Credentials Committee

Jean Mann, NY, Chair
(518) 640-9572

Kathy Brockman, WI
Ray Campbell, IL, (ACB Secretary)
George Holliday, PA, (Membership Committee Representative)
John Huffman, IN, (Constitution and Bylaws Representative)
John McCann, AZ, (Board of Directors Elected Representative)
Ralph Smitherman, MS
Officer Liaison: John McCann, AZ
Staff Liaison: Sharon Lovering

Credentials Committee Responsibilities

The Credentials Committee determines the eligibility of each member and affiliate to be seated at the annual convention and determines the number of votes each affiliate may cast (one vote for every 25 of its voting members or a major fraction thereof provided that an affiliate may cast not more than 25 votes).

The committee reviews the credentials submitted by the national office, and if an affiliate is found to be late in submitting its dues and membership list, the committee may, after speaking with said affiliate, reduce the number of votes to which the affiliate is entitled for the upcoming convention. The affiliate has the right to appeal the committee’s decision in a closed meeting, and if the decision still stands, may appeal to the membership after the Credentials Committee has reported its decision on the floor.

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