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Accessible Guitar Chords and Scales

Awesome Guitar Solo
ATTN: Ben Steinbuhler
1623 W Wilson Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640
(312) 259-4995

The accessible section of Awesome Guitar Solo provides text descriptions for thousands of guitar chord and scale shapes.   The interface is Section 508 compliant and properly equipped browsers can hear audio of the chords and scales on the screen.  Chords and scales of all keys and modes are available to the blind and visually impaired guitarist.  Feedback, comments and questions can be sent via the form found at

The chords and scales can be found at


BLINDFAM, the "blindness and family life discussion list", is a list dedicated to the discussion of the everyday life experiences of blind persons, their family members, and friends.

BLINDFAM is a forum for discussions of all aspects of family life as they are affected by the blindness of one or more family members, and welcomes discussion of any topic directly related to how blindness has, is, or will be affecting your family life. All family members are invited to join including spouses, parents, and children of a blind individual as well as any blind person.

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To contact the list owner of BLINDFAM, Roger Myers, send email to:
blindfam-request@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU or

BrailleM: The Braille Music List
This is the home page of BrailleM, the braille music email list.
BrailleM is a place for discussing and learning about all aspects of braille music code. The list is designed to help beginners in Braille music and give them a place where they can ask questions of more experienced braille music users. The list will also be useful to more experienced users, who can discuss about more difficult passages and formats.
The list also covers any and all subjects related to braille music, such as where to find teaching materials, where to order braille music material, how to transcribe music into braille music code, and so on.
To subscribe to BrailleM, send a blank message to:
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If you have problems subscribing or unsubscribing, write the list owner, Brent Hugh (bhugh @ The list owner can subscribe or unsubscribe you manually.
Please at least try the automated subscribe/unsubscribe methods before emailing the list owner. On the other hand, if you tried the automated methods and had problems, don't hesitate to write.

Brent Hugh's Personal and Business Web Pages
Brent Hugh's Piano Home Page; Recordings--several hours of music free for downloading or online listening: classical piano, children's songs, original compositions (classical, ambient, electronic) by Brent Hugh; EarTest--a shareware eartraining program designed to improved perfect pitch AND relative pitch; Teaching Young People to Be Musical--simple but specific suggestions to parents and teachers of young people, to help them develop their native music abilities (based on my doctoral research); EarTestonline--a simplified, online version of the EarTest software (free); Children's music by Brent Hugh (free sheet music and MP3 downloads); Sheet music by Brent Hugh (free sheet music downloads); The influence of Javanese Gamelan Music on Claude Debussy's piano music; The Braille Music FAQ and Braille Music Email List; The Missouri Music Teachers Association Home Page  ; Find a Piano Teacher in Missouri

This is a list where parents of blind or visually impaired children can discuss topics related to raising their children, dealing with concerns about the educational system, public attitudes about blindness, etc. Professionals and others who wish to take an active part in providing positive support to those they serve are welcome but are also encouraged to realize that this is a forum where parents must feel safe in venting about aspects of their life which may include dealing with professionals.
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To sign up for the CakeWalk User Forum, go to
CakeWalk User Forum is dedicated to the discussion of the CakeWalk computer program, which is used to compose music.

Dancing Dots

1754 Quarry Lane
PO Box 927
Valley Forge, PA 19482-0927
To send an e-mail, go to
Dancing Dots serves blind musicians and their educators through technology and training.

The School of Piano Technology for the Blind

Founder Emil Fries
In addition to technical skills, students learn how to contact potential employers and customers, advertise and market their services, keep necessary records, and deal with customers. Alumni often contribute their time to teach practical business building procedures and share the secrets of their success.

The Midi-Mag List is aimed at assisting all users with visual impairments to use MIDI andProAudio equipment more effectively. Members of this list share knowledge, ask questions, and discuss accessibility-related issues.
This list was set in motion in the FIA Suite  during the 1994 ACB convention in Chicago. Since its inception, it has attracted a worldwide group of users who have contributed to furthering careers, unraveling many technology-related mysteries, and encouraging manufacturers to make their products more user-friendly for people with visual impairments.
Friends In Art invites you to join this exciting cyber-community; to subscribe to the mailing list please send a message to: Please note you will receive a confirmation, notice.

Music Instructional Site for the Blind

Valdosta Music & Publishing
704 Habersham Rd.
Valdosta, GA 31602
Toll Free: 888-778-1828
Here you will find OVER 980 courses and songs taught totally “by ear” in everyday language. When you  learn “by ear” you not only learn the song quicker than using music or tab, you also develop your ability to play by ear. Click on the instrument of you choice and see just how easy it is to Learn by Ear, Play by Ear!

National Resource Center for Blind Musicians (formerly the Music and Arts Center for Humanity Music and Arts Center for the Handicapped (MACH))

Neighborhood Studios of Fairfield County, Inc.
510 Barnum Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06608
The resource center provides information and referral services for visually impaired students of all ages, their parents and teachers, learning opportunities for blind students headed to college, and maintains a network of visually impaired musicians willing to share their expertise in braille music, technology and coping strategies. The Resource Center is best known for its Summer Institute for Blind College-bound Musicians, a residential program which brings together students from several states, who are studying music at the college level. Other activities of the resource Center include development of programs for blind children in Connecticut and teacher training.

Opus Technologies

13333 Thunderhead Street
San Diego, CA 92129-2329 USA
Toll Free: 866-678-7832
Opus Technologies develops and sells software, print, and braille materials for learning and using braille, especially braille music. Based in San Diego, California, They have been serving the blind and visually-impaired community in the U.S. and other countries since 1992. Their customers include blind musicians and students, braille transcribers, parents, teachers and educators, and schools and libraries.


P.O. Box 475
Plaistow, NH 03865
Toll Free: 800-822-5845
TacTiles has a braille music code set of Lego-type tiles designed to teach braille music.

TalkingTabs LLC

110 Candace Dr.
Maitland FL, 32751
Toll Free: 800-660-6850,
They have a complete beginners series for the visually impaired for sale through American Printing House for the Blind.