Job Announcement for Braille Transcriber - Deadline 10/2/17

Employer: East Side Union High School District 

Job Title: Braille Transcriber 

Application Deadline: October 2, 2017 5:00 PM

Description of basic functions and responsibilities: 

The job of the Braille Transcriber is primarily to transcribe educational materials into alternative format (braille, large print, tape, etc.) for visually impaired students; to oversee the work of other Braille transcription; to provide information and/ or clerical support as needed; and to maintain equipment inventory necessary for teachers and students. 

Supervisor: School Site Administrator 

Major duties and responsibilities: 

Transcribe educational materials, including math instructional materials, into appropriate method (e.g. Braille, large print, etc.) for the purpose of providing educational materials for visually impaired students in the appropriate format. 

Operate a variety of office and Braille equipment (e.g. braillewriter, computer, specialized software applications, typewriter, embosser, scanner, recording equipment, copiers, etc.) for the purpose of providing staff and students with appropriate materials. 

Obtain documents and instructional material (e.g. text books, classroom assignments, tests, projects, etc.) for the purpose of materials being transcribed into Braille for recirculation. 

Picks up and/or delivers instructional materials to schools as needed. 

Interline Braille copy as well as generate reverse translation for the purpose of providing a transcription of Braille materials for use by sighted persons. 

Assist with maintaining supplies and equipment (e.g. cataloging and maintaining library books, materials, performing annual physical inventory, vendor contact, equipment maintenance scheduling, etc. ) for the purpose of ensuring availability of specific materials used for transcribing to assist students and/or teachers in the educational process. 

Support assigned staff and administrators (e.g. filing, copying, answering phones, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the orderly operations of the Visually Impaired Program. 

Employees in this job class will repair alternate format materials (e.g. recopy, replace pages, etc.) for the purpose of providing educational materials conducive to learning for visually impaired students. 

Respond to a variety of inquiries (e.g., teachers, vendors, students, etc.) for the purpose of providing necessary information as may be required. 

Employment Standards: 

Knowledge of proper English usage, spelling, punctuation and grammar 

Knowledge of office methods and practices 

Knowledge of Braille (Literary and Nemeth) Codes and Braille transcribing 

Knowledge of Textbook codes, such as advanced math, chemistry, music, foreign languages, etc. 

Knowledge of Tactile graphics 

Knowledge of pertinent academic areas and learning situations 

Ability to proofread and edit 

Ability to properly operate Braille and large print transcription 

Ability to learn methods and procedures to be followed in assigned instructional situation 

Ability to read technical information, and compose a variety of documents 

Ability to utilize a variety of job-related equipment 

Ability to attend to detail and meet deadlines and schedules 

Ability to understand and carry out both oral and written instructions in an independent manner 

Ability to schedule activities, meetings, and/or events as required for the program 

Ability to gather and/or collate data; work with data utilizing defined and similar processes 

Ability to problem-solve with data requiring an independent interpretation of guidelines 

Ability to effectively supervise students in a variety of situations 

Ability to establish and maintain accurate classroom/center records and files 

Ability to communicate effectively and tactfully in both oral and written forms 

Ability to type accurately at a rate required for successful job performance 

Ability to remain calm and patient in stressful situations 

Minimum Qualifications: 

High school diploma or equivalency 

Knowledge of Braille (Literary and Nemeth) Codes and Braille transcribing 

Proper operation of Braille and large print transcription 

Possess Library of Congress Certification for Braille transcriber and/or Braille proofreader preferred 

OR possess any combination of certifications, education (see below) and/or training sufficient to demonstrate proficiency in Literacy Brailling and transcribing at the high school level 

Must possess and maintain a valid California Driver License 

Bilingual preferred 


Two years of related college coursework from an accredited college/university OR 

One year of related college coursework and two years of experience 

Salary Range: 

Range 15: with minimum qualifications / related course work and experience 

Range 16: with Library of Congress Certification 

Other Comments: 

Employment type: Part-time position (25 hours per week/10 months per year) 
Benefits: District-paid medical, dental vision

Board Approved: 03/23/2017