Celebrate Life Through the Power of the Dream

Join speaker and entertainer Terry Kelly at the banquet at the 55th annual Conference and Convention of the American Council of the Blind in Minneapolis, MN.
What is the power and poison of affirmations?
What is a dream adjustment; why is it important, and how do we make one?
Would you like to know the cure for one of the most infectious diseases?  What is your why, and how do you discover it?  Are you blind in your mind?  Would you like to know the cure?
What happens when you live every day in gratitude?  What is the formula for making dreams come true?  Why is failure a gift?  What is success?
What is the formula to maintain enthusiasm and achieve balance in your life?
Terry Kelly will answer these questions. Through humor, stories and song, he will entertain and inspire you to take a 360-degree look at your life.
When - Friday, July 8, 7:00 PM
Cost - $22 pre-registration, $25 on-site
Thanks to Vanda Pharmaceuticals for their Double Diamond sponsorship of the banquet.
Convention dates - Friday, July 1 through Saturday, July 9
Pre-registration - May 19 - June 22
Hotel - Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
Room rates - $89 single or double; $10 per additional person for up to four people per room.

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