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This list is not necessarily a complete listing of all organizations, manufacturers or distributors nor does listing imply ACB endorsement.
The following is an alphabetical list of vendors of assistive technology, software, and related items, such as braille embossers, braille translation software, closed circuit televisions (CCTVs), large print software, magnifiers, notetakers, refreshable braille, scanners, speech software, speech synthesizers, voice activation and miscellaneous products

American Thermoform Corporation

1758 Brackett Street
La Verne, CA 91750
Toll Free: (800) 331-3676
Local: (909) 593-6711
Fax: 909-593-8001
Sells Braillo braille embossers, Perkins Braillers, and the Swell-Form Tactile Graphics Machine. Also sells braille paper for braille embossers. braille translation products such as Duxbury software (for Windows and DOS applications) and MegaDots software (for DOS applications). American Thermoform Corporation offers attractive leasing, financing options for their Braille equipment,

Duxbury Systems, Incorporated

270 Littleton Road, Unit 6
Westford, MA 01886-3523
Fax: 978-692-7912
Develops and markets Duxbury (braille translation software) in English and many other languages. Also sells MegaDots, a DOS-based program with a Windows installer.MegaDots is a combination braille translator and a word processor that will also work in Windows and NimPro.

Enabling Technologies

1310 Business Park Place
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
Fax: 772-225-3299
Sells Phoenix Braille Embosser, Romeo Attaché, Romeo Attaché Pro, Romeo Pro 50, Romeo Pro-LE, and BTec 100 single-sided embossers; Juliet Classic, Juliet Pro, ET, and Juliet Pro 60 double-sided embossers; BookMaker, Braille Express 150, and BraillePlace production embossers; and TranSend SE braille/print combination embosser, and; Romeo Pro-LE, PrestoBraille, and Braille Labeler BL-1000 for adding braille to signs and labels; Phoenix Braille Embosser with Firebird Software Suite for braille graphics, They also sell supplies and accessories.

Enhanced Vision

5882 Machine Dr.
Huntington Beach, CA 9264
(714) 465-3401
Fax: (714) 374-1821
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Web site:
Sells low-vision products such as Merlin Ultra, a high performance desktop video magnifier (CCTV), featuring HD; Acrobat portable reading and viewing systems; and Amigo and Pebble portable reading and viewing systems, among other products


1 UPS Way
PO Box 800
Champlain, NY 12919
Toll Free: 800-722-3393
Sells Victor Reader Stream, Smart View video magnifiers (CCTVs), BrailleNote notetakers, ZoomText, and several other products.

Independent Living Aids

200 Robbins Lane
Jericho, NY 11753
Toll Free: 800-537-2118
Fax: 516-937-3906
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Sells many products including, but not limited to assistive technology, color identifiers, braille, canes, clocks & timers, healthcare, lamps, watches, magnifiers, talking products, and telephones.

Innovation Management Group, Incorporated (IMG)

179 Niblick Road #454
Paso Robles, CA 93446
Toll Free: 800-889-0987
Toll Free Fax: 877-464-7763
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Sells products for the physically disabled. “The Magnifier” is a large print software program for visually impaired persons.

A.T. Kratter & Company, Inc.

12062 Valley View Street Suite 109
Garden Grove CA 92845-1739
Fax: 714-799-3100
This vendor sells video magnification/low vision products, speech access/screen readers, all-in-one pc access software; braille note-takers; reading machines; braille embossers/tactile graphics , learning disabilities/dyslexia; adaptive keyboards, GPS navigation, and custom computers.


145 River Rock Drive
Buffalo, NY 14207
Toll-Free Sales: 800-468-4789
Toll Free Fax: 877-498-1482
Toll-Free TTY: 866-317-8533
International/Local: (716) 348-3500
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Sells clocks and watches; electronics; low vision CCTV's; low vision lighting; games and crafts; magnification; educational products; healthcare; daily living products; telephones; books and reading stands; children's products; orientation and mobility; alerting devices; assistive listening devices; assistive technology; braille products; hearing accessories;TTY's and TDD's; talking products; spanish speaking products; sunglasses

Maxi-Aids, Inc.

42 Executive Blvd.
Farmingdale, NY 11735
To order, call 1-800-522-6294
For information, call (631) 752-0521
Fax: (631) 752-0689
TTY: (631) 752-0738
To send an e-mail, go to
Web site:

Maxi-Aids sells a variety of computer systems and accessories, braille displays, braille and large-print keyboards, scanners (desktop, portable, and stand-alone), DAISY players, screen magnifiers, cell phones and accessories, magnification and text-to-speech software, and more.

NanoPac, Inc.

4823 S. Sheridan Rd. Suite 302
Tulsa, OK 74145
Sales Toll Free: 800-580-6086
Fax: 918-665-0361
NanoPac sells low vision and blindness software and hardware, cell phones, voice recognition, Naturally Speaking, reading disabilities, turn-key computers, special keyboards, pointing solutions, environmental controls, adjustable tables, TTYs/TTDs.

Nuance Communications, Inc.

1 Wayside Road
Burlington, MA 01803
Fax: 781-565-5001
Sells OmniPage Pro, an optical character reading machine and voice-activated software products such as DragonNaturally Speaking.

RC Systems, Inc

1609 England Ave
Everett, WA 98203
Technical Support:
Sells Double Talk LT (small external version) and Double Talk PC (internal speech synthesizer).

Sweetman Systems

PO Box 341440
Arleta, CA 91334-1440
Fax: (818) 698-8199
This vendor sells braille embossers; braille translation software; computer systems; global positioning systems; large print software; notetakers / accessible PDAs; portable readers and audio players; reading systems and software; refreshable braille displays; screen access software; training; video magnification systems


11800 31st Court North
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Fax: 727-803-8001
To contact, visit:
VFO is an assistive technology provider for the visually impaired. Their brands include Ai Squared, Freedom Scientific, GW Micro and Optelec.

Ai Squared

130 Taconic Business Park Rd
Manchester Center, VT 05255
Toll Free: 800-859-0270
Fax: 802-362-1670
Sells ZoomText, ZoomText Mac, ZoomText Keyboard, ZoomText ImageReader, ZoomText Express, ZoomText Camera and Stand, and i-loview Handheld Video Magnifier.

Freedom Scientific

11800 31st Court North
St. Petersburg, FL 33716-1805
Toll Free Sales & Information: 800-444-4443
Local: 727-803-8000 
Fax: 727-803-8001
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Low Vision Products:
Blindness Products:
Learning Systems Products:

GW Micro

130 Taconic Business Park Rd
Manchester Center, VT 05255
Fax: 260-489-2608
Sells Vocatex, ReadEasy Move, ZoomText, DecTalk and Vocalizer and –loview products.

Optelec US Inc.

11800 31st Court North St.
Petersburg, FL 33716
Toll Free: (800) 444-4443
Sells CCTV’s and hand held magnification items.
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