Membership Committee

Ardis Bazyn, CA, Chair
(818) 238-9321
Sally Benjamin, FL
Michael Capelle, WI
Peggy Garrett, TX
George Holliday, PA
Tiffany Jolliff, VA
Allan Peterson, ND
Kenneth Semien Sr., TX
Alison Smitherman, MS
Robert Spangler, IA
Officer Liaison: John McCann, VA
Staff Liaison: Eric Bridges, VA

The mission of the Membership Committee is to encourage and assist ACB affiliates in increasing and maintaining membership by planning programs and projects, as well as visiting affiliates with specific membership issues. The educational seminars, focus calls, and helpful materials developed by the Membership Committee guide chapters and affiliates in their own membership development initiatives, which can include starting a new affiliate.

This web page was last updated July 1, 2016.