon Kent, Washington, DC

2:45pm Writers' Workshop - $5, $6 - Donner
Writing a Play: bring characters from the page to the stage. Recast a short story as lively dialogue. Presenters - Janiece Kent and Susan Schulter

5:45pm Round and Harmony Sing - 1866
Sing well-known rounds and learn a few new ones. Lynn Hedl, Birmingham, AL

Thursday, July 14 - 1866

7:30am FIA Board Meeting

12:30pm Nevada Museum of Art
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