From My Lips to Your Ears

25 years as an NLS Narrator

Wednesday, July 6, talking book narrator Martha Harmon-Pardee will speak at the 55th annual American Council of the Blind Conference and Convention in Minneapolis, MN.

Martha Harmon-Pardee has recorded well over 3000 books since beginning her career in 1993. The vast majority of her narration has been for the NLS program, but she has also recorded commercial audio books.  A graduate of Northwestern University, Martha is also an actress and voiceover talent. When Martha is not hunkered down in her recording booth, she gets to do her favorite "job", mother her two beautiful daughters, Helena and Adelaide.

Martha will address the convention during the Wednesday morning, July 6, general session; speak at the program held by Library Users of America, Braille Revival League and American Association of Blind Teachers on Wednesday afternoon at 1:15 PM; and offer a special item for bid at the Decade of Dreams auction Wednesday evening.

Convention dates: Friday, July 1 through Saturday, July 9.

Pre-registration: Thursday, May 19 through Wednesday, June 22.

Hotel:  Hyatt Regency Minneapolis; room rates, $89.00/night plus tax (single or double); $10.00 per night for each additional person (limit, four people per room).

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