Medicare Information Access
Resolution 2014-13
Whereas, the American Council of the Blind has passed resolutions that clearly require programs  such as Medicare to provide information to those they serve in accessible formats when requested; and
Whereas, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) does not provide in accessible formats, among other communications, materials related to provider payments and those forms which can be used by recipients to obtain reimbursement from Medicare;
Now, therefore, be it resolved by the American Council of the Blind in convention assembled on the 18th day of July, 2014, at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, that this organization call upon Medicare to immediately implement interim strategies that recognize their obligation to provide information in accessible formats; and
Be it further resolved that this organization reiterate its longstanding demand that CMS develop and implement a comprehensive policy concerning the provision of accessible information to its Medicare customers who are blind or who have low vision.
Ray Campbell, Secretary