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About This Website and the Audio Description Project

The mission of the American Council of the Blind's (ACB) Audio Description Project (ADP) is to promote and advocate for the use of high-quality Audio Description in television, movies, performing arts, museums, educational materials and other venues where the presentation of visual media is critical to the understanding and appreciation of the content.  Our goals are to sponsor a broad range of activities designed to build awareness of audio description among the general public as well as its principal users, people who are blind or have low vision.  This website is one initiative of the ADP.  Read our full mission and projects.  Please support the cost of this website by using the DONATE link above.

Prior to April, 2009, the website was an independent effort initially sponsored by Audio Description International (ADI), which last met at a conference in Washington DC in March 2002.  After the organization disbanded a year or two later, then-president, the late Barry Levine, continued to pay for hosting the website, and Fred Brack volunteered his time as webmaster, accepting updates from all interested parties.  We owe a great debt to Barry for all his work in supporting this website and the ADP's mission, and this website is dedicated to his memory.

In 2010, Joel Snyder made a proposal to the American Council of the Blind that they take over the work of the former ADI and create a new project, the Audio Description Project.  In May 2010, the Audio Description International name was retired, and the site was moved to the ACB server in its own subdirectory.  While the emphasis on content is USA-based, all contributions by AD organizations worldwide will continue to be incorporated here as appropriate.  Use the Webmaster link at the bottom of each page for submission.

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The content of this website is managed by Joel Snyder, PhD (Director of ACB's Audio Description Project and President of Audio Description Associates), and Fred Brack (webmaster, audio describer/voice-over artist, and former board member of Arts Access Inc and the NC Reading Service).  Sebastian Andrade-Miles is the author of our daily described television schedule, while Vicki Vogt contributes the weekly described cinema listings.  To ask a question or recommend updates to this website, you can reach Fred via the Webmaster link at the bottom of each page.

JOIN THE ACB!  ACB's membership fee is only $10/year.  If you would like to become a member-at-large, use the link at the start of this paragraph or contact the national office at 202-467-5081.  You also have the option to become a member of your local affiliate.

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The ADP and This Website

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The ADP Discussion List

The ADP Discussion List is open to all persons who wish to discuss any aspect of audio description:  users of audio description, providers of audio description or audio description equipment, other interested parties.  All submissions must address audio description and not other issues pertaining to people with disabilities.