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Audio Description Services Outside the USA

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Consumer and Commercial Services

On this page we list all the individual, organization, and corporate services that we know about outside the USA that are involved with audio description, provided the organization has validated the information in the previous three years.  The commercial companies typically employ professional audio description personnel who write the description for movies, DVDs, and other media, while the organizations tend to provide audio description services via trained describers for local events.  Listing on this page does not imply an endorsement of any kind from the American Council of the Blind or the Audio Description Project, and we reserve the right to not list or remove a listing that we feel false or misleading in any way.

Want to be listed here or update/verify your information?  Contact the webmaster!  Latest Update Jan 14, 2020.

Canada - Consumer and Commercial Services

Organization Location Services Contact
AMI 0 Toronto Video description for movies and television
Beyond Description Sound Services 9 Vancouver, BC Audio Description/Descriptive Video for all media including television, movies, theatrical releases and online content. Also special VO commentary for Extra features and podcasts.
Described Video Canada 8 Hamilton Audio description (described video) for film, television and web content, in English and French
Descriptive Video Works 7 Vancouver Descriptive video
866-818-3897 (toll free)
Difuze Inc. 9 Toronto Descriptive Video / Closed Captioning / Subtitling / Language Dubbing / Conversions and Transfers
JDescribe 0 Toronto Provider of Described Video/Audio Narration service for Broadcast programming.
John Hauber Productions 0 Toronto Descriptive video services
Live Describe 7 Toronto, Stratford, ON Live on-location Audio Description. Description of Visual Arts installations and Museum pieces
Sette Postproduction 9 Montreal Descriptive video / Closed Captioning / Subtitling / Translation / Dubbing
Valerie H Productions 8 Toronto More than a decade of providing audio description (described video) for TV, movies, and web content. Creator of the Movies For the Blind podcast.
Twitter: @movies4theblind
VocalEye Descriptive Arts0 Vancouver Provides live description of theatre, arts and cultural events

United Kingdom - Consumer and Commercial Services

Organization Location Services Contact
Access London Theatre 0 London Consolidated listing of all audio described London theatrical performances
020 7557 6751 (recording)
ADA Scotland Audio Description Association TBD Scotland Describing theatre performances and the Edinburgh Tattoo as well as sporting events
Beachbog's Audio Description Diary Edinburgh, Scotland Database of audio description activity in Scotland.  [We are unable to determine the owner, since the email on the website is invalid; however, we are leaving the site listed because it appears to be updated frequently.]
Prime Focus Technologies 0 London Audio description and captioning services.
+44 20 3794 3344
Red Bee Media Multi-country See details below ...  
RNIB - Royal National Institute of Blind People 0 London Everything you need to know about audio description and where it is available
0303 123 9999 
Sensor Media 0 London Audio description, voiceover, and subtitles across all platforms, from TV, Film and DVD to live theatre and corporate video
+44 (0) 7961 430393
VocalEyes 7 London Provides access to the arts for blind and partially sighted people through both live and recorded audio description
020 7375 1043

AD in Other Countries - Consumer and Commercial Services

Organization Location Services Contact
Association française d'audiodescription 0 France General information site about audio description in France (French)
BarrierBreak 7 Mumbai, India Subtitling, Captioning, Audio Description and Sign Language Interpretation for TV, Movies, DVD in English and all Indian languages
+91 (22) 2686 0485-87
Bayerischer Rundfunk 0 Munich, Germany Audio description for TV, movies, DVDs, and streaming
Fran Mathey Description Services 9 Australia Freelance AD provider for local and international film, TV, web content and live events, trained to UK standards and with over 10 years experience across a diverse range of media. Fran Mathey Description Services
+61 (0)427 773 317
Email Fran Mathey
Mixwerk 8 Berlin, Germany Audio description for corporate movies, elearning, television, dubbing, voiceover in 20 languages (5 languages)
+49 30 29007959
Prime Focus Technologies 0 Mumbai, India Audio description and captioning services.
+91 22 6178 5555
Red Bee Media 9 UK, Spain, France, Netherlands, Australia Provides audio description, pre-recorded captioning and live captioning services for broadcast and online Red Bee Media
+44 (0)20 8495 5000
RuFilms 7 Moscow, Russia Audio description (described video) for film, television and web content, closed captioning, translation and subtitling
Stichting Komt het Zien! 9 The Netherlands Live audio description for theatre and circus shows. Description equipment + audio describers.
+31 513 650 681
Syntolkning Nu (Audio Description Now) 7 Sweden Audio description at theatre, cinemas, arenas and for film on TV/DVD or
+46 031-3608445

7 = listing information verified in 2017 (in-process of verification; deletion in February if not verified)
8 = listing information verified in 2018
9 = listing information verified in 2019
0 = listing information verified in 2020