The Communications Fast Lane

How to Say More with Less

ACB Board of Publications Workshop at the 55th annual Conference and Convention of the American Council of the Blind in Minneapolis, MN.

The Information Superhighway has been around for decades, but traffic has become heavier and faster than ever. The 24-hour news cycle, abundance of online information sources, 140-character limits on Twitter, and use of emoticons mean we have to make our point quickly and powerfully.

During the Board of Publications Editor's Workshop, learn strategies you can use to sharpen your message; use pictures, audio clips and humor to say more with less. Learn what it takes to supercharge your communications so your message roars to the front of the pack.

Date and time: Thursday, July 7, 1:15 to 2:30 PM

Cost: $5.00 pre-registration, $7.00 on-site

Convention dates: Friday, July 1 through Saturday, July 9

Pre-registration: Thursday, May 19 through Wednesday, June 22

Hotel:  Hyatt Regency Minneapolis; room rates, $89.00/night plus tax (single or double); $10.00 per night for each additional person (limit, four people per room)

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