Low Vision App Access
Resolution 2015-10
Whereas, voice output programs such as voiceover and talk back have clearly created access to tablets, telephones and other devices for people who rely on audio; and
Whereas, considerable progress has been made in making such products accessible to people who have low vision and require enlarged fonts and different colors and contrast; and
Whereas, many third-party applications for such devices recognize the need to create accessibility for speech but do not pay attention to the needs of people with low vision; and
Whereas, this organization believes that part of the reason that apps are not made fully accessible to people with low vision lies in the fact that there is no single document we are aware of that provides clear information about the needs of people with low vision;
Now, therefore, be it resolved by the American Council of the Blind in convention assembled on the 10th day of July, 2015, at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Dallas, Texas, that this organization direct its Information Access Committee to work collaboratively with the Council of Citizens with Low Vision International to develop a document that will clearly outline the needs of people with low vision where accessibility to applications is concerned; and
Be it further resolved that this document, once prepared, be made available on our web site and be distributed to such entities as are determined by the Information Access Committee.
Ray Campbell, Secretary