2011 Conference and Convention Program


50th Annual National
Conference and Convention
American Council of the Blind
Special-Interest Affiliates

John Ascuaga’s Nugget Resort & Casino
Reno, Nevada
July 8-16, 2011

Mitch Pomerantz, President

Hosted by the
Nevada Council of the Blind
Rick Kuhlmey, President

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American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.

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Nevada Gems - 2011 Corporate Sponsors

Many, many thanks to the 2011 corporate sponsors, our Nevada gems. Your continued generous support of the American Council of the Blind and our conference and convention is much appreciated.

Look for the 2011 corporate sponsors in the conference and convention program and newspaper, on ACB Radio, on the convention T-shirt, and throughout the week. Be sure to thank them personally for their generous support.

Ruby Sponsors

Deque Systems
Google - ACB Tour Transportation
Humanware - ACB Radio Mainstream
Vanda Pharmaceuticals - ACB Registration

Sapphire Sponsor

Adobe Systems- the "Silver City Star" and Tuesday general session

Onyx Sponsors

AT&T - exhibit hall
Freedom Scientific - volunteer services
Regal Entertainment - Youth Activity Center
Verizon - ACB Convention Café

Topaz Sponsors

American Foundation for the Blind - Legislative seminar; transportation workshops
Learning Ally - ACB Café (Sunday); scholarship student
National Industries for the Blind - information desk

Coral Sponsors

Maxi Aids - ACB Café (Monday and Wednesday)
Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of America - scholarship luncheon and scholarship dinner
Vehicle Donation Processing Center - 2 scholarship winners

Pearl Sponsors

American Council of Blind Lions - scholarship winner
AT&T - scholarship reception
Austin Junior Woman's Federation-C&E - scholarship winner
GW Micro - ACB Employment Seminar
Goldstein, Demchak, Baller, Borgen and Dardarian/Lainey Feingold - Information Access Seminar
Tracfone - scholarship winner

Additional Sponsors

The Lighthouse for the Blind, Seattle, WA
Inland Northwest Lighthouse for the Blind, Spokane. WA

From the President

Dear Conference/Convention Attendees:

Let me welcome you to the 50th annual national conference and convention of the American Council of the Blind here in Reno, Nevada. This historic gathering of ACB members and friends is taking place at John Ascuaga's Nugget, a thoroughly modern facility with all the amenities one would expect from an up-to-date Nevada hotel and casino.

The theme of the 2011 conference and convention is "ACB in the Silver State: Golden Past, Diamond Future," a theme which highlights both our geographic location and the golden anniversary of the founding of the American Council of the Blind in July 1961. This is a part of the country I have enjoyed visiting on several occasions in previous years. From the narrated boat cruise on Lake Tahoe and leisurely stroll through Virginia City, to a long-ago trip to see hundreds of vintage cars at the automobile museum, this area has been one of my favorite places to explore. I urge you to take advantage of the wide variety of tours available this week and experience this fascinating part of the country.

This year's conference and convention will offer a variety of presentations, but as this is our 50th anniversary, I'd like to highlight two in particular. Thanks to the efforts of ACB's oral history project, you will hear by recording from six former ACB presidents - one each during plenary sessions beginning Sunday evening. Three panels will focus respectively on ACB's establishment and early years, our current accomplishments, and future direction as an organization.

Once again, the ACB Board of Directors wishes to acknowledge and thank our staff in the D.C. and Minneapolis area offices, as well as the scores of volunteers who work so tirelessly between conventions, not to mention their nonstop efforts during this week's celebration. Special recognition also goes to the members of the Convention Committee, Convention Program Committee, and Nevada Host Committee for their commitment and hard work during the past year.

I want to welcome those of you attending your first national conference and convention, or attending after being away for some time. Please feel free to approach any veteran convention-goer, myself included, if you have a question about anything going on that you don't understand. I hope everyone has an informative and entertaining week and please don't hesitate to come up and introduce yourself to Donna and me if you get the chance.

Mitch Pomerantz, President

50 Years of ACB Presidents

American Council of the Blind
50 Years of ACB Presidents

Ned E. Freeman
Georgia 1961-1966

Reese H. Robrahn
Kansas 1966-1972

Floyd Qualls
Oklahoma City, OK 1972-1978

Oral O. Miller
Washington, DC 1978-1981

Grant M. Mack
Salt Lake City, UT 1981-1987

Dr. Otis H. Stephens
Knoxville, TN 1987-1989

LeRoy F. Saunders
Oklahoma City, OK 1989-1995

Paul Edwards
Miami, FL 1995-2001

Christopher Gray
San Francisco, CA 2001-2007

Mitch Pomerantz
Pasadena, CA 2007-2011

Congratulations on 50 Years of Success

ACB In the Silver State
Golden Past – Diamond Future
Congratulations on 50 Years of Success

Alaska Independent Blind Inc.
American Blind Golf
ACB of Colorado
ACB of Maryland
Audio Description Associates
Austin Council of the Blind
Bay State Council of the Blind
Ardis Bazyn
Margarine G. Beaman
Kevin Berkery
Audley Blackburn
Kathy Blackburn
Blue Grass Council of the Blind
Braille Revival League
Shirley Brokaw
California Council of the Blind
Patti and David Cox
Debbie and Bill Deatherage
DC Council of the Blind
Harry Epstein
Christopher Gray
Guide Dog Users, Inc.
George S. Holliday
Sarita Holliday
Independent Visually Impaired Enterprisers
Stephen Kerr
Bob & Ottilie Lucas
John A. McCann
Oral O. Miller
Mountain State Council of the Blind
Rhonda Nelson
Nevada Council of the Blind
North Dakota Association of the Blind
Oklahoma Council of the Blind
Old Dominion Council of the Blind
Mary Susan & William Orester
Pennsylvania Council of the Blind
Mitch Pomerantz
Donna Pomerantz
Potomac Valley Chapter, Mountain State Council
Marvelena Quesada
Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of America
Teddie-Joy Remhild
Adam Ruschival & Carla Ruschival
St. Louis Council of the Blind
Dick Seifert
Silicon Valley Council of the Blind
Melvin Smith
South Dakota Association of the Blind
Utah Council of the Blind
Cindi Vega, honored president, Utah Council
Vermont Council of the Blind
Xavier Society for the Blind

Past Members that Molded our Future

ACB In the Silver State
Golden Past – Diamond Future
Past Members that Molded our Future

Durward McDaniel
Eugene Barton
Sue Illingworth
Dr. Mae Davidow
Floyd Qualls
James “Jim” Olsen
Mary McDonald
Linda Cote
Grant Mack
Melissa Mann
John DiFrancesco
Dr. Rose Resnick
Alma Murphey
Reese Robrahn
Juliet Esterly
Maxine Dorf
Dr. Robert T. McLean
Floyd Cargill
Carolyn Garrett
Patricia Beattie
Patricia Price
George Coorey
Mary Ballard (Stephens)
Jean Dorf
Margaret Rockwell
Roberta Douglas Pfanstiehl (Miller)
Dr. Raymond F. "Bud" Keith

Basic Information

Abbreviations in This Program

ACB - American Council of the Blind
AAVL - Alliance on Aging and Vision Loss
AAVIA - American Association of Visually Impaired Attorneys
ACBDA - ACB Diabetics in Action
ACBGE - ACB Government Employees
ACBHSP - ACB Human Service Professionals
ACBL - ACB Lions
ACBRA - ACB Radio Amateurs
ADP - Audio Description Project
AFB - American Foundation for the Blind
APH - American Printing House for the Blind
BITS - Blind Information Technology Specialists
BOP - Board of Publications
BPI - Blind LGBT Pride Int'l
BRL - Braille Revival League
CCLVI - Council of Citizens with Low Vision Int'l
Cen Pac - Central Pacific Room
CFVI - Council of Families with Visual Impairments
DKM First-Timer - Durward K. McDaniel First-Timer
FIA - Friends-in-Art of ACB
GDUI - Guide Dog Users, Inc.
IRC - International Relations Committee
IVIE - Independent Visually Impaired Enterprisers
LUA - Library Users of America
MCAC - Multicultural Affairs Committee
NABS - National Alliance of Blind Students
NABT - National Association of Blind Teachers
NELDS - National Education & Legal Defense Service
NIB - National Industries for the Blind
NLS - National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
RSVA - Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of America
SASI - Sight and Sound Impaired Committee
So Pac - South Pacific Rooms
VIVA - Visually Impaired Veterans of America
WCC - Women's Concerns Committee
YAC - Youth Activity Center

Program Formatting Note

Entries in this program give day, time, and location for each event. Descriptions, presenters, and ticket prices are shown when applicable.

If a group is holding all of its events in the same room on a given day, that room name appears on the line beside the day and date. If a group is holding more than one event on a given day, and those events are in different rooms, the location for the first event is shown beside the day and date. Subsequent rooms are shown beside the events.

ACB Photography

The official ACB photographer for the 2011 conference and convention will be taking pictures in the exhibit hall, on selected tours, and at many social events. He will visit committee and affiliate meetings and workshops, general sessions, and the banquet.

It is understood that all activities and programs scheduled at the 2011 conference and convention are subject to be photographed. Photos are the property of ACB, and are for ACB's use.

Be sure your committee, affiliate or other group event is photographed. Contact the ACB/NIB Information Desk to request that the photographer visit your event. Be sure to specify date and time, and provide contact information so we can reach you if necessary.

Medical Information

For medical emergencies, dial 0 on a hotel phone or 911 on any other phone. Stay calm and speak distinctly. Give your name, exact location and a description of the emergency.

Renown Urgent Care, 910 Vista Blvd., Sparks; 775-982-5000; 9:00am - 8:00pm Monday - Friday. 9:00am to 6:00pm, Saturday; $130 payment required if no insurance.

Renown Regional Medical Center Hospital, 1155 Mill St., Reno; 775-982-4100.

Digital Information and Internet

ACB Radio - ACB Radio livestreams from all general sessions on the Mainstream channel; sessions are replayed around the clock. ACB Radio Mainstream at the convention sponsored by Humanware.

ACB Radio broadcasts from the Exhibit Hall on ACB Interactive. The FIA Performing Arts Showcase, BOP Candidates' Forum, and ACB Banquet are also livestreamed.

Email list - The acbconvention email list keeps you up-to-date on all the news. Even if you aren't at convention, you can receive the "Silver City Star" and all the other information. To subscribe, go to the ACB website at www.acb.org, or send a blank message to acbconvention-subscribe@acb.org.

File Download Service - Would you like your newspaper, exhibit list, delegate list, and amendments in electronic format for your laptop or notetaker? Stop by the ACB/NIB Information Desk each morning before 10:00; a volunteer will download all the latest files onto your thumb drive, SD card or compact flash card.

Wireless Internet is available from your hotel room at a cost of $9.99 per day or $49.99 per week. Or connect at no charge from Starbucks on the first floor of the hotel.

Info for Guide Dog Users

Guide dog relief areas are built and maintained by Scoop Masters, and are located near hotel exits. Relief areas are open from noon on Thursday, July 7 until noon on Sunday, July 17. ACB volunteers and hotel staff will be happy to assist you to locate the areas.
It is your responsibility to relieve your dog at regular intervals. You are expected to pick up after your dog; trash receptacles are located near relief areas for your convenience.

Should an indoor accident occur, please report it to the front desk. Do not just walk away from or ignore an accident. If an accident occurs in your room, you will be charged for the clean-up.

The GDUI Convention Area Orientation (Sun., July 10 at noon and 5:00 p.m.) will help you learn the best routes in and around the hotel. Meet in Bonanza B.

For veterinary care, contact:

Desert Hills Animal Hospital, 760 E. Lincoln Way, Sparks; 775-331-4700; 8:00am - 5:30pm, Mon. - Fri.; 8:00am - noon, Sat.; full service vet care

Animal Emergency Center, 6425 W. Virginia St., Reno; 775-851-3600; 6:00pm to 8:00am weekdays; 6:00pm Fri. to 8:00am Mon.

Hotel Information

The twin-towered 29-story John Ascuaga Nugget Hotel Resort Casino is a family-owned hotel filled with friendly staff, lots of restaurants, comfortable meeting and sleeping rooms, indoor swimming pool and fitness center, and other amenities.

Hotel information such as lists of telephone numbers, hotel description, and room service menus will be available from the ACB/NIB Information Desk in braille, large print and electronic formats.

To get you started, here is an outline of the public areas:

First floor - Orozko's Restaurant, Starbuck's, Rotisserie Buffet, Rosie's Café, Trader Dick's Restaurant, Noodle Hut, Steakhouse Grill, Oyster Bar, and casino.

Lower level - Pyramid Room (Communication Center), gift shop, Gabe's Deli, Bingo Parlor

Second floor - Rose Ballroom (general session), Pavillion (exhibits, registration, and ACB Café), and Meeting Rooms - Ponderosa A and B; Bonanza A, B and C; Alpine, Carson, Donner, Fremont, Tahoe, Genoa, Washoe, Truckee, video games for kids

Third floor - meeting rooms (most meal functions, caucuses, etc.) - South Pacific A through G, Central Pacific A, B and C.

Fifth floor - swimming pool; fitness center, Chonne's Salon and Spa.

Registration Q&A

Sponsored by Vanda Pharmaceuticals

The ACB/Vanda Pharmaceuticals Registration Desk is located in Pavillion B on the second floor. Registration hours are:

Thursday, July 7 (pre-reg. pick-up only): 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Friday to Sunday, July 8 to 10 - 8:00am to 7:00pm
Monday, July 11 - 8:00am to 4:00pm
Tuesday to Thursday, July 12 to 14 - 8:00am to 3:00pm
Friday, July 15 - 8:00am to 2:00pm

When you register, you receive your convention ID badge, program, and goody bag filled with information and surprises. You must register to purchase tickets to events, and be eligible to win great door prizes. Wear your badge at all times; it admits you to the exhibit area, lets you vote (if you are an ACB member), and helps hotel personnel and volunteers provide better service.

If you are pre-registered, your packet will be waiting for you. You may not pick up a packet for someone else. If you have any questions about your registration or need to purchase additional tickets, go to the Registration Desk.

A one-day pass is available for $5.00; $10.00 with program. This pass is color-coded by day, and is good for only the day on which it is purchased. With this pass you may attend exhibits and other programs and purchase tickets for that day only. If you wish to attend additional days at the convention, you must pay the full administrative fee.

No administrative fee will be charged for a voter certification badge.

REFUNDS: ACB will make NO refunds for convention administrative and registration fees, sponsorship donations, or tickets that you just don't want. Refunds are not made for events that you miss for any reason other than extreme illness (see below), or for events that you simply do not enjoy.

Refunds will be issued ONLY for meals, events, and tours provided that:

1. An individual has pre-registered AND requests the refund in writing to the American Council of the Blind, 6300 Shingle Creek Pkwy., Suite 195, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430, or calls (612) 332-3242, ON OR BEFORE June 30, 2011; AND

2. The individual DOES NOT ATTEND any part of the convention.
In case of illness during the convention which requires you to return home or to be hospitalized, refunds will be issued only for the meals, events, and tours which take place AFTER your absence begins. If the guarantee has already been given for a meal function or a tour, no refund for that function will be given.

LOST TICKETS: ACB will NOT replace tickets that are lost during the convention. All ticket packets are checked before they are distributed at the convention, and tickets that are lost or misplaced must be purchased again.

RESELLING TICKETS: Tickets will be accepted for resale at registration ONLY if the event is sold out, and will be resold on a first-come, first-serve basis. In general, meal functions and social events at the hotel DO NOT sell out; you may wish to explore other methods of selling luncheon, banquet and other such tickets.

EVENTS SOLD OUT: If you are trying to purchase a ticket for an event or tour that is sold out, check in person at the Registration Desk for tickets returned for resale. If a tour or event was sold out before your pre-registration was processed, a refund will be included with your pre-registration packet. ACB is not responsible for notifying you if you have paid for a ticket through pre-registration for an event or tour that is already sold out. Your name will be put on a waiting list in the event of cancellations, or in case additional tickets become available.

Communication Center Services

The Communication Center is in the Pyramid Room on the lower level and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Fri., July 8 through Wed., July 13. This is where you can place ads in the paper, make braille or print copies, or volunteer to help produce the newspaper.

CONVENTION NEWSPAPER: This year's newspaper is "The Silver City Star," sponsored by Adobe. It is published each day, Sat. through Thurs., in braille and large print; pick up a copy at the ACB/NIB Information Desk. The paper is also available on the acbconvention email list and via download at the Information Desk before 10:00 a.m.

The National Alliance of Blind Students (NABS) will deliver the newspaper to your hotel room door. For $7 (pre-registration) or $10 (registration), your paper will be waiting for you each morning when you wake up. After you sign up for newspaper delivery, activate your service by giving your room number and your format preference to the Information Desk.

ADS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ads and other items for publication must be in the Communication Center by 2:00 p.m. each day. The BOP allows ads to run up to three days in order to give important convention announcements more space. Ads must be no longer than 100 words. BOP editorial policy prohibits the production or distribution of campaign materials by the Communication Center.

Cost of advertising in the newspaper is: individuals, ACB affiliates and blind representatives of MLM companies, $15/day or $40/3 days; exhibitors - $40/day or $100/3 days; all others - $50/day or $125/3 days.

Pay for advertising at registration; show your receipt at the Communication Center prior to submitting your ad copy.

BRAILLING AND PHOTOCOPYING: This service is available at the Communication Center for 10 cents/page. If your committee or affiliate needs something in braille or large print, bring files early in the day so we can fit your job between other tasks. We will print a test to let you know the number of pages per copy. Be sure to label your computer card, and tell us how many of each format you need and by what time. Please make payment at Registration.

"The Silver City Star" is made possible through the generous sponsorship of Adobe Systems. Thanks also to Enabling Technologies for once again donating the use of the braille embossers, and to American Thermoform Corporation for their generous donation of braille paper.

Please remember that the Communication Center is a working room. While the convention is a great place to meet and greet, loud conversations make it difficult to hear the speech synthesizers on the computers. Help us help you get the information you need.

ACB Convention Café

Sponsored by Verizon

Stop by the ACB/Verizon Convention Café to grab a quick cup of coffee, pastry, sandwich, salad or snack as you rush from one meeting to another or as you head out on a tour. Meet at the Café to visit with friends or just rest a while between activities. The Café is on the second floor in Pavillion A; hours and specials will be announced in the newspaper.

ACB Fundraisers

Show your support for ACB in one or more of these ways:

* CONVENTION SPONSORSHIPS - Stop by the ACB/Vanda Pharmaceuticals Registration Desk and become an individual or corporate ACB Convention Sponsor. Individual sponsorships are bronze ($25), silver ($50), gold ($100), platinum ($250), and titanium ($500); sponsors receive special ribbons to wear on their convention badges, and are recognized both in general session and in the newspaper.

For information on corporate sponsorships, including pearl, coral, topaz, onyx, opal, ruby, emerald and diamond, contact Margarine Beaman in the hotel or by cell phone at
(512) 921-1625.

* ACB WALK - Go the extra mile for ACB by bringing in pledges and by participating in the walk. Buses leave promptly at 6:30am on Sunday, July 10.

2011 ACB Walk sponsors are:
Regal Entertainment - Pace Setter
Vanda Pharmaceuticals - Starting Line

* ACB AUCTION - Get ready to bid and buy! Vacations, technology, jewelry, memorabilia and many more treasures. Auction preview, Wed., 6:00pm; auction to follow at 7:00 in Ponderosa. Don't be late; grab a sandwich from the cash-and-carry line at the auction so you won't miss any of the bidding fun.

* ACB RAFFLE - Win $5,000 in cold hard cash! Limited tickets available; $50 each. Buy one for yourself or your affiliate, or find up to four friends and split the cost five ways. Available at the ACB store in the ACB/AT&T Exhibit Hall and at registration.

* MMS PROGRAM - Help support ACB all year round; it's easy and quick. Find out more about the Monthly Monetary Support Program; ask questions and complete paperwork at the MMS table near registration. The MMS table is open Mon. through Thurs., 1:00 to 3:00pm.

Affiliate Caucuses

Tuesday, July 12

5:45pm California - Bonanza A

Wednesday, July 13

3:30pm GDUI - So Pac C-D

4:15pm Mid-south - So Pac A-B

5:45pm Midwest - Carson

Thursday, July 14

7:00am New York Breakfast (open to all) - $22 - So Pac A

7:00am Washington State Breakfast (WCB members only) - So Pac B

5:45pm New England, Florida and Maryland - So Pac E

5:45pm Missouri - So Pac D

Religious Activities

Saturday, July 9

8:30pm Jewish Havdalah - Carson
Rabbi Eliza Beth Beyer, Reno, NV

Sunday, July 10

9:00am Roman Catholic Mass - Cen Pac
Father Mike Mahone, Our Lady of the Snows Parish, Reno, NV

9:00am LDS Sacrament Meeting - Washoe
Bishop David Baggett, D.V.M., Valley 2nd Ward, Reno North Stake

10:30am Interdenominational Church Service - Cen Pac
Tom Thompkins, Pastor, Reno Christian Fellowship, Reno, NV

Monday, July 11

7:00pm Gospel Sing - So Pac C-D
Old-time favorites led by Dan Whittemore, guitar, Reno Christian Fellowship, and Michael and Alison Smitherman, Jackson, MS

Convention Standing Rules

Adopted by the
ACB Board of Directors
May 2009

1. Each debatable issue before the convention shall be limited to approximately twenty (20) minutes with a three-minute time limit per speaker, alternating between affirmative and opposing speakers, unless a majority of the members agree to extend debate for an additional period of time.

A. Motions to close debate will not be recognized by the chair during the first debate period. After the first debate period, properly moved motions such as "I call for the question" or "I move the previous question" will be handled by the chair and voted on by the assembly.

B. The chair may close debate when no one seeks the floor.

C. Each member is respectfully urged to speak directly to the issue before the assembly and avoid unnecessary and time-consuming dialogue.

D. No member will be recognized a second time to debate until all who wish to debate have been recognized.

E. The parliamentarian will act as timekeeper.

2. Recognition to speak will be given to those members who properly address the chair using the microphones and giving their names and affiliation. Motions that may interrupt a speaker may be called from your seat, responded to by the chair, and explained by the mover at a microphone if requested by the chair. Examples: Point of Order, Point of Information, Parliamentary Inquiry, Question of Privilege, Call for Orders of the Day, etc.

3. Registration badges are required to be worn at all convention meetings and only those members with the appropriate colored dot may vote during business meetings.

4. Changes to the published convention program may be proposed to the membership as deemed necessary by the presiding officer or his/her appointee. The presiding officer will explain the reason for such change and inform the assembly of their right to question the recommended modification. After this explanation, if twenty-five (25) or more members object to the proposed change by coming to the microphone and stating their name as placed in objection, the change requires debate and a majority vote to modify the convention program.

5. Nominating and seconding speeches shall be limited to five minutes per candidate with the speaking time allocated according to the candidate's wishes. A person nominated for an office more than once shall be limited to one minute.

6. When no candidate for office receives a majority vote, the election shall be among the top two candidates. Affiliate votes will be reported in whole or half numbers.

7. Any person meeting the requirements of a "voting member" as defined in ACB's Constitution, Article III-A-1, and complying with all other applicable membership requirements, becomes an ACB member and is entitled to register, receive a registration badge with the appropriate colored voting dot, and vote at ACB's annual convention provided:

A. Their name is on the March 15th membership information or has been added to that membership information, or

B. Their voting membership status is verified by a member of the Board of Directors or an officer of their affiliate organization, or

C. They establish voting membership status during the annual convention.

American Council of the Blind General Session Agenda

American Council of the Blind
50th Annual Conference and Convention
Theme: ACB in the Silver State
Golden Past - Diamond Future

Sunday, July 10 - Rose Ballroom

6:30pm Pre-convention entertainment - Adrienne Lattin, Flute, Reno, NV

7:00pm Call to Order - Mitch Pomerantz, President, American Council of the Blind, Pasadena, CA
Invocation - Michael Garrett, member, ACB Board of Directors, Missouri City, TX
Presentation of Colors - Color Guard, Fallon Naval Air Station, Fallon, NV
Pledge of Allegiance - MJ Schmitt, ACB charter member, Rochester, NY
"The Star-Spangled Banner"
Welcome to Reno - Bob Cashell, Mayor, City of Reno, and Geno Martini, Mayor, City of Sparks, NV
Welcome - Rick Kuhlmey, President, Nevada Council of the Blind and Co-Chair, Nevada Host Committee, Las Vegas, NV

7:20pm President's Report - Mitch Pomerantz, Pasadena, CA

7:45pm Hearing from ACB's Past Presidents - Reese Robrahn, 1966-1972 (deceased)

7:50pm Future Trends in Access Technology - Gilles Pepin, Chief Executive Officer, HumanWare Inc., Drummondville, QC, Canada

8:20pm ACB First-Timers - Allen Casey, Chair, DKM Committee, Graham, NC

8:30pm Life Membership Presentations - Mitch Pomerantz

8:50pm First Credentials Committee Report - Jean Mann, Chair, Credentials Committee, Guilderland, NY

9:05pm Roll Call of Affiliates - Marlaina Lieberg, ACB Secretary, Burien, WA

Monday, July 11 - Rose Ballroom

8:00am Morning Entertainment

8:30am Pledge of Allegiance - Denny Huff, President, Missouri Council of the Blind, Kansas City, MO (ACB's birthplace)
Invocation - Reverend Sherryl Netzler, St. Catherine of Sierra Episcopal Church, Reno, NV

8:40am ACB Business
Announcement of ACB Sponsors - Margarine Beaman, Austin, TX
Ruby Sponsor Presentation - Vanda Pharmaceuticals
Final Credentials Report - Jean Mann
Adoption of Standing Rules/Adoption of Program - Mitch Pomerantz
Constitution and Bylaws - Dr. Otis Stephens, Chair, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Knoxville, TN
Presiding Officer - Kim Charlson, ACB First Vice President, Watertown, MA

9:15am Hearing from ACB's Past Presidents - Oral Miller, 1978-1981, Washington, DC

9:20am Presentation of Affiliate Membership Growth Awards - Cindy Van Winkle, Chair, Awards Committee, Bremerton, WA
Presentation of Ned E. Freeman, Hollis Liggett and Vernon Henley Awards - Paul Edwards, Chair, ACB Board of Publications, Miami, FL

9:40am Tales of the Silver State - Chris Driggs, Archivist, Nevada State Archives, Carson City, NV

10:00am The Status of Blind People in Brazil - Dr. Francisco Lima, Professor, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil

10:30am Break

10:45am Honoring ACB's Past - M.J. Schmitt, ACB Charter Member, Rochester, NY; Dr. Phyllis Burson, Widow of ACB Charter Member Brad Burson, Bethesda, MD; Michael Byington, Son of Longtime ACB Member Bonnie Byington, Topeka, KS

11:15am The Future of Accessible Telecommunications after Passage of H.R. 3101 - Eric Bridges, ACB Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs, Arlington, VA

11:45am ACB Recreation Zone - Oral Miller, Washington, DC

11:55am Announcements

Tuesday, July 12 - Rose Ballroom
Sponsored by Adobe Systems

8:00am Morning Entertainment - We Be Cellin' Cello Choir

8:30am Pledge of Allegiance - Visually Impaired Veterans of America
Invocation - Tom Thompkins, Pastor, Reno Christian Fellowship, Reno, NV

8:35am ACB Business
Announcement of ACB Sponsors - Margarine Beaman
Report of the Nominating Committee - Patrick Sheehan, Chair, Silver Spring, MD
Constitution and Bylaws - Dr. Otis Stephens
Resolutions - Judy Jackson, Chair, Resolutions Committee, Austin, TX
Presiding Officer: Brenda Dillon, ACB Second Vice President, Hermitage, TN

9:10am Hearing From ACB's Past Presidents - Dr. Otis Stephens, 1987-1989, Knoxville, TN

9:15am 2011 ACB Scholarship Presentations - Patty Slaby, Chair, Scholarship Committee, Winona, MN

10:30am Break

10:45am Recognizing ACB's Present - Pratik Patel, President, ACB of New York and Chair, Information Access Committee, Fresh Meadows, NY; Peggy Garrett, Chair, Multicultural Affairs Committee, Missouri City, TX; Cindy Van Winkle, Bremerton, WA; Paul Edwards, Miami, FL

11:15am A New Day At NLS - Ruth Scovill, Acting Director, and Michael Katzmann, Chief, Materials Development Division, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Washington, DC

11:55am Announcements

Wednesday, July 13 - Rose Ballroom

8:00am Morning Entertainment

8:30am Pledge of Allegiance - Berl Colley, ACB Oral History Project and member, ACB Board of Directors, Lacey, WA
Invocation - Rev. Phil Bryan, Reno Buddhist Church, Reno, NV

8:35am ACB Business
Announcement of ACB Sponsors - Margarine Beaman
Constitution and Bylaws; Resolutions
Presiding Officer: Marlaina Lieberg, ACB Secretary, Burien, WA

9:00am Hearing From ACB's Past Presidents - LeRoy Saunders, 1989-1995, Oklahoma City, OK

9:05am Accessing Medical Information and Maintaining Our Privacy As Blind Consumers - Sue Ammeter, Chair, Health Issues Task Force, Port Hadlock, WA; Dr. Chris Cooke, ND, Naturopathic Physician, Portland, OR; Paula D. Pearlman, J.D., Executive Director, Disability Rights Legal Center, Los Angeles, CA

9:40am Safety and Security in and Outside the Home - Tracey Hawkins, Safety and Security Trainer/Writer, Kansas City, MO; Wendy David, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Veterans Administration, Seattle, WA

10:10am Break

10:25am A Friendly and Familiar Voice - Kristin Allison, Talking Book Narrator, Denver, CO

10:55am Focusing on ACB's Future - Sara Conrad, President, National Alliance of Blind Students, Stevensville, MI; Suzanne Whalen, Recent ACB Member, Dallas, TX; Kenneth Semien, Sr., 2010 DKM First-Timer Award winner and Second Vice President, ACB of Texas, Beaumont, TX; Derrick Middleton, First Vice President, ACB of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

11:25am Update on ACB's Audio Description Project - Joel Snyder, President, Audio Description Associates and Director, ACB Audio Description Project, Tacoma Park, MD

11:55am Announcements

Thursday, July 14 - Rose Ballroom

8:00am Morning Entertainment

8:30am Pledge of Allegiance - Darrin Cheney, 2011 DKM First-timer and President, Idaho Council of the Blind, Weiser, ID
Invocation - Father Mike Mahone, Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church, Reno, NV

8:35am ACB Business
Announcement of ACB Sponsors - Margarine Beaman
Ruby Sponsor Presentation - Google Inc.
Constitution and Bylaws; Resolutions
Presiding Officer: Mike Godino, ACB Treasurer, Malverne, NY

9:00am Hearing From ACB's Past Presidents - Paul Edwards, 1995-2001, Miami, FL

9:05am Update on Activities Related to a Proposed International Copyright Agreement: Michele Woods, Acting Associate Register for Policy and International Affairs, United States Copyright Office, Washington, DC

9:35am Status of Braille in the U.S. and Beyond: Judy Dixon, Chair, Braille Authority of North America, Arlington, VA

10:00am Executive Director's Report - Melanie Brunson, ACB Executive Director, Arlington, VA

10:30am Break

10:45am Treasurer's Report - Mike Godino, ACB Treasurer

11:00am ACBES Report - Michael Garrett, Chair, ACB Enterprises and Services, Missouri City, TX

11:15am National Conference/Convention Report - Carla Ruschival, Chair, ACB Convention Committee, Louisville, KY

11:35am Report on the 5K Walk/Run and ACB Auction - Dan Dillon, Co-Chair, Resource Development Committee, Hermitage, TN; Marsha Farrow, Chair, ACB Auction Subcommittee, Summerville, GA

11:55am Announcements

Friday, July 15 - Rose Ballroom

8:00am Morning Entertainment - Zachary Lattin, classical guitar

8:30am Pledge of Allegiance – Marsha Farrow, member, ACB Board of Directors, Summerville, GA (home of ACB’s first president)
Invocation - Carl Wilfred, Pastor, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Reno, NV
Announcement of ACB Sponsors - Margarine Beaman

8:55am Hearing From ACB's Past Presidents - Christopher Gray, 2001-2007, San Francisco, CA

9:00am ACB Business

10:00am Elections

10:30am Break

10:45am Elections (Continued); Resolutions

12:00 Noon Lunch Break

1:15pm ACB Business

2:45pm Break

3:00pm ACB Old and New Business

5:00pm Adjourn

5:30pm ACB Life Member Reception - Pavillion C

6:30pm Pre-banquet entertainment - Pavillion D-E.

7:00pm ACB Golden Anniversary Banquet - $32, $35 - Pavillion D-E.
Master of Ceremonies - Dr. Otis Stephens, ACB Past President, Knoxville, TN
Invocation - Rick Kuhlmey, Freedom Park Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and President, Nevada Council of the Blind, Las Vegas, NV
ACB Jeopardy - an educational and entertaining look at ACB's history; Peter Altschul, Jeopardy Emcee, Columbia, MO
Presentation of Robert S. Bray, Durward K. McDaniel and George Card Awards: Cindy Van Winkle, Bremerton, WA

Board of Directors

Saturday, July 9 - Bonanza B

9:00am Pre-convention Board meeting

Saturday, July 16 - So Pac B-E

10:00am Post-convention meeting

Board of Publications

Chair - Paul Edwards

Sunday, July 10 - Fremont

10:30am BOP Meeting

Thursday, July 14 - So Pac E

2:45pm BOP Workshop: A Forum on the Forum

7:00pm Candidates' Forum - Rose Ballroom
Candidates running for office on the ACB Board answer questions on a wide variety of topics

ACB Committee Meetings

Constitution and Bylaws, Credentials, Nominating, Resolutions

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee (Dr. Otis Stephens, Chair) meets in Fremont Saturday, July 9 and Monday, July 11 at 4:00pm, and Tuesday, July 12 at 5:00pm.

The Credentials Committee (Jean Mann, Chair) meets in Fremont Sunday, July 10 at 1:00pm.

The Nominating Committee (Patrick Sheehan, Chair) meets in Bonanza A, Monday, July 11 at 5:45pm.

The Resolutions Committee (Judy Jackson, Chair) meets in Fremont as follows:

Saturday, July 9, 9:00pm

Sunday, July 10, 11:00pm or after general session

Monday-Wednesday, July 11 - 13, 8:00pm

Thursday, July 14, 6:00pm and 9:30pm

ACB Committee Programs and Events

DKM First-Timers Committee

Chair: Allen Casey

Thursday, July 14 – Room 2951

5:00pm DKM First-timers Reception
Meet the DKM First-timers Award Recipients

Employment Issues Task Force

Chair: Peter Altschul

Wednesday, July 13 - So Pac E

2:45pm Employment Seminar - $4, $6

1. A New Look at Reasonable Accommodations through the ADA Lens - Suzanne Thomas, Affiliate, Pacific ADA Center, Oakland, CA. Co-sponsored with NABS & Blind Pride.

2. A View from a Workplace Pioneer; Moderator: Peter Altschul, Organization Development Specialist, Columbia, MO; Speaker: MJ Schmitt, former senior systems analyst, Rochester, NY. Co-sponsored with NABS.

Information Access Committee

Chair: Pratik Patel

Saturday, July 9 - Bonanza A

2:00pm 411 from the IAC - $4, $6

1. The iPhone - Not your Mother's Phone
Is calling the iPhone a smart phone like calling a racing car a cigarette lighter? Brian Charlson, director of computer training services at the Carroll Center for the Blind, and other iPhone experts provide an overview and demonstrations of the latest apps. Share your own tricks, please.

2. Accessing Information with Your Telephone
Have no access to the Internet or a computer? Here's how to access news, entertainment content, and other information by using just your telephone. Natalie Beyers and John Glass from the IAC demonstrate accessible services that let you connect to the information you need.

3. Accessible Medical Devices
Where We Are and Where We Need to Be. Moderator - Marlaina Lieberg, member, IAC Committee, Burien, WA; Darren Burton, AFB Tech, Huntington, WV; Christopher Gray, Bay Area Digital, San Francisco, CA

4. IAC Activities and Updates; Q & A; Suggestions

International Relations Committee

Chair: Sandra Sermons

Monday, July 11 - Bonanza C

4:15pm Rehabilitation Around the World- $4, $6
Co-sponsored by the ACB Rehabilitation Task Force
See Rehabilitation Task Force for details.

Tuesday, July 12 - So Pac E

4:15pm Madrid Awaits
News about the ACB-Road Scholar trip to Spain.

5:45pm Voices from around the World Reception - $12, $15 - So Pac D
Meet and welcome our international guests.

Membership Committee

Chair: Ardis Bazyn

Saturday, July 9 - Cen Pac

5:00pm Keys to the Convention
An overview of the ACB Conference and Convention; especially helpful to first-timers and those not attending convention for several years.

Sunday, July 10

2:00pm Keys to the Convention Seminar - Washoe
Repeat of the Saturday seminar.

Thursday, July 14 - Bonanza A

2:45pm ACB Membership Seminar: Exploring How Affiliates Can Reach New Members.
Each affiliate should plan to send at least one representative to this seminar.
Welcome and introduction of participants

3:00pm Panel: How Affiliates Use Social Networking

3:20pm Questions

3:25pm Panel: How affiliates can support students to attend national convention

3:45pm Questions

3:50pm Introduction of the ACB Affiliate Growth Award winners

3:55pm Hand-outs, Wrap-up, and Door prizes

Multicultural Affairs Committee

Chair: Peggy Garrett

Monday, July 11 - So Pac B

12:15pm MCAC Luncheon and Program - $25, $27
Exhibiting the gold, exploring the treasures, embracing the cultures - Prof. Francisco Lima, ACB international guest from Brazil

Wednesday, July 13 - 2951

5:00pm MCAC Mid-week Social - $18, $20

Public Relations Committee

Chair: Dr. Ronald Milliman

Sunday, July 10 - Bonanza C

2:00pm Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for your ACB Affiliate or Chapter - $4, $6
Free and low-cost promotional techniques that you can start using immediately! Using free bulletin boards and social media, making personal appearances and the effective use of business cards, and tons of promotable special events. Put it all together into an ongoing campaign.

Rehabilitation Issues Task Force

Chair: Charles Crawford

Monday, July 11 - Bonanza C

New Issues in Rehabilitation - $4, $6

2:45pm Serious Dynamics Facing Our Rehabilitation System

1. The rapidly changing landscape of technologic development and utilization in the workplace. Universal design and its application to the rehabilitation system and modern workplaces. Charles Crawford - Task Force chair

2. Needed improvements to our employment initiatives to secure increased successful closures and reduce the high unemployment rate of our population - Melanie Brunson, Esq., ACB Executive Director

3. How the Statewide Rehabilitation Councils and their Vocational Rehabilitation partners can reinvent rehabilitation to the advantage of all stakeholders - Doug Powell, Task Force member and chair, Virginia Statewide Rehabilitation Council for the Virginia Department for the Blind

4:00pm Break

4:15pm Rehabilitation around the world
Co-sponsored by the ACB International Relations Committee

1. Rehabilitation of blind consumers in Brazil

2. The rehabilitation system in Australia

3. Rehabilitation in other parts of the world

4. Contrasting world rehabilitation systems and that of the United States - Paul Edwards, Past ACB President and Director of Disability Student Services, Miami Dade College, North Campus, Miami, FL

Resource Development Committee

Chair: Dan Dillon

Saturday, July 9 - So Pac E

4:00pm Grant Writing for Nonprofits - $4, $6
Practical ideas for your local chapter, special-interest or state affiliate. Steven Obremski, ACB Director of Development, Arlington, VA

Scholarship Committee

Chair: Patty Slaby

Saturday, July 9 - So Pac A

6:30pm ACB Scholarship Dinner (invitation only) Sponsored by RSVA

Sunday, July 10 - So Pac B

12:15pm NABS Scholarship Winners' Luncheon - $25, $27
Join NABS in congratulating the 2011 ACB scholarship winners. Sponsored by RSVA

Tuesday, July 12 - Rose Ballroom

9:15am 2011 ACB Scholarship Presentations

6:30pm ACB Scholarship Winners' Reception - 2951
Each affiliate is invited to send two representatives to meet the 2011 scholarship winners. Sponsored by AT&T.

Schools for the Blind Task Force

Chair: Ray Campbell

Tuesday, July 12 - Bonanza C

4:15pm Challenging Times Create Advocacy Opportunities - $4, $6
Opening remarks and introductions - Ray Campbell, Chair, Glen Ellyn, IL

4:25pm Cost Comparisons
Dr. Dean Stenehjem, Superintendent, Washington State School for the Blind, compares cost per pupil at a school for the blind vs. public school. He also discusses several innovative programs implemented by his school.

5:10pm Making Sure Parents Know the Residential School Option
What's in state law to make sure parents of children who are blind are aware of the residential school option. Jeff Thom, Immediate Past President, California Council of the Blind, Sacramento, CA

5:25pm Schools Task Force Activities
Ray Campbell, Chair

5:40pm Open Discussion and Questions

Sight and Sound Impaired Committee

Chair: Karyn Campbell

Monday, July 11 - 2950

8:00 p.m. Get Social with SASI - $14, $14
Meet individuals with combined vision and hearing loss. Mingle in a relaxed environment and learn about various forms of communication. Everyone welcome.

Wednesday, July 13 - Cen Pac

2:45pm The 21st Century Communications Act and the Deaf-Blind - $4, $6
Walk through the Act from the signing ceremony at the White House to the provissions related to deaf-blindness. How you can make sure your needs are met regarding telecommunications services and products. Pratik Patell, Chair, ACB Information Access Committee, Fresh Meadows, NY

Transportation Committee

Chair: Alice Ritchhart

Sunday, July 10 - Cen Pac

2:45pm Getting Around Town - Navigating Your Transit Bureaucracy - $4, $6
Part 1 - Planning: What is an MPO? an RDC? The difference between the two, and what influence a citizen can have. Donna Smith, Easter Seals Project ACTION & ACB member

Thursday, July 14 - Cen Pac

1:15pm Getting Around Town - Navigating the Transit Bureaucracy - $4, $6
Part 2: Comparison of systems in suburban and rural areas; a look at some systems that are working. Sherry Repscher, Salt Lake City Transit, and others

Women's Concerns Committee

Chair: Lori Scharff

Monday, July 11 - Bonanza B

7:45am Sunrise Exercise
Leslie Spoone, certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor, Orlando, FL; co-sponsored by Recreation Zone

4:15pm Self-Defense Mega No Maki, Part 1 - $12, $15
The Enabling Safety Project is a self-defense program designed specifically for people who are blind or visually impaired. Stephen Nicholls, program originator, and Kate DeMoss, licensed instructor, present a hands-on teaching forum including Q&A and physical techniques to be used by people who are blind as part of self-defense.

Tuesday, July 12 - Bonanza B

4:15pm Self-Defense Mega No Maki, Part 2 - $5, $8
Part 1 participation recommended. Stephen Nicholls and Kate DeMoss return for additional training using the Mega No Maki system. In addition, explore the possibility of becoming a licensed instructor in the Enabling Safety program of blind self-defense.

Wednesday, July 13 - Bonanza B

7:45am Sunrise Exercise
See Monday for details.

4:15pm Women's Circle - $8, $10 – Alpine
The impact of nutrition and weight. A confidential discussion for women only focuses on the impact of weight, self-esteem, and making changes in your life. Linda Porelle, Licensed Social Worker, San Francisco, CA and Marlaina Lieberg, Burien, WA

Thursday, July 14 - So Pac C

7:00am Sister Power: a Breakfast for Women - $22, $25
Facilitated by Ann Brash, La Grange, IL. Panelists Donna Pomerantz, President, California Council of the Blind, Pasadena, CA and Lori Scharff, Malverne, NY discuss decisions they have made in their lives to promote change and improve their lives.

5:45pm Pilates - Bonanza B
Led by Leslie Spoone and co-sponsored by the Recreation Zone

Other Important ACB Meetings

Saturday, July 9 - 2951

6:00pm ACB Exhibitors' Reception (by invitation)

Sunday, July 10 - Tahoe

11:00am ACB Committee Chairs Meeting
An important meeting with ACB President Mitch Pomerantz. Every committee should be represented, either by its chair or a designated committee member.

Wednesday, July 13 - Bonanza C

4:15pm ACB Legislative Seminar

Thursday, July 14 - Ponderosa A

4:15pm Affiliate Presidents' Meeting

Special-Interest Affiliate Meetings

Alliance on Aging and Vision Loss

President: Oral Miller
Program Chair: Nola McKinney
Registration: $10, $10

Monday, July 11 - So Pac A

12:15pm AAVL Luncheon - $27, $29
Music with Brenda and Dan Dillon; followed by the AAVL business meeting.

Wednesday, July 13 - Bonanza C

1:15pm You're Not Too Old for a Guide Dog.

1. The Benefits of Getting a Guide Dog - Jenine Stanley, Guide Dog Users, Inc., Columbus, OH

2. Durable Medical Equipment: a campaign to change Medicare - Eric Bridges, ACB Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs, Arlington, VA

4:00pm AAVL Musical Mixer - $10, $10 –Room 2950

American Association of Visually Impaired Attorneys

President: Chris Prentice
Program Chair: Jeff Thom
Registration: $20, $25

AAVIA presents 30-minute Westlaw sessions for individuals throughout the day on Monday, July 11. Space is limited. Contact Jeff Thom at the conference and convention for details.

Saturday, July 9 – Donner

5:30pm AAVIA Board meeting

Sunday, July 10 – Alpine

1:15pm Introductions and Announcements
Chris Prentice, AAVIA President, Austin, TX

1:30pm An Update on Constitutional Law
Dr. Otis Stephens, Knoxville, TN

2:45pm Access to Courts
Panel to include Jenine Stanley, member, ACB Board of Publications, Columbus, OH

3:35pm Witness Credibility: a Panel

4:15pm Developments in Intellectual Property
Leonard DuBoff, Esq., Portland, OR

Monday, July 11 – Alpine

1:15pm What's New with Westlaw?
Shannon Lashbrook, Research Specialist West, a Thomson Reuters business, Las Vegas, NV

1:45pm The Gaming Industry In Nevada
Dave Andrews, Supervisor, Enforcement Division, Nevada Gaming Control Board, Reno, NV

2:45pm Constitutional Dimensions of Disability Rights
Stephen Mendelsohn, J.D., Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University, San Leandro, CA

3:30pm Accessibility of Airline Kiosks
Carla Gilbride, Staff Attorney, Disability Rights Advocates, Berkeley , CA

4:15pm Unemployment Insurance Appeals, An ALJ's Perspective
Charles Nabarrete, California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, San Gabriel, CA

Tuesday, July 12 - So Pac B

12:15pm AAVIA Luncheon - $32, $34
Keynote: The Openness of the Judicial System - Justice Nancy Saitta, Supreme Court of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

2:45pm AAVIA Business Meeting

ACB Diabetics in Action

President: Shirley Roberts
Program Chair: Dee Clayton
Registration: $12, $15

Sunday, July 10 - So Pac A

12:15pm ACBDA Luncheon - $21, $23
Entertainment: Dan and Brenda Dillon,
Hermitage, TN

1:30pm Diabetes Seminar - $8, $10
A Hypnotic Experience - Tonda Adams, Hynotherapist, Reno, NV

2:30pm Diabetes from the Greek to the Present - Fran McKeon

3:00pm Panel: Living Long-term with Diabetes

Wednesday, July 13 - Tahoe

1:15pm ACBDA Business Meeting
Elections; consideration of Constitution and Bylaw changes

ACB Government Employees

President: Sarah Presley
Registration: $10, $10

Sunday, July 10 – Room 2951

3:00pm ACBGE Mixer - $12, $14

Thursday, July 14 - So Pac B

12:15pm ACBGE Luncheon - $25, $27

1:15pm Section 508: Dispatches from the Front
Patrick Sheehan, Section 508 Coordinator, Veterans Administration; and Sandra Sermons, Contract Specialist, General Services Administration, report on the state of Section 508 and make suggestions for next steps.

2:15pm Business meeting

ACB Human Service Professionals

President: Darian Slayton Fleming
Program Chair: Linda Porelle
Registration: $10, $12

Wednesday, July 13 - Carson

2:45pm How to Work a Room - $6, $8
The art of networking in face-to-face time. Identifying barriers and providing tips for successful mingling at professional and social gatherings. A presentation and discussion with Linda Porelle, MSW, Social Worker, Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, San Francisco, CA, and Sarita Holliday, Human Resources Specialist, Veterans Administration, Philadelphia, PA.

5:45pm ACBHSP Networking Happy Hour - $10, $13 – 2932.
Join us for our non-alcoholic, healthy happy hour. See old friends, meet new ones and practice the networking skills you learned in our earlier session.

ACB Lions

President: William Benjamin
Registration: $10, $12

ACBL is proud to be a Pearl sponsor and to make it possible for an ACB scholarship winner to attend the 50th anniversary conference and convention of the American Council of the Blind.

Saturday, July 9 - 2951

9:00pm Milly's Place Pin Swap - $10, $12

Sunday, July 10 - Carson

9:30am ACBL Board Meeting

Wednesday, July 13 - So Pac B

12:15pm ACBL Luncheon & Meeting - $25, $27
Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the American Council of Blind Lions.

Thursday, July 14 - meet in lobby

12:00pm Local Club Visit - $22, $25
Visit the oldest club in Nevada; meets at Harrah's Casino.

ACB Radio Amateurs

President: Steve Dresser
Program Chair: Mike Duke
Registration: $5, $7

Thursday, July 14 - Carson

1:15pm ACBRA Program and Meeting

Blind Information Technology Specialists

President: Richard Villa
Program Chair: Jim Stanga
Registration: $15, $15
BITS Package: $56, $56

Saturday, July 9

4:30pm BITS Board Meeting, Carson

Sunday, July 10 - So Pac E-F

10:00am Opening remarks
Richard Villa, BITS President, Austin, TX

10:10am Introductions

10:15am Computers, the Present and the Future
Which system is right for you? Tom Jones, Mac and iPhone Consultant, Chicago, IL; Renee Zelickson, Mac, iPad, and low vision consultant, Chicago, IL; Steve Holmes, mainframe computer programmer and Linux consultant, Tempe, AZ; Richard Villa, computer information and security specialist network administrator, Austin, TX

11:30am Using PDF: Advocating for Enhanced Accessibility
Pete De Vasto, Accessibility Engineer, Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA

1:30pm Vendor showcase
See what's new from adaptive hardware and software exhibitors

Monday, July 11 - So Pac E

1:15pm Cloud Computing
How it is used in a business environment - Matthew Villa, Applications Architect, Twentieth Century Fox, Los Angeles, CA

2:30pm Break

2:45pm Accessible Cloud Computing for Consumers and IT Professionals
Michael Lauf, Serotek Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

8:30pm Hospitality Bytes with BITS - $15, $15 - 2951

Tuesday, July 12 - So Pac C

12:15pm BITS Luncheon - $28, $28
Social networking, your user settings, and best practices for security - Kelly Ford, Senior Lead Software Design Engineer, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA

2:00pm BITS Business Meeting

Blind LGBT Pride International

President: Don Wilson
Registration: $15, $18
BPI Package: $40, $40

Sunday, July 10 - 2752

3:30pm BPI Mardi Gras Mixer - $15, $18 - 2752
Mardi Gras in July; get your free beads and ACB 50th commemorative hurricane glass.

Monday, July 11 - 2752

7:15pm Annual Business Meeting

Tuesday, July 12 - Alpine

1:15pm Bullied - Life Experiences
Audio-described screening of the documentary "Bullied", the story of a student's relentless abuse, his stance in federal court, and the outcome of his case. Discussion to follow.

9:00pm Discussion Group - 2752

Wednesday, July 13 - So Pac E

2:45pm Employment Seminar - $4, $6
See Employment Issues Task Force for complete agenda.

5:45pm Flashback: 1961 Party - $15, $18
Celebrate with music and highlights the year ACB was born - 2752

Thursday, July 14 - 2752

7:15pm BPI Movie Night - - $5, $8 - 2752
Audio-described screening of Oscar-nominated "The Kids Are All Right", starring Annette Bening, Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo.

Braille Revival League

President: Judy Jackson
Program Chair: Ralph Smitherman
Registration: $10, $12

Sunday, July 10 - Carson

3:30pm BRL Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 12 - So Pac B

7:00am BRL International Breakfast - $25, $25
Welcome and Introductions: Judy Jackson, BRL President, Austin, TX
Theme - Braille Around the World
International attendees share how people in their countries gain access to braille materials, how braille is produced in their countries, the age braille instruction begins, and how that instruction is provided. Dr. Francisco J. Lima, Professor, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil; Peter Brass, Chair, European Blind Union Technology Commission & German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted

1:15pm BRL Program - Bonanza C
Welcome and Introductions: Judy Jackson

1:45pm International Braille News & Developments
Dr. Francisco Lima, Recife, Brazil; Peter Brass, Germany; & Judy Dixon, Secretary, International Council on English Braille, Washington, DC

2:30pm Break

2:45pm BRL Business Meeting

Wednesday, July 13 - Bonanza A

1:15pm Joint Session with LUA
Welcome and Introductions - Judy Jackson, BRL President; Paul Edwards, LUA President

1:30pm Talking Book Narrator
Kristin Allison, Talking Book Publishing Company, Denver, CO

2:15pm Toward Making Accessible Books Available Around the World
Michelle Woods, Acting Associate Register for Policy and International Affairs, United States Copyright Office, Washington, DC

2:30pm Break

2:45pm Web-Braille: What it is and What is New
Judy Dixon, Consumer Relations Officer, National Library Service for the Blind & Physically Handicapped, Washington, DC

3:15pm New Digital Library Options
Kim Charlson, Director, Perkins Braille & Talking Book Library, Watertown, MA

3:30pm One Book, One ACB!
It's ACB's fiftieth birthday. People of Vision, the history of our organization, is getting older. Some individuals mentioned in the book share how they were treated in the book. Explore the value of the book as a record for the future.

4:00pm Adjournment

Thursday, July 14 - Bonanza C

1:15pm Welcome and Introductions
Judy Jackson, Austin, TX

1:30pm Valley Braille Services
Richard Dortch, Las Vegas, NV

1:50pm Braille Authority of North America
Panel: Kim Charlson, ACB's Representative to BANA; Judy Dixon, BANA Chair

2:30pm Break

2:45pm Before and After, Find and Remove game
Ralph Smitherman, BRL Secretary

Council of Citizens with Low Vision International

President: Richard Rueda
Program Chair: Lisa Drzewucki
Registration: $10, $12

Saturday, July 9 - Washoe

3:00pm CCLVI Board Meeting

6:00pm CCLVI Nominating Committee Meeting

Sunday, July 10 - Bonanza C

9:00am Welcome and Introductions
Richard Rueda, CCLVI President, Union City, CA

9:15am Committee Reports
Legislative - Brian Petraits, Brownsburg, IN
Resolutions - Michael Byington, Topeka, KS
Constitution and Bylaws - Jim Jirak, Omaha, NE
Scholarships - Cathy Schmitt Whitaker, Diamond Bar, CA
Nominating - Jim Jirak, Omaha, NE
Large Print Committee - Tom Lealos, Powell, WY

10:30am A Special Presentation by HumanWare
All that is new and of interest to our low vision audience. Vincent J. Rappa, Vice President of Low Vision Sales, Champlain, NY

11:00am Low Vision Vendor Showcase
Vendors including HIMS, Lighthouse for the Blind (San Francisco, CA), and Ai Squared showcase the latest products for individuals with low vision.

12:00pm Break

4:00pm CCLVI Mixer - $15, $17 - 2950
Fun, food, friendship, and door prizes! Meet the 2011 CCLVI scholarship winners; preview CCLVI convention week.

Monday, July 11 - Tahoe

1:15pm Medical Developments and Technology for People with Low Vision
Medical advancements to help people with a variety of eye conditions; the latest in optical low vision aids and adaptive technology. Dr. Bill Takeshita, Director of Optometric Services, Center for the Partially Sighted, Los Angeles, CA

2:30pm Break

2:45pm Open Forum: What Can CCLVI Do For You?
Discuss what CCLVI has to offer low vision individuals. Map a dynamic future to strengthen and carry us forward to continue the advocacy and education work.

7:00pm Take Me Out To The Ball Game - $20, $25 - So Pac A-B
A new twist on an old favorite! Lisa Drzewucki and Richard Rueda co-host this fun-filled evening of trivia, trivia, and more trivia ... and prizes! Topics include sports, music, general knowledge and more. To fuel all that thinking, we'll serve up some ballpark favorites!

Tuesday, July 12 - Tahoe

1:15pm How to be a Wise Consumer When Purchasing Low Vision Aids
Helpful tips and information to facilitate decision-making during a low vision exam, a low vision aids consultation, or when shopping for low vision devices. Learn to ask appropriate questions regarding visual stamina, lighting, and specific needs for individual tasks. Leslie Burkhardt, MSLVR, Low Vision Rehabilitation Specialist, Los Angeles, CA

2:30pm Break

2:45pm CCLVI Business Meeting and Elections
Post-convention board meeting to follow

Wednesday, July 13 - Bonanza B

1:15pm Going Blind - $10, $10
CCLVI is proud to present the film "Going Blind: Coming Out of the Dark About Vision Loss." An audio-described screening of the film that is being talked about across the country. Educational and thought-provoking. Presents a view of vision loss from various perspectives. Stay after the film for a lively discussion and door prizes!

Thursday, July 14 - Tahoe

1:15pm Lighting for Low Vision Individuals
Kerry Isham, Field Services Representative, APH, Louisville, KY

Council of Families with Visual Impairment

Presiding chair: Deanna Scoggins
Registration: $5, $8

Monday, July 11 - Cen Pac

9:00pm Audible Darts Game - $5, $5
Get right on target with the Audio Dartmaster. Cash prizes. Co-sponsored with the Recreation Zone.

Wednesday, July 13 - So Pac B

7:00am CFVI Families Breakfast - $15, $18
Special event for parents and families. Help CFVI reach families across America.

Friends-in-Art of ACB

President: Peter Altschul
Program Chair: Lynn Hedl
Registration: $8, $10

Saturday, July 9 - 1866

7:00pm FIA Board Meeting

Sunday, July 10 - Donner

1:30pm Let Your Garden Grow - $10, $12
Design your own garden using the five senses; handouts available. Elsie Monthei, Des Moines, IA

4:00pm FIA Mixer/Showcase Sign-up - $10, $10 - 1866
Sign up for a band rehearsal or Showcase audition slot, or just catch up with friends.

5:30pm Octet Rehearsal

Monday, July 11 - Night Club

1:15pm MIDI Workshop - $5, $6
Don't fear the Reaper. Learn about this affordable software that simplifies access for blind studio musicians. Gordon Kent, Washington, DC

3:30pm Showcase Audition and Rehearsal

9:00pm Prose and Poetry Reading - $4, $5 - Alpine
Writers are invited to read their original works to a receptive audience. Moderator: Carla Hayes, McMurray, PA

Tuesday, July 12 - So Pac D

12:15pm FIA Luncheon and Business Meeting - $23, $23
Wayne Piercy, student, Berkelee School of Music, Boston, MA discusses his use of technology and other accommodations in the study of music; description of a pilot summer student orientation which FIA helped the school develop and implement.

8:30pm Showcase of the Performing Arts - $12, $15 - Night Club
Outstanding program of ACB talent. Showcase ticket also includes FIA Cabaret.

10:30pm Showcase Cabaret - $7, $10
Enjoy the show, or take a turn at performing. Open mic; band or piano accompaniment available. Lots of great door prizes; must be present to win.

Wednesday, July 13 - 1866

1:15pm MIDI Workshop - $5, $6
One-on-one chance to take Reaper software for a test drive. Gordon Kent, Washington, DC

2:45pm Writers' Workshop - $5, $6 - Donner
Writing a Play: bring characters from the page to the stage. Recast a short story as lively dialogue. Presenters - Janiece Kent and Susan Schulter

5:45pm Round and Harmony Sing - 1866
Sing well-known rounds and learn a few new ones. Lynn Hedl, Birmingham, AL

Thursday, July 14 - 1866

7:30am FIA Board Meeting

12:30pm Nevada Museum of Art
See 2011 Tours for details.

Guide Dog Users, Inc.

President: Becky Barnes
Program Chair: Jenine Stanley
Registration: $12, $15

The GDUI Suite is in Genoa on the second floor. Hours are Saturday from 1:00 to 5:00pm; Sunday through Tuesday, 9:00am to 5:00pm; and Wednesday, 9:00 to noon. Browse the silent auction items on display. Purchase items for your dog, renew your GDUI membership, or just relax. Schedule dog massages, too.

Sunday, July 10 - Bonanza B

11:00am First-Timers Workshop
How to manage stress for yourself and your dog. What to expect from conference venues such as the exhibit hall, and what services GDUI offers to make your convention experience a good one. Facilitator: Mary Beth Randall, GDUI First Vice President, Fresno, CA

12:00pm Hotel Orientation
Learn routes and the hotel layout from your favorite guide dog school staff. Locate important spots such as relief areas, restaurants and meeting rooms. Facilitators: Becky Barnes, GDUI President, Mount Kisco, NY; and Mary Beth Randall

3:00pm First-Timers Workshop
How to manage stress for yourself and your dog. What to expect from conference venues such as the exhibit hall, and what services GDUI offers to make your convention experience a good one. Facilitator: Jenine Stanley, GDUI Program Chair, Columbus, OH

4:30pm GDUI Board Meeting

5:00pm Hotel Orientation
Learn routes and the hotel layout from your favorite guide dog school staff. Locate important spots such as relief areas, restaurants and meeting rooms. Facilitator: Jenine Stanley

Monday, July 11 - Bonanza B

1:15pm GDUI Opening Session
Introductions and announcements - Becky Barnes and Jenine Stanley

Guide Dog School Reports

1. Discussion of harness designs over the years, with examples to feel.

2. How schools' services have changed during the application and aftercare process, given today's lack of orientation and mobility professionals.

2:30pm Break

2:45pm Globe Trotting Guide Dog Assessors
Learn about guide dog programs around the world with assessors from the International Guide Dog Federation.

7:30pm Power Tools for 21st-Century Street Crossings - $5, $5
GDUI partners with Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc. and the ACB Environmental Access Committee to present author, lecturer and Orientation and Mobility Specialist Dona Sauerburger. Street crossing once was simple. You crossed with parallel traffic at signals, or you crossed when quiet at other places. These strategies are no longer reliable. Dona has been considering better ways for blind people to cross streets since two blind colleagues were killed crossing a street over 20 years ago. Dona shares her conclusions and evolving teaching tools. Learn about 21st century crossings, how they affect your safety and what to do about them.

Tuesday, July 12 - Bonanza B

1:15pm Legislative Update
Representatives from the Department of Justice and the Job Accommodation Network discuss the new service animal definition and its aftermath, as well as service animal issues in the workplace under Title I of the ADA. Facilitator: Jenine Stanley

2:30pm Break

2:45pm the Magic of the Match
Guide dog school staff discuss what goes into making a match, from the dog to the student. Facilitator - Kay Malmquist, Janesville, WI

7:30pm Red Cross Animal First Aid - $18, $20
Comprehensive course teaches basic first aid techniques for your dog. Upon completion, receive the Red Cross Animal First Aid certification card. Instructor: Peggy Rew

Wednesday, July 13 - So Pac C-D

12:15pm GDUI Luncheon - $28, $30
Speaker Pluis Davern, Lead Canine Trainer for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, explains the work of NDSDF, whose dog and handler teams worked with distinction at the WTC on 9/11, after Hurricane Katrina, in Haiti, Japan and other disaster situations. How dogs (primarily retrievers) are selected and trained, why these dogs are ideally suited for work with human partners, and how the Foundation matches and trains firefighters with dogs in a process similar to the matching and training of guide dog teams.

2:30pm Break

2:45pm GDUI Business Meeting and ACB/GDUI Caucus
All are welcome. Winning bidders in the GDUI silent auction announced; prizes and more for those who attend.

7:30pm Game Night - Bonanza B
Poker Run - try your luck with GDUI!

Thursday, July 14 - Bonanza B

1:15pm Red Cross Animal First Aid - $18, $20
Comprehensive course teaches basic first aid techniques for your dog. Upon completion, receive the Red Cross Animal First Aid certification card. Instructor: Peggy Rew

Independent Visually Impaired Enterprisers

President: Ardis Bazyn
Program Chair: Carla Hayes
Registration: $6, $8

Monday, July 11 - So Pac A

7:00am IVIE Breakfast and Business Meeting - $20, $22

Tuesday, July 12 – Room 2932

8:00pm RSVA/IVIE mixer (Members only)

Wednesday, July 13 - So Pac A

12:15pm IVIE Luncheon and Program - $21, $23
Networking Options That Work. Carla Hayes, Language Teacher/Translator and Owner, Lengua-Learn Communications, McMurray, PA; Vickie G. Parker, MS, MFT, Marriage and Family Therapist, Woodland Hills, CA; Ardis Bazyn, Inspirational speaker/business coach, Bazyn Communications, Burbank, CA.

1:40pm Business Opportunities Open to Blind Individuals. Loren Buntemeyer, owner, Buntemeyer Piano Service, Lawrence, KS; Rob Cook, Owner & Chief Representative, Navi-Tech LLC (tactile wayfinding product), Springfield, OR; Palma V. Milliman, Senior beauty consultant, Mary Kay, Bowling Green, KY; Jeannette E. Gerrard, network marketer, Strong Future International, Washington, DC

Thursday, July 14 - Genoa

12:30pm IVIE Business Expo
Blind and visually impaired business owners showcase their products and services and answer your questions.

Library Users of America

President: Paul Edwards
Registration: $10, $12

Saturday, July 9 - Tahoe

5:30pm LUA Pre-convention Board Meeting

Monday, July 11 - Donner

1:15pm Welcome and Introductions
Paul Edwards, LUA President, Miami, FL

1:30pm NLS: Where It Is and Where It Is Going
Ruth Scovill, Acting Director, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS); Michael Katzmann, Chief, NLS Materials Development Division; Judy Dixon, NLS Consumer Relations Officer, Washington, DC

2:30pm Break

2:45pm Spotlighting Two Regional Libraries
Mike Marlin, Regional Librarian, California Braille & Talking Book Library, Sacramento, CA; Brett Silver, Outreach and Public Awareness Coordinator, Nevada Talking Book Services, Carson City, NV

3:15pm An Update on the ASCLA/NLS Project to Revise the 2005 Standards and Guidelines of Service for the Library of Congress Network of Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Kim Charlson, ACB Representative, Standards Revision Advisory Committee, Watertown, MA; Mike Marlin, Member, Standards Revision Working Group, Sacramento, CA

3:30pm LUA Business Meeting
Elections, Resolutions
Reports, including NLS Advisory Reports from the Audio Equipment Advisory Committee - Penny Reeder, 2011 Representative; and Collection Development Advisory Group - Steve Speicher, 2011 Representative

4:00pm Adjournment

Tuesday, July 12 - Alpine

5:45pm Book Mark-It or Book Market - $5, $7
LUA has lots of audio books this year. Bring your books to trade or sell at our third annual opportunity to acquire some new books to read. Fun, refreshments, and an opportunity to read in new directions.

Wednesday, July 13 - Bonanza A

1:15pm Joint Session with BRL
Welcome and Introductions - Judy Jackson, BRL President; Paul Edwards, LUA President

1:30pm Talking Book Narrator
Kristin Allison, Talking Book Publishing Company, Denver, CO

2:15pm Toward Making Accessible Books Available Around the World
Michelle Woods, Acting Associate Register for Policy and International Affairs, United States Copyright Office, Washington, DC

2:30pm Break

2:45pm Web-Braille: What It Is and What's New
Judy Dixon, Consumer Relations Officer, National Library Service for the Blind & Physically Handicapped, Washington, DC

3:15pm New Digital Library Options
Kim Charlson, Director, Perkins Braille & Talking Book Library, Watertown, MA

3:30pm One Book, One ACB!
It's ACB's fiftieth birthday. People of Vision, the history of our organization, is getting older. Some individuals mentioned in the book share how they were treated in the book. Explore the value of the book as a record for the future.

4:00pm Adjournment

4:15pm LUA Post-Convention Board Meeting

National Alliance of Blind Students

President: Sara Conrad
Program Chair: Kerri Regan
Registration: $5, $7

Saturday, July 9 - 2950

8:00pm NABS Welcome Party - $10, $12

Sunday, July 10 - Alpine

10:30am NABS Board Meeting

12:15pm NABS Scholarship Luncheon - $25, $27 - So Pac B
Congratulate the 2011 ACB scholarship winners. Sponsored by RSVA

2:00pm Relax Seminar - $5, $7
Tips on coping with stress when life gets hectic. Peter Altschul, Organization Development Specialist, Columbia, MO

Tuesday, July 12 - Fremont

1:15pm NABS Business Meeting

4:15pm Take a Bite out of Apple - $10, $12 - Donner
Interested in a Mac, iPhone or other Apple device? Hear from blind users about these products and get your questions answered.

Wednesday, July 13 - So Pac E

2:45pm Employment Seminar - $4, $6
See Employment Issues Task Force for complete agenda

Thursday, July 14 - Ponderosa A

9:00pm NABS Comedy Night - $12, $15
End your week with a good laugh. Join your NABS friends for excellent live comedy.

National Association of Blind Teachers

President: Carla Hayes
Registration: $10, $12

Sunday, July 10 - So Pac B

8:00am NABT Breakfast, Program and Business Meeting - $22, $25
Residential Schools: Past, Present and Future - Explore timely perspectives on residential schools for the blind. Dr. Otis Stephens, Alumni Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science and Resident Scholar of Constitutional Law, University of Tennessee, College of Law, Knoxville, TN

9:30am Break

9:45am NABT Business Meeting

Monday, July 11 - Carson

NABT Safety Day

1:15pm Social Media and Smart Phone Safety - $5, $7
Communicate safely while on Facebook, Twitter and more. Information on the latest accessible smart phone apps which can help you stay safe. Tracey Hawkins, Safety & Security Source, Kansas City, MO

2:45pm Safety and Security in Private and Public Places - $5, $7
How to create a plan to prevent workplace, school and public dangerous situations; tips for safety at home. Tracey Hawkins, Safety & Security Source, Kansas City, MO

Tuesday, July 12 - Carson

1:15pm Outlook for Blind Teachers: Perks, Payoffs and Alternatives
Financial and other advantages of being a school teacher; alternatives to school teaching such as tutoring and corporate teaching. Marcia Dresser, itinerant teacher, visually impaired middle and high school students, SEEM Collaborative, Reading, MA; Sue Mangis, Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Elementary Vision Resource Room, San Juan Unified School District, Carmichael, CA; Susan Claire Schulter, English Instructor, West Valley Community College, Saratoga, CA; Carla Hayes, foreign language teacher/translator, Central Christian Academy and Lengua-Learn Communications, McMurray, PA

Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of America

President: Dan Sippl
Registration: $20, $20
RSVA Package: $75, $90

RSVA is proud to be a Coral sponsor for the 2011 ACB conference and convention, and to support the July 9 Scholarship Winners' Dinner and the July 10 NABS Scholarship Winners' Luncheon.
Theme: 75 Years of Excellence

Saturday, July 9 - 2932

1:00PM Subcommittee meetings

3:00PM RSVA Board meeting - Bonanza C

Sunday, July 10 - Bonanza A

9:45am Welcome - Dan Sippl, RSVA President, Eau Claire, WI
Introduction of participants
Roll call of affiliates - Ardis Bazyn, RSVA Secretary, Burbank, CA

10:00am Roadside Rest Area Issues
Panel Moderator: Roy Harmon, Oceanside, CA

10:45am Randolph-Sheppard Update
Daniel B. Frye, J.D., Management and Program Specialist, Randolph-Sheppard Programs, Rehabilitation Services Administration, Washington, DC

11:05am Hadley School for the Blind Courses for Enterprisers
Sue Melrose, Instructor, Hadley School for the Blind, CA

11:25am Networking Opportunities for Vendors
Update on ways you can connect with vendors

11:35am Constitution - Ardis Bazyn and Don Stevens

12:00pm National Buying Program Updates

12:15pm RSVA-sponsored NABS luncheon - So Pac B (not included in package) or lunch on your own

1:45pm What's Happening in BEP? - Panel of Vendors

2:15pm Technology panel - iPad, iPhone, Intel Reader

3:15pm Break

3:30pm Social Security updates

4:00pm Nominating Committee meeting: All state affiliate delegates should attend.

10:00pm RSVA hospitality - $15, $20 - 2932

Monday, July 11 - So Pac C-D

12:15pm RSVA 75th RS Act Anniversary Awards Luncheon - $35, $40
Speaker - Kim Charlson, ACB First Vice President, MA
Recognition of all RSVA past presidents or spouses

2:30pm Business meeting

6:30pm RSVA Preview and Auction - Ponderosa A

9:00pm RSVA Karaoke Night - $10, $15

Tuesday, July 12 - 2932

12:30pm RSVA Affiliate Presidents and Board Meeting
Topic - Open Forum

8:00pm RSVA/IVIE mixer (Members only)

Visually Impaired Veterans of America

President and Program Chair: John Fleming
Registration: $10, $10

Tuesday, July 12 - Rose Ballroom

8:15am All veterans are invited to lead the Pledge in the ACB general session at 8:30 a.m. Meet at front of room at 8:15 a.m.

12:15pm VIVA Recruitment Luncheon - $20, $20 - So Pac A
Roundtable discussion and business meeting. During this time of war and economic strife, our veterans need all the support we can give them. Get involved in VIVA and help with membership recruitment and veterans' issues.

Other Meetings and Programs

Career Development Programs

Monday, July 11 - Carson

5:45pm Piano Technology: A Lucrative Career

Wednesday, July 13 - So Pac C-D

7:00am NIB Breakfast - $10, $15
The latest career-related information from National Industries for the Blind; a new scholarship, too!

Events for Guide Dog Users

Sunday, July 10 - Ponderosa A

1:30pm Seeing Eye Ice Cream Social

Tuesday, July 12 - So Pac C-D

7:00am Guide Dogs for the Blind Breakfast
GDB graduates welcome

Health and Well-Being

Tuesday, July 12 - Ponderosa A

4:15pm Vanda Pharmaceuticals Reception
Hear about Vanda's efforts to address sleep problems experienced by totally blind individuals.

5:45pm Self-Defense Training - $10, $10 - Bonanza B
Hands-on workshop from the Enabling Safety Project. Learn about their coaching certification program - a career opportunity.

Wednesday, July 13 - Bonanza B

5:45pm Self-Defense Training - $10, $10
Hands-on workshop from the Enabling Safety Project. Learn about their coaching certification program - a career opportunity.

Thursday, July 14 - Genoa

5:45pm Self-Defense Training - $10, $10
Hands-on workshop from the Enabling Safety Project. Learn about their coaching certification program - a career opportunity.

Legislative and Advocacy Programs

Check the ACB general session and special-interest affiliate agendas for many other advocacy-related programs.

Monday, July 11 - So Pac B-C-D

7:00am AFB Breakfast - $10, $15
What you need to know. AFB serves up updates on technology, employment, policy, and accessibility.

Wednesday, July 13 - Bonanza C

4:15pm ACB Legislative Seminar
What's going on in Washington? Get involved and help us push our vehicle donation legislation in Congress; work to change Medicare policies on durable medical equipment.

4:15pm NELDS ADA Seminar - $5, $7 - Tahoe
An update on the ADA outside the workplace. Paula Pearlman, Executive Director, Disability Rights Legal Center in Los Angeles, discusses the latest developments under the ADA.

Mentoring Event

Tuesday, July 12 - Carson

7:15pm Give Back Through Mentoring
Conducted by the American Foundation for the Blind.

Technology Updates and Training

Many tech-related programs and presentations are also found in special-interest group agendas. Google Focus Group are scheduled for Thursday; see the newspaper for details.

Saturday, July 9 - Alpine

9:00am GW Micro Window-Eyes Training - $10, $10
Explore WE 7.5 with hundreds of apps; experience WE with Office 2010, Windows 7, the Internet and IE 9. See the first-ever talking CCTV's.

1:30pm GW Micro Window-Eyes Training - $10, $10
Explore WE 7.5 with hundreds of apps; experience WE with Office 2010, Windows 7, Outlook, and PowerPoint. See the first-ever talking CCTV's.

Monday, July 11 - Donner

5:45pm HumanWare - Make Travel a Breeze
Let the Breeze talking GPS direct you to your favorite locations and describe what's around you.

5:45pm Smartpen Audio-Tactile Maps - Alpine
The Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired presents Smartpen-based audio-tactile BART station maps for travel planning and wayfinding.

7:15pm Bookshare Users' Group - Donner

7:15pm News from Freedom Scientific

7:15pm Kurzweil 1000 User Group - Tahoe
Meet with Stephen Baum, Vice President of Engineering, and share with your fellow users.

Tuesday, July 12 - Carson

5:45pm HumanWare: Braille on the Go
Connect your Apex or Braille-Connect display to iPhones, iPads, Mac's and PC's with your favorite screen reader.

7:15pm APH Talking Maps Software - Donner

7:15pm HIMS 2011 Sense Products - Tahoe

Wednesday, July 13 - Donner

5:45pm HumanWare: Why I Love Reading with My Victor Stream
Share tips and explore ways to increase your reading pleasure.

Kids and Families

There are many activities interesting to kids and parents throughout convention week. The exhibit area, the Youth Activity Center (YAC) for kids 6 to 17, and many of the tours provide opportunities for blind and visually impaired children to experience a fantastic convention week; see the YAC and Tours sections of this program for more details.

Many of the workshops and seminars, as well as the general and special-interest affiliate program sessions, address topics of concern to parents. Examples of such options include career programs and workshops and a job fair (check the ACB Employment Issues section and special-interest agendas); technology updates and training sessions; special seminars on rehabilitation, transportation, and schools for the blind; and much more.

If you need child care services for younger children or during evening hours when the YAC is closed, check with the hotel concierge for local service referrals. Fees are usually based on age and number of children.

Youth Activity Center

Registration: $10, $15
Daily YAC Tickets: $10, $15
Sponsored by Regal Entertainment Group

Kids 6 to 17 can enjoy a great week of tours and activities in the YAC. Pick up a schedule at the YAC in the Washoe Room, and see the rules below. Purchase tickets at the Registration Desk.

The YAC opens on Monday morning in the Washoe room. Parents need to sign permission slips and review YAC rules before kids can participate in YAC activities.

The YAC opens each morning, Monday through Friday, at 8:15; activities begin at 8:30. A light breakfast, snacks and lunch are included in the registration and ticket fees.

Kids should bring a backpack for carrying personal belongings, a water bottle, sunscreen and cap. Kids must wear their convention registration badges when the group visits local attractions. They should also bring an old shirt to wear for crafts and other messy activities, and don't forget swimsuits.

Each child must complete a registration form and pay the ACB convention administrative fee. YAC registration is also required before children can participate in any YAC event.

IMPORTANT: Parents MUST accompany children to the YAC the first time to sign permission slips, waivers, etc. Children may not participate in any YAC activities or events if forms are not completed and signed. A parent or guardian who is attending the convention must be reachable at all times via a working cell phone number.

The YAC closes at 5:00 each afternoon; children must be picked up by then each day.
Necessary medications MUST be supplied each day. Parents will be required to remove children who exhibit uncontrollable or highly inappropriate behaviors.

2011 Conference and Convention Tours

All tours depart from the main exit.

Indoor facilities are air-conditioned unless indicated, but many tours include significant outdoor time. Dress appropriately and bring sunscreen, insect repellent, hat and water bottle for your comfort and safety.

Space is limited on all tours. ACB reserves the right to cancel a tour should ticket sales fall below required minimums.

Tickets will be collected at the bus. Buses will not be delayed while forgotten tickets are retrieved.

All return times are approximate. If you have dietary scheduling concerns, bring a light snack in case we are unavoidably delayed.

If you use a wheelchair and require a lift-equipped bus, you MUST check the appropriate boxes on the pre-registration form in order for us to plan for necessary transportation.

A limited number of volunteers will accompany each tour. While they will help as much as possible, ACB volunteers are not personal guides or personal care attendants. If you need individual help, plan to attend the tour with a friend who can act as your guide or PCA, push your wheelchair, etc.

Friday, July 8

8:00am - 4:00pm Fallon Naval Air Station Tour - $48, $50
Remember the 1986 movie, "Top Gun," starring Tom Cruise? Visit the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center in Fallon. The US Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, known as "TOPGUN," is today's version of the Navy Fighter Weapons School. Visit several locations on the base; have lunch at the Officers' Club. Touch 19 different naval aircraft at the Air Power Park; hear the action of the flight line from the observation room in the control tower. Be briefed about flight training, search and rescue, and more.

12:00pm - 6:30pm MS Dixie II Emerald Bay Cruise - $69, $72
Awestruck upon seeing Lake Tahoe for the first time in 1862, Mark Twain uttered, "It must surely be the fairest picture the whole world affords." From the deck of the spacious paddlewheeler, the M.S. Dixie II, you'll be mesmerized by the beauty of Tahoe's crystal blue waters and towering peaks. Learn about the lake's formation and history on this two-hour narrated cruise. Lunch included; choose chicken pot pie, mushroom ravioli, or taco salad.

7:00pm - 9:30pm Louis' Basque Corner Restaurant - $37, $40
Please pass the potatoes! An all-you-can-eat family-style dining experience. A local favorite that comes highly recommended and is steeped in the rich history of Basque cuisine. The menu includes shellfish with rice, clam chowder, tossed salad, Basque beans, potatoes, and French bread. Main courses are fish of the day, top sirloin steak, roast leg of lamb, and sweetbreads. Save room for ice cream or cheese.

Saturday, July 9

8:00am - 6:00pm Virginia City Tour - $72, $75
A step back in time. Board a restored steam train to Gold Hill, take an exciting ride down a dusty road in a stagecoach drawn by four painted horses. Have lunch in the Victorian Banquet Hall at the Delta Saloon where you learn about the historic Suicide Table. Tour the Pipers Opera House where William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) once performed. Follow your senses down the wooden planked walkways to the sweet sensations of candy shops and the shimmer of gold and silver. Step back 160 years at The Way It Was Museum and the Virginia City Radio Museum. Narrated trolley tour carries you to major points of interest, sharing the historical and cultural backgrounds of the city and local people. This hands-on adventure will give you a new appreciation of the American West in the Gold Rush era. Lunch includes sandwich, chips, pasta salad, fresh fruit and cookie; choices are ham on wheat, roast beef, or turkey on wheat. Note: This tour includes historic sites from the 1800s; some parts of this tour are not wheelchair accessible.

1:00pm - 3:00pm Reno City Tour - $19, $22
Narrated motor coach tour of "The Biggest Little City in the World." Ride by the huge neon sign spanning Third Street that has made this town famous. Visit surrounding points of interest. NO STOPPING.

Sunday, July 10

10:00am - 12:00pm Reno City Tour - $19, $22
See Saturday's description.

12:30pm - 2:30pm Reno City Tour - $19, $22
See Saturday's description.

Monday, July 11

12:30pm - 4:30pm National Automobile Museum - $22, $25
Take a fascinating journey into the past. This museum houses the car collection of William "Bill" Fisk Harrah, as well as cars that belonged to Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and many other famous people. Begin at the turn of the 20th century and walk through decades of industry evolution to the present day. Sit in the driver's seat of a Ford Model-T; examine the amazing tactile globe that was the trophy for the first round-the-world car race in the early 1900s. Some of the cars are hands-on accessible. Time for browsing the great gift shop, too.

1:15pm - 5:15pm Rocksport Rock Gym - $22, $25
You'll be climbing the walls! State-of-the-art facility provides the thrill and challenge of rock climbing in a professionally controlled environment for your safety and enjoyment. 7,500 square feet of sculpted terrain; walls up to 35 feet. Staff available to help as needed; no experience necessary. Wear comfortable loose-fitting or athletic clothing and socks; climbing shoes provided. Waiver forms required and will be included in your registration packet; forms must be completed and signed before you can board the bus.

Tuesday, July 12

12:15pm - 5:30pm Lake Tahoe Adventures (see options below)
Combine the beauty of a pristine mountain lake with the thrill of new adventures on this tour to Zephyr Cove. Choose one of the following adventures; be sure to bring swimsuit and change of clothes for all choices except sport fishing.

Parasailing - $72, $75
Fly away and experience the exhilaration of parasailing. Soar 800 feet above Lake Tahoe. Enjoy take-off and gentle landing from the back deck of the parasail boat. Tandem flights (two at a time).

Power Boat - $72, $75
Power across the lake in a 23 ft. Sea Ray speed boat, take a ride on an inflatable tube, or just relax and take a refreshing swim.

Sport Fishing - $127, $130
Anglers, treat yourself to an unforgettable experience on America's premiere Alpine lake. Your captain and first mate are experienced in trolling, drifting, and jigging. Fish for mackinaw (lake trout), rainbow trout, brown trout, and Kokanee salmon ranging in size from 2 to 7 pounds; however, many 20- to 30-pound trophies are caught each year.

Pedal Kayak or Pedal Boat - $52, $55
Just enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. A two-person pedal kayak or pedal boat is the perfect way to spend an afternoon on the lake. Sighted volunteers will be on hand to lead you around Zephyr Cove.

Wednesday, July 13

12:15pm - 3:15pm Chocolate Nugget Tour $15, $18
Everyone knows the four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles. Visit this family-owned business whose claim to fame melts in your mouth. Choose from a wide variety of chocolate taffy, fudge, gummies, and sugar-free candies. The perfect place for the makings of a well-balanced meal!

12:15pm - 3:00pm Davidson Tea Company $15, $18
There's nothing like a cup of freshly brewed tea. Davidson Tea, a local favorite for the past 30 years, offers USDA organic loose-leaf teas and teabags and special blends. This small but very aromatic store takes you through the entire process of creating that special cup of tea. The gift shop has a variety of specialty brewing products and accessories.

12:15pm - 3:00pm Ultimate Rush & Sling Shot - $37, $40
Perfect for adrenaline junkies! Combine the thrill of sky-diving with the excitement of bungee jumping; the freedom of hang-gliding. The Ultimate Rush hoists you and one or two friends to the top of a 180-foot skycoaster; pull the ripcord and ... free fall, then fly through the air at over 65 miles per hour. Still want more? The Sling Shot is a bungee in reverse! Strap into a steel cage connected by four bungee cords to a pair of 160-foot towers. The cords stretch, the cage releases, and you experience 4 G's as you hurl into the air at over 70 miles per hour.

1:45pm - 4:45pm Chocolate Nugget Tour $15, $18
See above description.

2:00pm - 4:45pm Davidson Tea Company $15, $18
See above description.

2:00pm - 4:45pm Ultimate Rush & Sling Shot $37, $40
See above description.

Thursday, July 14

12:30pm - 4:00pm Nevada Museum of Art - $27, $30
Founded in 1931, this museum is the only accredited art museum in the state. Trained docents will present a bare-hands interactive tour of the outdoor sculptures, a white glove experience of some of the permanent collection, and a descriptive tour of the feature exhibition, "To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum."

12:30pm - 5:30pm Nevada State Museum & Mint - $27, $30
Take a walk through time at this museum in Carson City. Explore the museum's Native American exhibit, "Under One Sky," learn about a time when mankind first occupied the Nevada portion of the Great Basin. Hear about the natural foods they collected and the skills they used for survival. See the reconstruction of a Great Basin cave containing evidence of past cultures and climate. Other exhibits include the former Carson City Mint, a famous underground mine, and Nevada's Changing Earth Exhibit. Explore the state's geologic history and see America's largest Columbian mammoth. Meet some of Nevada's seldom seen creatures -- the desert bighorn, the black bear, and the Great Basin rattlesnake. The Nevada State Museum is also proud to host the exhibit, "Slot Machines: The Fey Collection," which highlights machines by the renowned designer Charles August Fey.

Saturday, July 16

8:30am - 2:30pm Tahoe Ridge Winery - $42, $45
Nestled in the picturesque town of Minden on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevadas lies Tahoe Ridge Winery, Marketplace and Bistro. Sample wines while discovering the rich history of this vineyard. Lunch at the Bistro; includes salad and warm wine brownie. Choose from shrimp pasta and salad or turkey sandwich and salad.

5:00pm - 11:00pm Woodwind II Sunset Sail - $72, $75
End your week with a sunset cruise on a catamaran, a custom-built twin-hulled sailboat. Sit in a beanbag chair on the front deck; take a seat in the fully enclosed main salon; or relax in a private booth. Complimentary domestic beer, house wines, and champagne. Great views of the lake and the surrounding snow-capped mountains; observe aquatic life from two underwater observation windows. Bring a light jacket; at 6,200 feet above sea level, it gets cool after sunset. Boat is not fully wheelchair accessible.

6:30pm - 11:30pm Dinner & Comedy - $100, $105
Wind up convention week with dinner and a show. No riding on a bus; just great fun right at the Nugget! Enjoy a delicious dinner in Captain Cook's at Trader Dick's, followed by the stand-up comedy of Dana Carvey. You've seen him as Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, and the church lady from "Saturday Night Live" and Garth from the movie "Wayne's World." Dana's portrayal of President George Bush made the line "not gonna do it" a well-known catch phrase. One funny man with a long list of funny characters! Choose dinner - prime rib of beef, lemon or sweet & sour chicken, or coconut crusted halibut.

Fun at the Casino

The casino on the first floor of the John Ascuaga Nugget welcomes ACB to Reno. In addition to round-the-clock fun, ACB and the casino have scheduled the following events, open only to ACB conference and convention attendees. Purchase tickets at the ACB/Vanda Pharmaceuticals Registration Desk in Pavillion B.

Saturday, July 9

12:00pm - 2:00pm Private Gaming Lessons - $15, $20
You don't know how to play craps or blackjack? You're wondering how to use the terms Yo, stickman, and color up? Learn the fundamental rules, terminology, strategy and etiquette that are unique to these table games. Casino dealers demonstrate possible combinations, explain the odds, and show how you would be paid on a winning hand or roll. Examine the tables, ask questions and even practice. Braille basic blackjack strategy card is available following the lessons.

Sunday, July 10

9:00am - 11:00am Private Gaming Lessons - $15, $20
See Saturday's description.

3:00pm - 5:00pm Private Gaming Lessons - $15, $20
See Saturday's description.

Tuesday, July 12

2:00pm - 3:00pm Blackjack Tournament - $35, $40
When playing in a blackjack tournament, you compete against the dealer and your fellow players. The tournament begins with 6 tables, and each plays 25 hands. The person with the most money at each table goes on to the final round. These final 6 players play another 25 hands. Prize money awarded based on the total number of players, to be announced before the tournament begins.

7:00pm - 10:00pm ACB Texas Hold'em Tournament - $55, $60
Here's your chance to match your poker skills with other ACBers, even if you have never played before. The dealers will teach you how to play before the tournament begins. Prize money awarded based on the total number of players.

Thursday, July 14

3:30pm - 4:30pm Blackjack Tournament - $35, $40
See Tuesday's description.

Recreation Zone

Chair: Oral Miller

Monday, July 11 - Bonanza B

7:45am Sunrise Exercise
Led by Leslie Spoone, certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor, Orlando, FL; co-sponsored by ACB's Women's Concerns Committee.

9:00pm Audible Darts Game - $5, $5 - Cen Pac
Get right on target with the Audio Dartmaster. Cash prizes. Co-sponsored with CFVI.

Tuesday, July 12 - Cen Pac

5:45pm The Sound and Feel of Golf
Hands-on introduction to this team sport. How blind golf is played and how you can participate. Bruce Hooper, American Blind Golf

Wednesday, July 13 - Bonanza B

7:45am Sunrise Exercise
Led by Leslie Spoone, certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor, Orlando, FL; co-sponsored by ACB's Women's Concerns Committee.

5:45pm Fun with Audio Darts - Cen Pac
Great activity for fun or competition

Thursday, July 14 - Cen Pac

5:45pm The Sound and Feel of Golf
See Tuesday's golf session for details.

5:45pm Pilates - Bonanza B
Led by Leslie Spoone; co-sponsored with Women's Concerns

More Convention Entertainment

You will be ready for a break and a little fun after all those workshops, seminars and business meetings. Below are some activities and events that take place at the hotel. For more fun ideas, see 2011 Convention Tours, Fun at the Casino, and the Recreation Zone. Check the agendas of the many affiliates and groups for more mixers, luncheons and parties.

Saturday, July 9 - Alpine

5:30pm Geordi's Visor from Star Trek - $21, $24
Sci-fi trivia, snacks, prizes and fun! A discussion of blindness within the Star Trek universe in the 24th century.

8:00pm Welcome to Reno Party - $12, $15 - Ponderosa
Mine for friends! Prospect for prizes! Jam with the music of the 3-D Blues Band; from Hendrix to Muddy Waters, Johnny Lang to Melissa Ethridge, Allman Brothers to the Doors, they'll rock you all night long. Musicians and singers from the audience welcome to join the band on stage. Sponsored by the Nevada Host Committee.

Sunday, July 10 - So Pac D

12:15pm Sports Fanatics Luncheon - $17, $20
Eat baseball food, share experiences, and enjoy presentations by an ESPN personality and Doug Powell, accomplished blind triathlete.

3:30pm Newsreelers' Get-together - $10, $12 - So Pac C

Thursday, July 14 - Alpine

7:30pm ACB/ADP Movie Night - $5, $5
"The Social Network", with audio description. They all laughed at college nerd Mark Zuckerberg, whose idea for a social-networking site made him a billionaire. A fast and witty creation myth about how Facebook came to be. A galloping piece of entertainment; a smart ride with smart people who sometimes do dumb things.

2011 Exhibits

Sponsored by AT&T

The 2011 ACB/AT&T Exhibit Hall, located on the second floor in Pavillion C-E, is filled with everything from jewelry to information resources to the latest in appliances and technologies designed especially for people who are blind and visually impaired.

ACB/AT&T exhibit hall hours are as follows:

Saturday, July 9, 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Sunday, July 10, 9:00am to 5:00pm

Monday through Wednesday, July 12-14, 11:00am to 5:00pm

Thursday, July 15, 9:00am to 1:00pm

The following exhibitors were registered for the convention at the time the program went to press. The Show-Stopper Directory containing a complete list of exhibitors is available in braille or large print at the front of the Exhibit Hall; electronic copies available from the ACB/NIB Information Desk before 10:00am each day.

  1. A T Guys
  2. Abisee
  3. ACB Radio
  4. ACB Store
  5. Access Education/Audio Dartmaster
  6. Adaptive Technology
  7. AI Squared
  8. American Printing House for the Blind
  9. Autumn River Gifts and Jewelry
  10. Baum Retec AG
  11. Bay Area Digital
  12. Benetech/bookshare.org
  13. Blindskills
  14. Bosma Enterprises
  15. Bpcprograms LLC
  16. Braulio International
  17. Byram Healthcare/Prodigy
  18. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  19. Cambium Learning/Kurzweil
  20. Capital Chapter, California Council of the Blind
  21. Dolphin Computer Access
  22. Duxbury Systems Inc.
  23. Elegant Insights
  24. En-vision America
  25. Enabling Technology
  26. Enhanced Vision
  27. Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation
  28. Freedom Scientific
  29. Friends-in-Art of ACB
  30. Guide Dogs for the Blind
  31. Guide Dogs of America
  32. Guiding Eyes for the Blind
  33. GW Micro
  34. Hadley School for the Blind
  35. Handy Tech
  36. HIMS Inc.
  37. Humanware
  38. Independent Living Aids
  39. IRTI
  40. Learning Ally
  41. LevelStar LLC
  42. Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  43. Maxi-Aids
  44. National Braille Press
  45. National Library Service
  46. Navi Tech/Safezone
  47. Nevada Council of the Blind
  48. Ohava Computers
  49. Optelec U.S., Inc.
  50. Pennsylvania Council of the Blind
  51. Perkins Products
  52. Piano Technology
  53. Plextalk
  54. Polara Engineering, Inc.
  55. ProxTalker.com
  56. Sendero Group
  57. Social Security Administration
  58. Specialty Adaptations
  59. Student e-rent Pilot Project (STEPP)
  60. The Seeing Eye
  61. Travel One
  62. Vanda Pharmaceuticals

ACB Board of Directors

President: Mitch Pomerantz, Pasadena, CA

First Vice President: Kim Charlson, Watertown, MA

Second Vice President: Brenda Dillon, Hermitage, TN

Secretary: Marlaina Lieberg, Burien, WA

Treasurer: Mike Godino, Malverne, NY

Immediate Past President: Christopher Gray, San Francisco, CA


Ray Campbell, Glen Ellyn, IL

Berl Colley, Lacey, WA

Janet Dickelman, St. Paul, MN

Marsha Farrow, Summerville, GA

Michael Garrett, Missouri City, TX

George Holliday, Philadelphia, PA

Billie Jean Keith, Arlington, VA

Allan Peterson, Horace, ND

Jeff Thom, Sacramento, CA

David Trott, Talladega, AL

Jenine Stanley (ex officio), Columbus, OH

ACB Board of Publications

Paul Edwards, Chair, Miami, FL

Marcia Dresser, Reading, MA

Judy Jackson, Austin, TX

Jenine Stanley, Columbus, OH

Ken Stewart, Warwick, NY

Ronald Milliman (ex officio), Bowling Green, KY

Bob Hachey (ex officio), Waltham, MA

ACBES Board of Directors

Michael Garrett, Chair, Missouri City, TX

Margarine Beaman, Austin, TX

Mike Godino, Malverne, NY

George Holliday, Philadelphia, PA

Carla Ruschival, Louisville, KY

Jeff Thom, Sacramento, CA

David Trott, Talladega, AL

ACB National Office Staff

Melanie Brunson, Executive Director

Eric Bridges, Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs

Barbara Jackson LeMoine, Public Policy Assistant

Sharon Lovering, Editor, Braille Forum

Dionne Matthews, Executive Assistant

Steven Obremski, Director of Development

ACB Enterprises and Services Staff

Brooklyn Center, MN

Lane Waters, Controller
Sheila Eudy, Administrator
Lynn Kresa, Receptionist
Lori Sarff, Administrator
Le Chi Tran, Accounting

2011 Convention Coordinating Committee

Carla Ruschival, Chair, Louisville, KY

Janet Dickelman, Vice Chair, St. Paul, MN

Margarine Beaman, Austin, TX

Sally Benjamin, Tallahassee, FL

Michael Fulghum, Nashville, TN

Sharon Lovering, Arlington, VA

Rick Kuhlmey, Las Vegas, NV

Bruce Radtke, Bellingham, WA

Michael Smitherman, Jackson, MS

Lane Waters, Minneapolis, MN

Brenda Dillon, Officer Liaison, Hermitage, TN

2011 Convention Program Committee

Mitch Pomerantz (Chair), Pasadena, CA

Melanie Brunson, Arlington, VA

Kim Charlson, Watertown, MA

Denise Colley, Lacey, WA

Brenda Dillon, Hermitage, TN

Rick Kuhlmey, Las Vegas, NV

Terri Lynne Pomeroy, Salt Lake City, UT

Carla Ruschival, Louisville, KY

2011 Local Host Committee

Rick Kuhlmey, Co-Chair, Las Vegas, NV

Carol Ewing-Ragsdale, Co-Chair, Reno, NV

Janelle Grissom, Reno, NV

Kim Lattin, Reno, NV

Julia Ratti, Sparks, NV

Aaron Ross, Gardnerville, NV

ACB Heroes


Terry has been in the Randolph-Sheppard Program in Louisiana for 33 years and has served as the Elected Committee Chairman for the past 15 years. He is currently operating 5 locations as well as the Executive Director for Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of Louisiana (RSVL); he also manages the RSVL Azalea Bingo Hall for the past 10 years. He is the current Treasurer for Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of America (RSVA) and a Past President of RSVA, RSVL and Louisiana Council of the Blind (LCB). Below in 2009 Terry in is breaking ground for the new Office and Warehouse in Louisiana that opened January 1, 2010, thanks to Terry for his great vision.

Love, Your Family & Friends

Charles Edward (Ned) Cox

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but words can best tell the Ned Cox story.

A 1935 graduate of the Kentucky School for the Blind, Ned Cox was the first placement counselor in Kentucky to help significant numbers of blind people find work. In the 1940s and 1950s, Ned placed many people in manufacturing and office work, convincing skeptical employers that his clients could do the job by first performing the job himself.

In 1953, Ned became the director of the Kentucky Industries for the Blind. For over 25 years, he created above-minimum-wage full-time jobs for dozens of people and initiated seasonal jobs. Many a student and folks who could not find year-round work earned two to three times minimum wage in the summer and early fall.

Ned Cox was active in the Louisville Downtown Lions Club. He helped organize the Louisville East Lions Club in the late '70s, provided financial aid to countless blind people in Louisville through the Lions-managed Holloran Trust Fund, and played a vital role in support of adult education programs operated by the Kentucky Council of the Blind from 1976 until he moved to St. Louis in the late 1980s. At 93, he was serving as president of his local Lions Club when he died in July, 2010.

Ned was a musician, playing piano, sax and guitar professionally. He was a woodworker, building beautiful 12-foot made-to-scale bowling alleys in his Louisville home and later from a workshop in his St. Louis retirement community.

Ned attended the 1965 ACB convention in Louisville. He was a life member of the Kentucky Council of the Blind and a member of ACB Lions.

Ned Cox - our Kentucky hero.

The Bay State Council of the Blind Tribute Page
In honor of Vicki Vogt

The Bay State Council of the Blind was founded 35 years ago to provide a mechanism for advocacy and self-determination for people who are blind in Massachusetts. This tribute page recognizes the tireless and continuing efforts of volunteers in our work. Vicki Vogt, who has served as one of BSCB's most dedicated volunteers for over 25 years, exemplifies the volunteer spirit. From proofreading newsletters and driving members to audio described plays, to addressing and stuffing envelopes for membership drives and acting as sighted guide during legislative awareness days, Vicki continuously steps up to do the kind of behind the scenes tasks that help to ensure that BSCB operations run smoothly. Most recently, Vicki has been preparing a weekly email post on Audio Described Movies that provides movie-goers who are blind with up-to-date information on what films are playing in what theaters with audio description for the week. People rely on this valuable service to plan their movie viewing outings.

In 1998, Vicki received a volunteer recognition award at our annual convention. Vicki is a shining example of the spirit of volunteerism.

"Thank you, Vicki for the many tireless hours you have spent volunteering for BSCB. We love you." Bob Hachey - BSCB President

Conference and Convention Calendar

Adobe Accessibility

50 years ago in Kansas City, 29 dedicated individuals launched the premier event sponsored by the nation's leading membership organization of blind and visually impaired people. Adobe Systems is proud to be a Sapphire Sponsor of this Golden Anniversary ACB Annual Conference and Convention. We salute your Golden Past and offer best wishes for your Diamond Future.

Adobe's Pete De Vasto, an ACB member, will demonstrate Adobe Acrobat (R) and Flash (R) accessibility at the BITS Convention on Sunday, July 10 at 11:30. Learn how we can work together to make more of the web more usable for everyone.



Do you need help learning to use an assistive device or installing assistive technology software?

"It's the best way to teach an old dog a new trick! He showed me how to download and unzip files, and then he wrote the instructions in a file he made up for me. I feel as though I know how to do it as much as if he had been here sitting next to me. And everything happens more quickly and easily because there is no travel time."
Robert, legally blind, age 70

The highly experienced and endlessly patient staff at Perkins Products can now work with you in your home or office, using software which allows them to remotely access your computer.

Call: 1.617.972.7308
Email: perkinsproducts@perkins.org
Visit: www.perkinsproducts.org

Perkins Products
Perkins School for the Blind

Thursday, July 7

6:00pm - 9:00pm Pre-registration pick-up; Pavillion B

Friday, July 8

8:00am - 7:00pm Registration; Pavillion B

8:00am Fallon Naval Air Station Tour

12:00pm MS Dixie II Emerald Bay Cruise

7:00pm Louis' Basque Corner Restaurant

Saturday, July 9

8:00am - 7:00pm Registration; Pavillion B

8:00am Virginia City Tour

9:00am ACB Convention Café; Pavillion A

9:00am ACB Pre-convention Board Meeting; Bonanza B

9:00am GW Micro Window-Eyes Training; Alpine

12:00pm Gaming Lessons; Casino

1:00pm Reno City Tour

1:00pm - 5:00pm Exhibits; Pavillion C-E

1:00pm RSVA subcommittees; 2932

1:30pm GW Micro Window-Eyes Training; Alpine

2:00pm 411 from the IAC; Bonanza A

3:00pm CCLVI Board Meeting; Washoe

3:00pm RSVA Board Meeting; Bonanza C

4:00pm ACB Constitution and Bylaws Committee; Fremont

4:00pm Grant Writing for Nonprofits; So Pac E

4:30pm BITS Board Meeting; Carson

5:00pm Keys to the Convention Seminar; Cen Pac

5:30pm AAVIA Board Meeting; Donner

5:30pm LUA Board Meeting; Tahoe

5:30pm Geordi's Visor from Star Trek; Alpine

6:00pm Exhibitors' reception (by invitation); 2951

6:00pm CCLVI Nominating Committee Meeting; Washoe

6:30pm ACB Scholarship Winners' Dinner (by invitation; So Pac A

7:00pm FIA Board Meeting; 1866

8:00pm Welcome to Reno Party; Ponderosa

8:00pm NABS Welcome Party; 2950

8:30pm Jewish Havdalah; Carson

9:00pm ACB Resolutions Committee; Fremont

9:00pm ACBL Milly's Place Pin Swap; 2951

Sunday, July 10

6:30am ACB Walk/Run

8:00am - 7:00pm Registration; Pavillion B

8:00am NABT Breakfast; So Pac B

8:30am ACB Convention Café; Pavillion A

9:00am Roman Catholic Mass; Cen Pac

9:00am LDS Sacrament Meeting; Washoe

9:00am Gaming Lessons; Casino

9:00am - 5:00pm Exhibits; Pavillion C-E

9:00am CCLVI Program; Bonanza C

9:30am ACBL Board Meeting; Carson

9:45am NABT Business Meeting; So Pac B

9:45am RSVA Program; Bonanza A

10:00am Reno City Tour

10:00am BITS Program; So Pac E-F

10:30am Interdenominational Church Service; Cen Pac

10:30am BOP Meeting; Fremont

10:30am NABS Board Meeting; Alpine

11:00am ACB Committee Chairs Meeting; Tahoe

11:00am GDUI First-timers Meeting; Bonanza B

12:00pm GDUI Hotel Orientation; Bonanza B

12:15pm Sports Fanatics Lunch; So Pac D

12:15pm ACBDA Lunch; So Pac A

12:15pm NABS Scholarship Luncheon; So Pac B

12:30pm Reno City Tour

1:00pm ACB Credentials Committee; Fremont

1:15pm AAVIA Program; Alpine

1:30pm ACBDA Diabetes Seminar; So Pac A

1:30pm BITS Technology Vendors' Showcase; So Pac E-F

1:30pm FIA Let Your Garden Grow; Donner

1:30pm Seeing Eye Ice Cream Social; Ponderosa A

2:00pm PR Workshop - Guerrilla Marketing; Bonanza C

2:00pm Keys to the Convention Seminar; Washoe

2:45pm Transportation Workshop - Getting Around Town, Part 1; Cen Pac

3:00pm GDUI First-timers Meeting; Bonanza B

3:00pm Gaming Lessons; Casino

3:00pm ACBGE Mixer; 2951

3:30pm BRL Board Meeting; Carson

3:30pm Newsreelers' Get-together; So Pac C

3:30pm BPI Mardi Gras Mixer; 2752

4:00pm CCLVI Mixer; 2950

4:00pm FIA Mixer/Showcase Sign-up; 1866

4:30pm GDUI Board Meeting; Bonanza B

5:00pm GDUI Convention Area Orientation; Bonanza B

5:30pm FIA Octet Rehearsal; 1866

6:30pm Entertainment; Rose Ballroom

7:00pm ACB General Session; Rose Ballroom

10:00pm RSVA Mixer; 2932

11:00pm (after general session) ACB Resolutions Committee; Fremont

Monday, July 11

7:00am IVIE Breakfast and Meeting; So Pac A

7:00am AFB Breakfast; So Pac C-D

7:45am Sunrise Exercise; Bonanza B

8:00am ACB Café; Pavillion A

8:00am - 4:00pm Registration; Pavillion B

8:00am Entertainment; Rose Ballroom

8:15am - 5:00pm Youth Activity Center; Washoe

8:30am ACB General Session; Rose Ballroom

11:00am - 5:00pm Exhibits; Pavillion C-E

12:15pm AAVL Luncheon; So Pac A

12:15pm MCAC Luncheon; So Pac B

12:15pm RSVA Luncheon; So Pac C-D

12:30pm National Automobile Museum Tour

1:15pm Rocksport Gym Tour

1:15pm AAVIA program; Alpine

1:15pm BITS program; So Pac E

1:15pm CCLVI program; Tahoe

1:15pm FIA MIDI Workshop; Night Club

1:15pm GDUI program; Bonanza B

1:15pm LUA program; Donner

1:15pm NABT Safety Workshop; Carson

2:45pm NABT Safety Workshop; Carson

2:45pm Rehab Task Force Seminar; Bonanza C

3:30pm FIA Showcase Audition; Night Club

4:00pm ACB Constitution and Bylaws Committee; Fremont

4:15pm Rehabilitation Around the World; Bonanza C

4:15pm WCC Self Defense; Bonanza B

5:45pm ACB Nominating Committee; Bonanza A

5:45pm HumanWare Breeze; Donner

5:45pm Smartpen Audio-tactile Maps; Alpine

5:45pm Piano Technology Workshop; Carson

6:30pm RSVA Auction; Ponderosa A

7:00pm Gospel Sing; So Pac C-D

7:00pm CCLVI: Take Me Out to the Ball Game; So Pac A-B

7:15pm Blind Pride Business Meeting; 2752

7:15pm Bookshare Users' Group; Donner

7:15pm Freedom Scientific Tech Session; Alpine

7:15pm Kurzweil User's Group; Tahoe

7:30pm GDUI Street Crossings; Bonanza B

8:00pm Get Social with SASI; 2950

8:00pm ACB Resolutions Committee; Fremont

8:30pm Hospitality Bytes with BITS; 2951

9:00pm CFVI/Recreation Zone Audible Dart Game; Cen Pac

9:00pm FIA Prose and Poetry Reading; Alpine

9:00pm RSVA Karaoke; Ponderosa A

Tuesday, July 12

7:00am BRL International Breakfast; So Pac B

7:00am Guide Dogs for the Blind Breakfast; So Pac C-D

8:00am - 3:00pm Registration; Pavillion B

8:00am ACB Café; Pavillion A

8:00am Entertainment; Rose Ballroom

8:15am - 5:00 p.m. Youth Activity Center; Washoe

8:30am ACB General Session; Rose Ballroom

11:00am - 5:00 p.m. Exhibits; Pavillion C-E

12:15pm Lake Tahoe Adventures Tour

12:15pm AAVIA Luncheon; So Pac B

12:15pm BITS Luncheon and Program; So Pac C

12:15pm FIA Luncheon and Meeting; So Pac D

12:15pm VIVA Luncheon and meeting; So Pac A

12:30pm RSVA Presidents' Meeting; 2932

1:15pm BPI: Bullied - Life Experience; Alpine

1:15pm BRL program and meeting; Bonanza C

1:15pm CCLVI program; Tahoe

1:15pm GDUI Program; Bonanza B

1:15pm NABS Business Meeting; Fremont

1:15pm NABT Program; Carson

2:00pm Blackjack Tournament; Casino

4:15pm IRC - Madrid Awaits; So Pac E

4:15pm Residential Schools - Challenges and Opportunities; Bonanza C

4:15pm WCC Self-Defense; Bonanza B

4:15pm NABS Bite out of Apple; Donner

4:15pm Vanda Pharmaceuticals Reception; Ponderosa A

5:00pm ACB Constitution and Bylaws Committee; Fremont

5:45pm California Caucus; Bonanza A

5:45pm Rec. Zone: Golf; Cen Pac

5:45pm Voices From Around the World International Reception; So Pac D

5:45pm LUA Book Market; Alpine

5:45pm HumanWare: Braille on the Go; Carson

5:45pm Self-Defense Training; Bonanza B

6:30pm ACB Scholarship Winners' Reception; 2951

7:00pm Texas Hold'em Tournament; Casino

7:15pm AFB: Give Back Through Mentoring; Carson

7:15pm APH Talking Maps; Donner

7:15pm HIMS Sense Products; Tahoe

7:30pm GDUI Animal First Aid; Bonanza B

8:00pm ACB Resolutions Committee; Fremont

8:00pm RSVA/IVIE mixer(Members only); 2932

8:30pm FIA Showcase of the Performing Arts; Night Club

9:00pm BPI Discussion Group; 2752

10:30pm FIA Cabaret; Night Club

Wednesday, July 13

7:00am CFVI Families Breakfast; So Pac B

7:00am NIB Breakfast; So Pac C-D

7:45am Sunrise Exercise; Bonanza B

8:00am ACB Café; Pavillion A

8:00am - 3:00pm Registration; Pavillion B

8:00am Entertainment; Rose Ballroom

8:15am - 5:00pm Youth Activity Center; Washoe

8:30am ACB General Session; Rose Ballroom

11:00am - 5:00pm Exhibits; Pavillion C-E

12:15pm Chocolate Nugget Tour

12:15pm Davidson Tea Company Tour

12:15pm Ultimate Sling Shot Tour

12:15pm ACBL Luncheon; So Pac B

12:15pm GDUI Luncheon; So Pac C-D

12:15pm IVIE Luncheon and Program; So Pac A

1:15pm AAVL Program; Bonanza C

1:15pm ACBDA Business Meeting, Tahoe

1:15pm CCLVI movie: Going Blind; Bonanza B

1:15pm FIA MIDI Workshop; 1866

1:15pm LUA/BRL Program; Bonanza A

1:45pm Chocolate Nugget Tour

2:00pm Davidson Tea Company Tour

2:00pm Ultimate Sling Shot Tour; So Pac E

2:45pm ACB/Blind Pride/NABS Employment Seminar; So Pac E

2:45pm SASI Deaf-Blind Workshop; Cen Pac

2:45pm ACBHSP: How to Work a Room; Carson

2:45pm FIA Writers' Workshop; Donner

2:45pm GDUI Business Meeting; So Pac C-D

3:30pm GDUI ACB Caucus; So Pac C-D

4:00pm AAVL Musical Mixer; 2950

4:15pm Mid-South Caucus; So Pac A-B

4:15pm ACB Legislative Seminar; Bonanza C

4:15pm WCC Women's Circle; Alpine

4:15pm NELDS ADA Seminar; Tahoe

5:00pm MCAC Midweek Social; 2951

5:45pm Midwest Caucus; Carson

5:45pm Rec. Zone Audio Darts; Cen Pac

5:45pm ACBHSP Networking; 2932

5:45pm BPI Flashback 1961 Party; 2752

5:45pm FIA Round and Harmony Sing; 1866

5:45pm HumanWare Victor Stream; Donner

5:45pm Self Defense Training; Bonanza B

6:00pm ACB Auction Preview; Ponderosa

7:00pm ACB Auction; Ponderosa

7:30pm GDUI Poker Run; Bonanza B

8:00pm ACB Resolutions Committee; Fremont

Thursday, July 14

7:00am New York Breakfast Caucus (open); So Pac A

7:00am Washington State Breakfast Caucus (WCB members only); So Pac B

7:00am WCC Sister Power Breakfast; So Pac D

7:30am FIA Board Meeting; 1866

8:00am - 3:00pm Registration; Pavillion B

8:00am ACB Café; Pavillion A

8:00am Entertainment; Rose Ballroom

8:15am Youth Activity Center; Washoe

8:30am ACB General Session; Rose Ballroom

8:30am ADP Institute; Alpine

9:00am - 1:00pm Exhibits; Pavillion C-E

12:00pm ACBL Local Club Visit (meet in lobby)

12:15pm ACBGE Luncheon; So Pac B

12:30pm Nevada State Museum Tour

12:30pm Nevada Museum of Art Tour

12:30pm IVIE Small Business Expo; Genoa

1:15pm Transportation Workshop - Getting Around Town, Part 2; Cen Pac

1:15pm ACB Radio Amateurs Meeting; Carson

1:15pm BRL Program; Bonanza C

1:15pm CCLVI Program; Tahoe

1:15pm GDUI Animal First Aid; Bonanza B

2:45pm ACB Membership Seminar; Bonanza A

2:45pm BOP: A Forum on the Forum; So Pac E

3:30pm Blackjack Tournament; Casino

4:15pm ACB Affiliate Presidents' Meeting; Ponderosa A

5:00pm DKM First-timers' Reception; 2951

5:45pm Missouri Caucus; So Pac D

5:45pm New England, Florida and Maryland Caucus; So Pac E

5:45pm Rec. Zone: Golf; Cen Pac

5:45pm Rec. Zone, Pilates; Bonanza B

5:45pm Self-Defense Training; Genoa

6:00pm ACB Resolutions Committee; Fremont

7:00pm ACB Candidates' Forum; Rose Ballroom

7:15pm BPI Movie: The Kids are All Right; 2752

7:30pm ACB/ADP Movie: The Social Network; Alpine

9:00pm NABS Comedy Night; Ponderosa A

9:30pm ACB Resolutions Committee; Fremont

Friday, July 15

8:00am ACB Café; Pavillion A

8:00am - 2:00pm Registration; Pavillion B

8:00am Entertainment; Rose Ballroom

8:15am Youth Activity Center; Washoe

8:30am ACB General Session; Rose Ballroom

8:30am ADP Institute; Alpine

5:30pm ACB Life Members Reception; Pavillion C

6:30pm Youth Activity Center Party; Washoe

6:30pm Pre-banquet Entertainment; Pavillion D-E

7:00pm ACB Golden Anniversary Banquet; Pavillion D-E

Saturday, July 16

8:30am Tahoe Ridge Winery Tour

9:00am ADP Institute; Alpine

10:00am ACB Post-convention Board Meeting; So Pac B-E

5:00pm Woodwind II Sunset Sail

6:30pm Dinner and Comedy; Trader Dick's/Night Club

Convention Advertisers

Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation
103 Old Iron Ore Rd.
Bloomfield, CT 06002
Share The Vision (R)

The Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation is dedicated to promoting increased independence to men and women who are blind by providing them with the highest quality German Shepherd Guide Dogs.

Photo caption: Tech Sgt. C. Matthew Slaydon, USAF (ret.), blinded and wounded on October 24, 2007 in Kirkuk, Iraq, with his Fidelco Guide Dog "Legend"

Learn more about us by visiting www.fidelco.org.

daisy OK

Three great ways from Plextalk to make listening and learning easy!

The "Pocket" Portable Digital Book Player with recording.
This player offers revolutionary mobility and ease of use for anyone in business, education, and leisure.

PTN2 DAISY Player with Real Book Navigation.
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PTR2 Portable Recorder
Designed with the ability to create DAISY 2.02, audio only, books and Music CDs. It plays DAISY titles, music CDs, audio file CDs, CF cards and more!

Plextalk (TM)
Assistive Technology Devices
A Division of Shinano Kenshi Corporation

Piano Technology & More

Independence + Profitability + Employment

Join us all week at the Piano Technicians Exhibit Booth
For piano technology information and learning the viable profession of piano tuning.

IVIE business panel discussion
Wednesday 12:30 - 2:30
Ask questions about piano technology and other careers

IVIE booth & expo
Thursday 12:30-2:30
See our display of piano action models, parts and info

Piano Technology Career Workshop
Monday 5:45-7:00
Learn about the independence, benefits, and qualifications of this profession directly from technicians around the country. Demonstration of piano actions & one on one instruction is available for interested persons. Appointments may be set if class is not convenient

Contact Loren Buntemeyer 785 842 1370 for further details or consultation with a Technician

Check daily newspaper for schedule & sponsorships

Piano Hospital Alumni Association
School of Piano Technology for the Blind

ila Independent Living Aids, LLC

"I have never accepted what many people have kindly said, namely that I inspired the nation. It was the nation that had the lion heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar."

- Winston Churchill

Congratulations ACB!
For more than 50 years you have "given the roar" for people with "lion hearts"
Like ila, you have helped hundreds of thousands of people Magnify their lives by enabling them to live actively and independently.

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Freedom Scientific

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Portable Reading Solution
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Over time market conditions will change and technologies will evolve. But at AT&T the culture of new ideas through true diversity remains constant, limitless. The diversity of our employees, suppliers and customers powers our innovation, our ability to serve you—and that has never changed. AT&T is proud to sponsor the 50th Anniversary of the American Council of the Blind for its outstanding efforts to break down barriers and expand opportunities for people with disabilities.

Rethink Possible

Proud Exhibitor of Captioned Films and Descriptive Audio at Over 200 Theatres in 38 States


Half-Blind Press (TM)
Proud supporters of the ACB

Half-Blind Press (TM)
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Horizons for the Blind

We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who are blind or visually impaired. We transcribe billing statements, restaurant menus, hotel guides and user manuals in braille, large print and audio formats.

We offer a catalog of over 400 items, including braille and large print cookbooks, books on crafts, gardening, and easy reading; microwave cookware and baking pans with accessible instructions. Contact us for a free catalog or a complimentary copy of our monthly magazine, Seeing It Our Way.

And look what's new from Horizons! The new Directions for Me (TM) website provides preparation directions, nutrition facts, warnings, ingredients and other important information for over 365,000 products in an easy to use and accessible format. Unleash the power of Directions with our new barcode scanner. Simply plug the scanner into a USB port, scan the barcode to access your product information. For more information, go to www.directionsforme.org.

Horizons for the Blind
125 Erick St. - A103
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Braille Books for Children

By the touch of a finger …
… behold the world! (C)

Celebrating 25 years of bringing the joy of reading to children worldwide

- Contact Seedlings for a free catalog with over 1,100 titles in braille for children 0-14 from classics to bestsellers
- Large selection of print & braille and pre-school picture books
- Visit our website to shop online and find out about our free book programs
- Seedlings is dedicated to providing high-quality, low-cost children's literature in braille

Seedlings Braille Books for Children
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Guiding Eyes for the Blind
Over 50 Years of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired

"My Guiding Eyes dog is my companion, my eyes, and most of all, a true and devoted friend."

- Residential Training
- Home Training
- Special Needs Training
(Accelerated Client Training Option)
- O&M Seminars

611 Granite Spring Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Phone: 914 245 4024
800 942 0149
Email: info@guidingeyes.org
Web: www.guidingeyes.org

Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Guide Dog Users, Inc.

GDUI: Supporting guide dog Teams since 1972

Visit our all new website for everything guide dog related: http://www.gdui.org

Call us, toll free, at 866.799.8436 for personalized advice on living and working with guide dogs, legislation and advocacy, and peer support.

Read PawTracks, available in a variety of formats making our quarterly magazine accessible to all!

Talking Thermostats.com welcomes all delegates to the 2011 ACB National Convention.
Please contact us to learn how you can precisely and easily manage your indoor comfort with the VIP TALKING THERMOSTAT that was specifically designed for persons who are blind and visually impaired

Harry Cohen
Talking Thermostats.com
Toll free 1-800-838-8860 www.talkingthermostats.com

Formerly Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (R)

Learning Ally (TM)

Making reading accessible for all (TM)



NIB National Industries for the Blind
Opportunities That Make a Difference

National Industries for the Blind is the largest employer of people who are blind offering jobs and training programs with an emphasis on upward mobility. To learn more about these opportunities visit www.nib.org or call 703-310-0500

the American Council for the Blind on
Its Golden Anniversary

For the past 50 years, ACB has been a leader in fighting for equal opportunities for the blind. For the last 90 years, AFB has worked to expand possibilities for those with vision loss. Together, we have made great strides in improving the lives of those we serve. AFB looks forward to another 50 years of fruitful partnership and collaboration with ACB.

American Foundation for the Blind
Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss

Thank You American Council of the Blind!

The Vehicle Donation Processing Center now represents the national organization and 26 state chapters, some since the mid '90s. It's been a pleasure sending you so many checks. We encourage more state Councils to benefit from a car donation program.

No cost car donation programs include free on-line advertising. We indemnify you against any loss and do all the work.

Please call me for more information. Also, ask about H.R. 571 and how you can help bring back fair market value tax write-offs for your car donors.

John Learned, President 818-456-2663

Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of America (RSVA) promotes the general welfare of blind vendors nationwide who are engaged in the operation of vending machine facilities, cafeterias, military troop dining contracts, snack bars, gift shops and other retail businesses. RSVA is proud to sponsor two student events during this ACB conference and convention.


MaxiAids is Your Special Needs Super Store!
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Proud Sponsor of the American Council of the Blind 50th Annual National Convention

Be sure to stop by our booth to enter our daily raffles

For A FREE Catalog (over 240 pages) or Product Information Call MaxiAids
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Phone: 1-800-522-6294
TTY: 1-631-752-0738
Fax: 1-631-752-0689
Email: sales@maxiaids.com
Web: www.maxiaids.com

42 Executive Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735

Student E-rent Pilot Project
U.S. Department of Education, FIPSE Grant
Booth #48

STEPP is an eTextbook rental program designed to offer cost-effective textbooks that "all" students can read.

"STEPP" towards universal access.

"I was lying on my yoga mat, this little two foot by six foot piece of rubber material, and I was thinking how lucky I was to have found yoga. Twenty-five years of practicing postures, developing muscle strength and flexibility, learning to relax completely and to breathe freely and deeply. Wow! I'm sure my life as a blind man would have been fine without yoga, but today I find myself at 62 years of age to be in excellent shape. I believe yoga had an important role in helping me get here." Marty Klein

Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired, $39.95 plus shipping, is a dynamic, inspiring five CD set produced by Gretchen Hein, a certified Kripalu yoga instructor and Marty Klein, a blind author and workshop facilitator.

For more info www.blindyoga.net or call 845-679-7532.

Blind Individuals With Recurrent Sleep Problems Needed for Survey and Research Study.

For each completed survey, a donation of $25 will be made to organizations that support people with blindness.
Participants in a clinical study will be compensated for their time and effort and will receive study medication, study-related medical evaluation and transportation at no cost.

Individuals may qualify for the survey or the clinical study if they:
- are between 18 and 75 years of age
- are totally blind
- have recurrent trouble sleeping at night or experience daytime sleepiness or napping

Call 1-888-389-7033
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM M-F ET
or email info@non24registry.com

See things. Differently...

We imagine. We explore. We inspire. We create.

HumanWare joins ACB in celebration of its 50th anniversary by providing innovative speech, braille and low vision solutions. When people with print disabilities read more, they succeed more.

See you at our booth!

Tel: 1 800 722-3393 www.humanware.com