Religious Activities

Saturday, July 6

5:00 PM: Roman Catholic Mass, Delaware C

  • Father John Sheehan, Jesuit Priest, Xavier Society for the Blind, New York, NY

5:00 PM: Interdenominational Service, Delaware D

  • Laurie Clark, Pastor, St. Luke's United Methodist Church, Columbus, OH

Sunday, July 7

7:00 AM: Jewish Service, Fayette

  • Rabbi Areyah Kaltmann, Director of Chabbad House, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

2:00 PM: LDS Sacrament Meeting, Fayette

  • President Scott Alpeter, Second Counselor, Columbus Ohio Stake, Columbus, OH

7:00 PM: Gospel Sing, McKinley

  • Led by Michael and Alison Smitherman,Jackson, MS