March 17, 2002, Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Conference Call
March 17, 2002

President Gray called the meeting to order and asked the secretary to take roll call.

Those absent were: Mr. Brian Charlson who was representing ACB at the World Blind Union in India and Ms. Winifred Downing.

Motion 1: Ms. Ardis Bazyn moved to approve the agenda with one additional item. The motion passed unanimously.

Motion 2: Mr. Paul Edwards moved that the board defer discussion of a motion to reconsider the motion Mr. Charlson made at mid-year concerning the Resource Development committee funding. The motion carried.

Next the discussion turned to the installation of ATM’s in locations in Alaska. Mr. Sandy Sanderson said he has found a location where a machine can be installed. Mr. Sanderson said each machine would cost $4,000, but that would not be a talking ATM. The talking ATM would cost $6,000 per machine plus $4,000 for the bank.

Mr. Sanderson proposed the following recommendation to the board: That the board give permission for the purchase of six ATM machines one at a time at $6,000 per machine or $36,000 and $24,000 for banking with a one-time additional $2,000 for phone line installation. He also asked for $300 to purchase software for the machines so that it can be determined how much cash is available or any problems at any given time.

Motion 3: Mr. Mitch Pomerantz moved that the board authorize purchase of two machines up to a total of $22,000 ($12,000 plus $8,000 for banking and $2,000 for phone line) to be established with the assistance of the Alaska Independent Blind and that a status report be provided at the pre-convention board meeting and at the fall board meeting regarding profitability of that one machine before this board proceeds with acquisition of additional machines. On a roll call vote, the following results were: Affirmative – Ms. Bazyn, Mr. Beatty, Dr. Bradley, Ms. Grubb, Mr. Miller, Mr. Pomerantz, Mr. Sanderson and Ms. Seliger. Those opposed were: Mr. Alexander, Mr. Annunzio, Ms. Christensen, Mr. Edwards and Mr. Speicher.

Motion 4: Dr. Bradley moved to defer the third recommendation from the Resource Development Committee until the pre-convention board meeting. The motion carried.

President Gray led a discussion about the recent events of NLS supporting the NFB Newsline.

Motion 5: Mr. Jerry Annunzio moved ACB request that NLS include on the form an affirmative policy statement of privacy rights of people filling out the form. Mr. Crawford and President Gray will craft a letter to NLS. The motion carried.

Mr. Edwards suggested some reference be made to free matter mailing as part of the letter to NLS.

President Gray reported that the situation in Pittsburgh looks good for the 2003 convention. It seems the first people to meet in the planned section of the Convention Center will be AFLCIO.

Mr. Crawford reported that the national car donation program is moving ahead.

He also reported that pamphlets to be given to corporations for fund raising should be ready by two weeks from this date.

Finally, he stated he is working on getting a cost for the luggage tags to be sold at convention.

Motion 6: Ms. Seliger moved that Ms. Cynthia Towers be reimbursed $450 for the use of her frequent flyer miles for her recent trip to Pittsburgh. The motion carried.

Mr. Edwards asked about the status of the internet radio. President Gray said he has a new draft contract with Smart Media that he likes. Mr. Olsen has found a non-profit attorney who is from Kansas City. Mr. Olsen will contact this attorney concerning the Smart Medial contract. President Gray has identified an attorney in the Bay Area who is expert in contract law with dot coms.

Motion 7: Mr. Edwards moved that these two attorneys should take a look at the contract and look forward to hearing back from everyone. The motion passed.

Mr. Speicher requested a copy of the contract from Smart Media.

Motion 8: Ms. Christensen moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Seliger, Secretary